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Data Scientist PhD

Washington, DC
December 06, 2019

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Andrea Fera

Chemistry MS, Physics PhD

Washington DC, 20016 ; Tel: 202-***-**** Data Scientist and Subject Matter Expert. Focus on data relationships by visualizations

• 10+ years devising statistical data analysis schemes for extracting results from noisy data of various origin

• 8+ years algorithm development coordinating multi-discipline teams explaining calculations to lay colleagues;

• Trainer and/or executor: de-noising, 3D reconstruction/rendering, statistical component analysis;

• Big Data Science with Python and R: MatPlotLib, Jupiter, SciKit, Ggplot, Pandas... CORE COMPETENCIES

! Project planning and executions

! Chemical synthesis and analysis

! Hands-on x-ray experience with

many materials…

! Implementation of protocols

! Quality control and process


! Strategic project cost-analysis

! Hands-on experience with

microscopy and spectroscopy

techniques: TEM, SEM, X-ray

imaging, Raman, FTIR, X-PS...


From April 2006 until July 2020– NIH Public Trust

From August 2019: active USCIS ENHANCED Public Trust CITIZENSHIPS

Citizen of USA


! Senior Research Scientist Unit for cytoskeletal dynamics, NICHD September 2019 – present Summarizing former results for publication. Derivation of new algorithms for better describe data trends. (Python, R)

! Senior Data Scientist in the Experis-Accenture team (contractors to USCIS) August – September 2019 Statistical analysis and algorithm development for creation of a web-interface for USCIS client. Systematic implementa- tion of Agile work flow methods (mix of Kanban and Scrum) for efficient software development. Python and R with Flask, Databricks, Jupyther and integration of interfaces for statistical evaluation, statistical analysis, algorithm development, fitting and improvement of performances. Pilot project for federal client.

! Data Scientist Leader of pilot project at Cloudious-Cognizant-Monsanto; June- August 2019 Statistical Analysis of Data and Verification of Algorithms chosen. R and Python intense programming.

! Imagery Analyst & Staff Scientist at ECS-Federal, LLC(contractor to DoD-DARPA) Sept. 2017 – June 2019 System Engineering and Technical Assistance of Microsystems Technology Office at DARPA; MAVEN support.

- Sensor development: new approach for UV-Vis resonant Raman spectroscopy, on chip-size detector prototype integrating new possibilities disclosed by machine learning approaches

- Feasibility studies of biomedical technology-on-a-chip equipped with Artificial Intelligence

- Feature classification in classified live-feed images for training machine learning algorithms

! Senior Research Scientist, at AMI&Co, LLC Feb – Sept. 2017 Laboratory of Cellular Imaging and Macromolecular Biophysics, Chief: Richard Leapman, PhD, at NIBIB-NIH. Chemical preparation by analytical handling of biological tissues for new samples of 3D nanometric TEM/SEM imaging, comparing efficacy of protocols. Elemental analysis from data, scripting and workflow (Java, Python).

! Senior Research Scientist SME, Inc contractor to NICHD Dec 2014 – Jan 2017 Laboratory for Integrated Biophysics and Laboratory of Neurobiology (NICHD and NINDS at the NIH campus, Bethesda, MD) Development of a new samples for TEM after isolation; image analysis in order to visualize individual sub-nanometer details, also using Cryo-TEM techniques with and without averaging. Data analysis: algorithms development (Java, Python).

! Winner of Foreign Young Talents Competition– Brazilian Research Council Jun 2014 – May 2016 Initiated acquisition scheme refinement using software scripting for TEM tomography and FIB-SEM.

! Personal Young Scientist Award from the Scientific director of NINDS-NIH; July 2012 – May 2014 International coordination using largely IT supports coordinating Berkeley NCEM, NICHD Bethesda, NINDS and UnB of Brasilia for unraveling microtubules structure at sub nanometer level. Studies by FIB-SEM and TEM tomography.

! Federal Training Award (IRTA) National Institutes of Health NICHD-NINDS 4/2006 – 7/2012 Electron microscopy projects: achieved (sub)nanometer resolution by 3D TEM tomography on individual proteins; fluorescence microscopy at nanometer resolution in living cells implementing analytics in mathematical software. TOF- SIMS imaging.

