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Civil Engineer

Qibla, Kuwait City, Kuwait
December 09, 2019

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Applicant Name: John E. Estember

Position Applied: Quantity Surveyor

Country preferred: Qatar

Cell phone No.: +965-****-**** (Kuwait)

Career Objective: To be able find a job in which I would utilize the broad range of my career.

Profiles :

Experienced in various construction branches in line with civil, architectural, structural, infrastructure activities, road and highways and landscaping.

Capable of reading Architectural, Civil, Structural and Infrastructure standard drawings.

Able to read, write and verbally communicate in English.

Trained in project facilities both infrastructure and buildings that designed by British standard working as a QA/QC Engineer, Planning Engineer, Cost Estimator, Architectural and Civil Supervisor/Inspector and Quantity Surveyor

Almost undergo 25 years of experience both horizontal and vertical construction including infrastructure projects.

Personal Information:

Birth Date: January 24, 1967 Birth Place: San Jose Norala So. Cot. Age: 51 yrs. old Height: 165 cm. Weight: 65 kgs. Gender: Male

Civil Status: Married Religion: Roman Catholic Nick Name: Nonoy Passport No.: P0764121B Date Issued: May 8, 2019 Valid Date: May 9, 2029 Issuing Authority: Philippine Embassy, Kuwait

Educational Information:

Education Duration School/Address

Degree / Course


Tertiary 1984-1990 MSU-GSC / Notre Dame of Marbel University/ Alunan Avenue, Koronadal City Phils.

Bachelor of Science in

Civil Engineering

High School 1979-1983 Notre Dame of Marbel for Boy’s Department./ Alunan Ave./ Koronadal City Phils


Elementary 1973-1979 San Jose Elementary School/ Norala, South Cotabato, Philippines


Employment Information:

Company: Hyundai Engineering and Construction Co. Ltd. (Main Contractor) Joint Venture: Hyundai Engineering Company / Hyundai Engineering and Construction Co. Ltd / and Kogas Company (HDKC)

Address: Al Zour, Kuwait

Position: Civil Planning Engineer

Duration: April 08, 2017~Present

Project Involve: Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (Client) Liquefied Natural Gas Import Project(LNGI)

Consultant: AMEC Foster Wheeler/Wood

Total Project Cost: 3 billion US Dollars(Circa) + Plus Variations Scope of Works:

• Working with Project Control Manager, the Project Management team to monitor the daily and monthly actual work done in offshore site.

• Responsible in preparation for weekly construction meeting materials that comprises the manpower, HSE, overall progress, plan and actual work done in site, look ahead plan in site and monitor overdue correspondence.

• Prepare the weekly construction minutes of meeting and discuss some issues with the consultant for final verification in order to prepare for the next meeting.

• Monitoring regularly the actual work done in site by collecting all the updated photo taken regularly in order to adopt in weekly meeting materials presented to client, consultant and main contractor respective personnel.

• Responsible in verification of incoming letter and preparation of some correspondence which compose of outgoing letters to consultant and client.

• Attend regularly the meetings between subcontractor and the Project Control Manager every weekend in order to follow up the activities pertaining commercial issues in jobsite.

• Preparation of method of statement that include the risk assessment review by the consultant and safety personnel concern to its designated activities.

• Responsible in updating subcontractor insurances, procurement of materials, assessment the completed works and arrange the payment for subcontractor as per actual work done corresponds with the milestone certificate we applied to the client.

Company: Hyundai Engineering and Construction Co. Ltd. (Main Contractor) Address: Doha, Qatar

Position: Senior Quantity Surveyor (Planning & Engineering Department) Duration:

(October 13, 2013 ~ October 31 2016)

Project Involve: Hamad Bin Khalifa Medical City 300B Hospital Fit-out Project Consultant: KEO International

Total Project Cost: 2billion QR(orig. contract), Variation: 2billion Qatar Riyals Scope of Works:

• Working with P&E (Procurement & Eng’g. Dept.) Commercial Manager, the Project Management team to monitor the itemized the bill of quantity especially hardscape, softscape, architectural, structural and Infrastructure Items.

• Responsible in preparation for any cost of the any building activities, including addition variations from initial estimates up to final approval of the materials including the deliveries.

• Prepare the monthly interim payments for the subcontractor under our scope, Monitor the actual work done in site to ensure that the internal performance was schedule for that designated period.

• Monitoring regularly the contract per subcontractor and quantities of required materials as per approved contract agreement.

• Prepare variations under my scope of works and discuss with the consultant, correspondence

(subcontractor, client, consultant & supplier) final account statement, completion certificate, updating warranties and maintenance.

• Assess the completed works and arrange the payment for subcontractor as per actual work done.

• Scheduling a site visit by assessment of the forecasted additional works as per client request. Assist in allocation of budgets for additional work in term of variation.

