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Engineer Plant

Kheshgi Payan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
3000 us
December 09, 2019

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To work as Field Operator with a progressive organization where, I can utilize my skills for improving operational performance and contributing substantially towards the growth of the organization.

6 Year Professional Experience

May-2013-Up to Date

Attock Refinery Ltd. Rawalpindi(ISO-19001, ISO-14001& ISO-18001)

Currently I am working as Field Operator at Pre-Flash and Howe Baker Crude Distillation Unit, Attock Refinery Ltd. from 13-05-2013 till now. Plant is charged with Light Sour and Light Sweet Crude. Having Residue, Heavy Gas Oil, Light Gas Oil, Kerosene, JP1, MTT, Naphtha, and LPG as products. Plant is equipped with Honey Well Experion PKS-410 DCS Control.

I have worked as Field Operator at Effluent Treatment Plant Unit, Attock Refinery Limited

Acedemic Qualification

Diploma of Associate Engineer (Chemical) 1st Division and Having 60% from Peshawar Board of Technical Education

Matriculation (Science) 1st Division with (B) Grade and having 67 % from Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Mardan


To keep plant in safe and smooth operation.

Monitoring and Operation of Crude Furnace, DistillationTower, Stabilizer, Desalter & Exchangers.

Maintaining daily log sheets, check lists, lab results and job list to highlight any abnormality in the parameters.

Ensure to achieve; on spec production targets, maintaining plant and equipment integrity in compliance with HSEQ standards.

Emergency handling to prevent production loss & relative hazard.

Coordination with Technical Services, QCL, HSE and Oil Movement.

Supervision of daily maintenance jobs as per PTW system.

To perform equipment isolations, draining, depressurization, purging and handover.

To perform occasional Shutdown and Startup Activities.

Major Work Areas

Howe Baker, Crude Distillation Unit, Attock Refinery Ltd.

Natural Draft Furnace (Fuel Gas + Fuel Oil burnt)

Atmospheric DistillationTower(Valve, & Bubble Cap Trays )

Steam Strippers (Kerosene, Light Gas Oil, Heavy Gas Oil)

Gas Knockout & LPG Pumping Station

Naphtha Stabilizer & Kettle Reboiler

Single Stage Electrical Desalter

Caustic Wash Sulpher Removal

Heat Exchangers & Fan Coolers

Effluent Treatment Plant, Attock Refinery Ltd.

Monitor daily key operating parameters to yields and safe energy utilization.

Oily and waste water receipt through pipelines and open channels from plants and tank form area.

Separation of oil from waste water in API (Gravity) Separators and transfer to slope oil tanks.

Addition of Demulsifier for removing of water contents and Charge at Distillation unit.

Safety and smooth operation of DISSOLVE AIR FLOTATION UNIT.

White water generation for floatation of suspended solids.

Preparation of chemical solutions of Aluminium sulphate and Polymer for Coagulation and Flocculation purpose.

Collection of sludge and Operate Filter Press for making of cakes.

Maintain the MLSS through recycling for BOD & COD of water.

Maintain the NEQs Standard of water by removing of oil particles.

On Job Achievements

I have performed safe Turnaround activities at,

Attock Refinery Ltd Rawalpindi.

I have performed & Supervised Turnaround activities,

Plant Draining, Depressurization, Flushing, & Purging

Furnace Tubes Pig Decoking & Soot Blowing

Exchangers Hydrojeting

DistillationTower& Desalter Cleaning

Plant Box up, Soap Test, & Steam out

I have handled following type of Emergencies & Trouble shootings,

Power & Steam Failure

Instrument Air & Cooling Water Failure

Pump Cavitations & Vapor Locking Problems

Furnace Draft & Fuel Failure

I have performed many Plan and Emergency Shutdowns.

I have a rich experience of Hot and Cold Startup Activities.

Commissioning Experience

I have participated in all Pre commissioning & commissioning activities at Steam Blowing

Chemical Cleaning

Water Flushing

Hydro Testing

Nitrogen Purging

Punch Listing

Water Run

Technical skills Computer Skills

I have a good command on following Operation Techniques, Industrial Maximo

Distillation & Rectification Excel Spreadsheets

Steam Stripping Office Outlook

P& IDs Microsoft word

Skill Improvement Courses

Cooling Towers



Heat Exchangers

Multistage Centrifugal Pump

Personal Bio Data

Father’s Name

Fare Khan

NIC Number


Date of Birth








Marital Status



English(Level – Working Professional Urdu (Level – Citizen)

Permanent Address

Mohallah Batakzai Khesghi Bala NowsheraKPK.

P/O Khesghi Payan Nowshera KPK

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