! European Union Marie-Curie Individual Award: Paris and Amsterdam; Feb 2002 – Jan 2006 Fluorescence spectroscopy combined with light and x-ray diffraction and Monte-Carlo IT computer simulations to study elasticity of cell membranes through model systems. Page 1 of 2 Andrea Fera, PhD


1.PhD. Major: Physics of Liquid Crystalline Multi-layers ; Technical University of Eindhoven Dec. 2001 X-rays 2D imaging of ultra-thin liquid crystal membranes. At the FOM-AMOLF Institute in Amsterdam (Netherlands) Outcome published in nine peer-reviewed publications in specialized physics journals. 2. Master’s in Chemistry University of Cagliari (Italy) Oct 1990 – July 1995 Corrosion of metals: electrochemistry and surface chemistry analysis (TOF-SIMS, XPS and Auger spectroscopy); Analytical chemistry specialist ; Full honors (Mark: 110/110 cum laude) BIO-TECH BUSINESS TRAININGS

INNOVATE course: entrepreneurial Business skills for creating a bio-tech startup company. J. Hopkins Carey Business School (MD) January – December 2011 FAES – National Institutes of Health: post-grad courses: Tools for Technology Transfer International Strategic Partnering and Business Development, Negotiation Workshop 2010 SKILLS IN BRIEF

! Programming scripts for image analysis

! 3D reconstructions and rendering of complex

data sets

! Python, MatLab, C/C++: Statistical analysis

! Analytical experience with biological samples

! Materials Selection for electron Microscopy


! Analytical Chemistry and separation

techniques: HPLC, electrophoresis,

spectroscopy and mass spectrometry.


• Italian: mother tongue proficiency.

• English and French: university level fluent,

both written and oral.

• Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish: good, both

written and oral.


• Setting up International Science divulgation schemes 2003

• EU & US Management and coordination of specialized individuals 2007 – 2012 PATENTS HELD

Customizable, portable protection for all harmful radiations: IR, microwaves and x-rays EFS ID: 1159370 Dec 2011 BIO-TECH founded: FlashAction LLC, in MD, active from 2011; Advanced Molecular Imaging, LLC Merit acknowledgements– 7 ; Publications – 16 ; International Presentations – more than 25 Professional Societies Memberships: Biophysics, Microscopy Society of America and Neuroscience SELECTED PEER-REVIEWED SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONS (COMPLETE 17 LIST, PROOFS AND REPRINTS AVAILABLE) 1. Andrea Fera, Qianping He, Guofeng Zhang, and Richard D. Leapman, Quantitative method for estimating stain density in electron microscopy of conventionally prepared biological specimens, Submitted J of Microscopy – Dec. 2019 2. Andrea Fera*, Thomas S. Reese, and Dan L. Sackett, Single peptides extending from outer surface of microtubules revealed by electron microscopy tomography without averaging data from multiple samples, Submitted Scientific Reports, June 2019

3. Andrea Feraand Louis (Chip) Dye, Cryo-Fixed and Stained Microtubules Can Be Imaged With High Electron Doses Using The Full Resolving Power Of the Electron Microscope, Materials & Microanalysis, August 2017. 4. Fera A, Sackett DL and Reese TS. (2013) C-terminal 'Tails' of Tubulin Revealed by Negative Stain EM Tomography. Microscopy and Microanalysis,19, S2, pp 84-85.

5. A. Fera, Dan L Sackett, Alioscka A Sousa, Thomas S Reese, Visualization of Individual Cryptophycin-Tubulin Rings by Electron Microscopy Tomography, Biophys. J (2013) 104(2):146A 6. A. Fera, Ayse Dosemeci, Alioscka A. Sousa, Charlotte Yang, Richard Leapman and Thomas S. Reese, Direct Visualization of CaMKII at Postsynaptic Densities by EM Tomography, Journal of Comparative Neurobiology, 05/2012; 520(18):pp4218-25.

7. A. Fera, Jane E. Farrington, Joshua Zimmerberg and Thomas S. Reese,A negative stain for electron microscopic tomography, Microsc Microanal. 2012 Apr;18(2):331-5. doi: 10.1017/S1431927611012797. Epub 2012 Feb 27. Pioneering work quoted in the Advances in Orthomyxoviridae Research and Treatment: 2012 Edition 8. Pekkurnaz G, Fera A, Zimmerberg-Helms J, Degiorgis JA, Bezrukov L, Blank PS, Mazar J, Reese TS, Zimmerberg J., Isolation and ultrastructural characterization of squid synaptic vesicles, Biol Bull. Apr;220(2):89-96 (2011). 9. I.Sikharulidze, I.P. Dolbnya, A.Fera, A. Madsen, B.I. Ostrovskii, W.H. de Jeu, Smectic membranes in motion: Approaching the fast limits of X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy, Phys. Rev. Lett. 88 115503 (2002) 10.A. Fera, I.P. Dolbnya, G. Grübel, H.G. Muller, B.I. Ostrovskii, A.N. Shalaginov, W.H. de Jeu, Complex dynamic behavior of fluctuating smectic-A films as studied by scattering with coherent X-rays, Phys. Rev. Lett. 85 2316 (2000). Page 2 of 2 Andrea Fera, PhD

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