• Attend regularly the meetings between subcontractor and the P&E Commercial Manager every weekend in order to follow up the activities pertaining commercial and interface issues in jobsite and updating the minutes of minutes through emails.

• Monitor regularly the analysis of cost applied on jobsite especially in repair work and set a meeting with the site engineer concern and manager if needed.

• Monitor regularly the status of advance payment and performance bond, retention, tax card, certificate of registration, bank details from the subcontractor concern.

Company: Hamad Al-Saghyir for Commercial Investment Co. (Main Contractor) Address: Tabuk Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Position: Senior Quantity Surveyor (AA, CS and Infrastructure) Duration: May 13, 2011 ~ July 31, 2013)

Project Involve: Execution of Faculty of Science for Medical Application Project Total Cost: 650 Million Saudi Riyal Plus variations Consultant: Otaishan Engineering Consultancy

Scope of Works :

• Working with Technical Department Manager to itemize all the bill of quantity especially Architectural, Civil and Infrastructure Items including roads requirement within the scope of the project based on the standard method of measurement.

• Review all specifications prepared by the designer to ensure the data for submittal to be approved by the owner’s representative and properly addressed in the design.

• Responsible in preparation of variations under my responsibility that shows the difference between IFC drawings and the Approved Shop Drawing Submittal, completion certificate issued to the subcontractor including the submitted warranties and their schedule of maintenance as per approved specification.

• Coordinate with the consultant regarding the output of quantities for approval to be used in monthly project verification certificate including the final submittal for Ministry of Higher Education Authority.

• Prepare the attachments of the designated items as per bill of quantity to ensure that all the output data was properly done to avoid discrepancy for implementation including the payments to Subcontractors.

• Update regularly the status of the expiration date for advance and performance bond, the retention bond on payment and the extension of warranties if needed.

• Monitoring regularly the approved subcontractor contract agreement, quantities of required materials per activities and to maintain the correct implementation as per approved method of statement.

• Monitor regularly by assessment to their submitted payment claim and discuss to manager concern every month based on their actual work done in site and set a meeting if there was discrepancy with site engineer concern.

Company: Al Nahr Pipe Manufacturing & Construction Co. Ltd./ KEC Company(Joint Venture) Address: Bingashir Tripoli Libya

Position: Planning Engineer/Estimator-Senior Quantity Surveyor (AA, CS & INFRA) Duration: September 01, 2006 ~ February 27, 2011

Project Overview : Implementation of Operation Service & Maintenance (Main Contractor) Project Involve : Implementation of Military Project Facilities including Infrastructures (5 Sites) – Yarmok, Mayah, Tajura, Transportation and Zlitan Projects. Consultant: Brown and Root North Africa (BRNA)

Scope of Works :

• Working with Planning Department Manager to monitor daily progress of the various activities to implement the proper execution of construction schedule and forecasted date of completion.

• Review all construction documents/drawings and specifications prepared by the designer to ensure the data is properly synchronized and the owners requirement and properly addressed in the design.

• Responsible to prepare the company’s business correspondence including preparation of weekly and monthly reports used for Progress Verification Certificate per monthly.

• Responsible to prepare the monthly difference between the Internal Performance against Project Verification Certificate so that we can know the actual status of the project.

• Perform all necessary inspection, standard quality of materials in accordance with the approved drawings

• Monitor regularly the revision of drawing to be submitted in as built section used for handover.

• Monitor regularly the daily material cost per activity for civil and architectural department to ensure the correct data in order to recommend for progress verification certificate per monthly.

• Prepare the material takes off for civil, structural, architectural and infrastructure items.

• Monitor the daily status of incoming and outgoing of materials for civil and architectural department

• Monitor the daily concrete pouring schedule and the quality of cement to be used for its designated classes.

• Monitor the incoming and outgoing of drawings and responsible in updating various revisions and to be implemented to site.

• Specialized in monitoring ceramic, marble & aluminium cladding works which provided by shop drawing in order to satisfy the owner to be used in implementation.

• Prepare all the payments for subcontractor under my scope such as delivery of aggregates, painting, cladding, masonry works, waterproofing, wooden & aluminium works

Company: Dongah Consortium Ltd./ Korean Express Company (Join Venture), Main Contractor Address: Bingashir, Tripoli Libya

Position: Construction Supervisor / Estimator-Quantity Surveyor (AA, CS & Infra) Duration: May 31, 2000 ~ August 31, 2006

Project Involve : Great Man Made River Projects, Phase II & III Project. (Greatest Project) Project Overview : Operation Service & Maintenance including Domestic Airport(Jabal Hasouna) Scope of Works: Assign in various project of Great Man Made River Project, OS & M Bingashir, Libya(3years), OS & M Jabal Hasouna (2years), OS & M Assdadah (1year). Consultant : GIBBS International

Scope of Works :

• Execute the daily requirements for the site in order to cope up the delay implementation for Arch’l., Structural, Infrastructure projects at OS&M Bingashir including road as our scope of works.

