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Java Electrical

Delhi, India
20k and above
December 06, 2019

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Sophomore at IIT DELHI Electrical Department Phone No.: +91-902*******






Year Degree / Board Institute GPA / Marks 2018

- in Electrical Engineering(Power and Automation) Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi 8.647 2015 RBSE The Cambridge School 85.60%

2017 RBSE The Cambridge School 91.50%

• Secured 99.9 percentile in Indian Institute of technology Joint Entrance Examination 2018 among 1.4 million students

• School topper in Class 12th Board Exams, conducted by Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education.

• Designed a Search Engine Prof. Subodh Kumar Java August 2019

- Developed an inverted index search engine capable of searching for a single word as well as complex queries such as phrase, any of the given keywords, or all of the given keywords among a set of webpages

- HashMap was used to store word and page indices, while balanced binary search trees stored the words in a page

• Implemented a Multithread Online Selling Platform Prof. Subodh Kumar Java August 2019

- The system received buy/sell requests for stocks and notify sellers on their Priority bases

- The multithreaded implementation allowed synchronization during reading and modifications in the buy/sell lists

• Studied Time Complexity Prof. Subodh Kumar Java September 2019

- Implemented Data Structures (AVL Tree, RBTree, Heaps, HashMap, Tries, etc.) with different algorithms of insertion, deletion, search, other complex operations and then counted steps required using each operation

- Using large database analyzed time complexity of different algorithms for different type of data

• Developed a Iris Detecting System Prof. Seshan Srirangarajan MATLAB October 2019

- Implemented mathematical pattern-recognition technique(using MATLAB) on iris image to precisely determine a person

• Simple Plagiarism Checker Prof. Saurav Bansal C++ August 2018

- Developed a plagiarism checker capable giving percentage similarity between two input text files.

- Maps used to store uncommon words and their repetition to check similarity

• Triangulation using Graph Prof. Subodh Kumar Java November 2019

- implemented graph data structure to represent a topological shape in mathematical form using triangulation.

- Using graph theory solved complex queries like shortest distance, maximum diameter, centroid, etc for topological shape

• Project Management System Prof. Subodh Kumar Java October 2019

- Implemented a capable of managing different user, projects, jobs of a company according available budget, priority of job and time of occurrence of a job. It could also provide report of job, project, user when asked.

• Designed a Mobile Tracking System Prof. Seshan Srirangarajan November 2018

- Implemented a circuit in laboratory to detect signals transmitted or received by mobile during incoming or outgoing calls.

• Languages: C/C++, Java, Python, HTML/CSS, JavaScript (basic) Operating Systems: Linux, Windows

• Software: Microsoft Visual Studio Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Inventor, MATLAB (basic)

• COURSES: Data Structure and Algorithm, Signals and Systems, Circuit theory, Linear Algebra and Differential Equations, Introduction to Calculus, Introduction to Computer Science (C++), Probability and Stochastic Processes*, Control Systems*, Power Electronic Digital Electronics* *- will be completed by summer 2020

• Marketing team head, Tryst'(March, 2019): Annual Technical festival of IIT Delhi

- Set up meetings and deals with different companies to propose sponsorship for the festival and handle them during fest

• Team Member Azure: Art and Craft team of representing IIT Delhi

- One among 40 team members of Azure responsible any artwork performed in college or any other inter college completion

• BHM Representative (2019-present): Annual day for prize distribution to hostel

- Hostel representative to plan and organize inter hostel competitive events for BHM

• Deco Executive, Rendezvous'19 (August,2019): One among the 15-committee member for decorating campus

- Created and implemented different types of artworks like thread art, acrylic painting, thermocol arts, etc for fest

• Dance Club (2018): Represented hostel as a team for dance competitions like Group Dance, Duo, etc

• Creative Projects (2018): Designed and made hoverboard with handle and participated in Glider making competition

• Participation (2018): Participated in many inter hostel competitive events like relay race, weightlifting, charcoal painting. SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENTS

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