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Software Developer/ Android Developer/UI-UX/ .Net Developer

Qibla, Kuwait City, Kuwait
850 KD
December 06, 2019

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Ahmed Abdelnaser Rabiaa



Seeking a challenging position in a multinational or a local organization where my educational background and skills can be applied and further developed. EDUCATION

Computer Science Information Technology. ( M.E.T Mansora-Egypt)

With Graduation Project: (Finger Print Analysis) By (Ordoino & MatLab) Language Skills

Native language Arabic.

Very good command of both written and spoken English. Interpersonal skills

Ability to work well under pressure.

Ability to work well with all levels of management and personnel.

Good communication and negotiation skills.

Learning from mistakes and changes behavior as a result of what was learnt..

Work skills

Can use Git, in Bit Bucket can create repositories, upload data updated by time to make backup safe.


Can use SKD tools.

FCM firebase cloud messaging.

Can design works in Photoshop, after finishing can make video explains how to use app.

Can use Singleton Design pattern.

Connect to API use Retrofit, Volley.

Understanding OOP Java.

Can create multi-screens apps.

2 2

Can use animations, and use better libraries for apps to be creative.

Can work with MAC os and Swift OOP.

Can use Adobe XD for layouts Android / IOS

Ionic cross platform (XML, CSS, JavaScipt, Angular COURSES

Oracle Developement (SQL – PL/SQL – Reports – Forms).

Web Design (HTML – CSS5 – PhotoShop – Adobe DreamWeaver).

Web Application & DeskTop Application & ASP.Net.

Android Development( XML – Java – Json)


1- Oracle Development (Orascom Training and Technology) Mansora - Egypt(2014)





Training for 6 months in OTT, Create ERP System Customize. 2- Android Development(Twarny Technology) Mansora – Egypt (2014)

Creating Resturants Apps .


Worked as a IT Engineer Hotelme CO. from DEC-2015 to NOV- 2016

• Create Design for Tourism packages.

• Create Security System and also responsible for it.

• Technical Support for Egypt branch, create inside lan for security system,and also Call Center Dept.

• Creating FingerPrint Data installing.

Worked as a Android Developer El-Ryad CO. from May-2017 to MAY - 2018

• Creating Resturant App just like Talabat.

• Creating POS App " Demo file ", without connecting to server beacuase of not existing APIs.

• Creating E-Learning App, that have courses and books worked in Saud Arabia only.

• Creating more that 3 web view Apps.

• Creating Tsahil App, that is the fast app to connect between cr owner, and service center.

Worked as Android Developer GAMALY LG from MAY-2018 to DEC-2018 3 3

• Creating Gamaly Customers, that is the fast connection between customers.

• Creating Gamaly Employees, that just like Orgnizer for work and special for center employees only .

Worked as Security System Engineer

• Creating Security System CCTV in more than 30 Markets, and Clothes shops.

Worked as Graphic Designer from 2016 till now

• Creating Personal, business cards, brochures, and design decoration.

• Have page in Facebook Altitude Egco.


Tsahil App, this app consider the best and easy way to communicate between users "car owner" and service center.

Users side: User must download the app, full all data must be in SaudArabia only. Then full car data,and finally determine the issue of his car. Then click send, he will have 2 option choice Maps result or List result. Maps is very easy way to find the clothest place from you, and suitable shortcut of service center profile when clicking the marker.Then on click marker will display all data of service center.User must click Send Service to send his saved data to the choosed service center, then must wait to receive notification of accept or reject from the center.

Center side:

The center owner must make deal with App owner, then take username, and password. On enter data it will turn him to his profile can not be edit without taking the admin permission.Can receive all notifications of users, accept or reject. The Penefits of that app :



User full controlling

Center full controlling


Rivers POS Point of Sale, this app consider very important to any restaurant and users else.Easy, fast to create orders,manage,and also buying food. Management side: that app consider have management only"Indoor 4 4


Cashier/Accountat App:

1- Can take orders, by easy way record it fastly in case of crawed orders 2- Can send orders to kitchen

3- Can make receipt

4- Can send order to Garson

5- Can make his report time

Garson/Waiter App:

1- Can take orders from cashier

2- Can control tables in restaurant Dine in

3- Can send order to kitchen

4- Can make orders from tables

Kitchen App:

1- Can receive orders

2- Can give time finishing to orders

3- Can make request for stores

Management App:

1- Can make reports

2- Can give permissions

3- Can add users

4- Can connect security system on his app

5- Can control all apps

User App:

1- Can make orders like Otlob or Talabat

2- Can choose his favourite restaurant

3- Can reject orders or cancel orders

4- Can see all restaurants offers notifications

5- Have his profile that can edit on his own data

Gamaly Customer app, this app is easy connection between users or Television owner with technical support of service center of LG partner : 1- User can record his data and his device problem 2- Can follow up his device status with his code from center,and mobile number 3- Can visit website

5 5

Gamaly Employees app:

1- Emp can follow up his organized orders

2- Can filter his orders

3- Can follow up his report weekly

4- Can add/remove/edit,with permission of admin

ERP System:

1- Employees Affairs.

2- Point of Sale.

3- Inventory

4- Sales

5- Financial

This Apps is Desktop Apps, that hosted database also connected to Mobile Apps

“Still Working On”


Success in field and be Productive and Effective member in Company.

Build good relationships with others.



Date of Birth : 26/05/1993.

Marital Status: Engaged.

Kuwaiti Driving license.

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