• Working with Architectural manager to execute the target date of completion with quality and assurance at Jabal Hasouna Projects especially Architectural, Structural and Infrastructure scope of works. Monitor the Civil item activities at airport area.

• Review all construction documents/drawings and specifications prepared by the designer to be implemented at site to avoid mistake in implementation.

• Prepare all the daily inspection schedule to be signed by the Mechanical, Civil, Electrical & Architectural manager’s to avoid conflict for implementation @ Assdadah Sites

• Prepare all the document for field change report, no change request,including the corrective action and safety precaution at Assdadah Projects.

• Prepare the laboratory monthly testing reports, calibration, including the quality control documents to be submitted at main office at Brega at Assdadah Projects .

• Monitor the daily testing of laboratory to ensure the strength of concrete per classes by compression testing, chemical testing of aggregates, sieve analysis, including the calibration of laboratory materials at Assdadah Site.

• Responsible to check all the incoming materials together with GMRA inspector from warehouse to ensure the quality of materials and the correct delivery including the damages of materials.

• Serve the company as estimator and quantity surveyor for civil, architectural & structural scope of works

Company : Acedilla Construction General Santos City, Philippines. Project Involve : Housing, Road & Highway, School Buildings Position : Construction Supervisor / Estimator-Quantity Surveyor(AA, CS & Infra) Duration : 1996 ~ February 2000

Scope of Works:

• Working with Construction Manager in monitoring all activities in relation to quality management such as; request of inspection of activities as per checklist, controls, submitted specimen for every concreting period to maintain the stability of concrete as per approved specification

• Monitor regularly the issuance of the shop drawing to be issued for site to avoid discrepancy during implementation period including its revisions.

• Monitor regularly the calibration of batching, laboratory equipments, and chemical testing for delivered aggregates and cement.

• Monitor the earthworks activities such as compaction test applied before the implementation of the project.

• Monitor regularly the correct class of cement release by batching plant based on the approved design mixture applied for designated activities as per contract specification.

• Monitor the cladding works such as: glass, walls, floor and ceiling finishing works as per approved specification and method of statement.

• Review all the drawings to be implemented and prepare drawings if there was revisions to be submit to the engineer assigned.

• Prepare the exact design quantity which it is the main data to input cost and estimate for the daily progress.

• Update regularly the expiration of advance and performance bond, tax card, certificate of registration in order to avoid the delay of payment claim issuance.

• Monitor the incoming and outgoing of materials including the quality and the damages as per delivery.

• Prepare all the daily and monthly timesheets to be submitted to planning department. Career Related skills (what can you do aside from the position that you are applying for?)

• Maintain a good relationship between the co-employees under the company discipline to have a good output with quality and assurance.

• Create a technique on how to compress in controlling planning, quantity surveying and execution works that all supervisors can understand.

• To avoid the delay for weekly and monthly reporting works. Personal Skills Information :

Computer Background: Literate in Word and Excel Programs Literate in Auto Cad Programs (version 2010, 2012 & 2013) References:

Mr. IK Soon

Project Director (GCC Overall Project), Building Division Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company Ltd.

Doha, Qatar

Mr. Chung Hoon Kim

Project Director

Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company Ltd.

Hamad Bin Khalifa Medical City 300B Hospital Fit Out Project Doha, Qatar

Mr. S.W. Song

Construction Manager, Building Division

Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company Ltd.

Liquefied Natural Gas Import Terminal Project

Km. 270 Al Zour-Kuwait

Eng’r. Abdulhakim T. El Shwedhi

Managing Director

Al Nahr Pipe Manufacturing & Construction Co. Ltd. Tripoli, Libya

Eng’r. Abdulathi Albraki

Chief of Engineering Department

Al Nahr Pipe Manufacturing & Construction Co., Ltd Tripol,i Libya

Mr. Dong Jun Lee

Commercial Manager

Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd.

Hamad Bin Khalifa Medical City 300B Hospital Fit-Out Project Doha, Qatar

Eng’r. J.H. Kim

Architectural Manager

Great Man Made River Project

Phase III Zuwara-Al Ghardabiya Projects

Al Nahr Pipe Manufacturing & Construction Co. Ltd

Tripoli Libya

Eng’r. K.S. Eum

Project Manager

Zuwara Project Phase III

Great Man Made River Project

Al Nahr Pipe Manufacturing & Construction Co. Ltd. Libya Eng’r. Nehad Yaqob

Project Manager Hamad

Al Saghyir

for Commercial Investment Company

University of Tabuk

Faculty of Science for Medical Application

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Contact Details

Mobile: 009**-****-****

Email Address:

Address: San Jose, Norala, South Cotabato Phillipines This is to certify that all information above is true and correct. John Espora Estember


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