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Software Engineer Java

Chia, Cundinamarca Department, Colombia
December 09, 2019

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About me

Software engineer with more than 10 years

of experience in software development, 6

years in server management and 5 years in

team leadership.

Since I was a student, I have always been

passionate about technology and software

development, so much of my time is spent

learning new things and improving my

technical skills, both as personal satisfaction

and to facilitate my working life, as I can

apply that knowledge to solve everyday


In that sense, although at work level I have

worked mainly with applications based on

Java, in the personal plane I have acquired

many other knowledge, which allow me to

be current with new technologies and to

have a more comprehensive vision when

carrying out a project.

In addition, working hand in hand with

quality testing and support people has

allowed me to consider them when making a

development, not only to achieve the

proposed goal, but also to facilitate the work

of those people.

Currently, I consider myself a bit of a

perfectionist who doesn't like to invest time

in repetitive tasks. I'm one of those who

prefers to work a little harder at the

beginning of a project with the intention of

working less harder later.

Finally, I am the father of two small children

and the husband of a beautiful woman, who

are my greatest motivation to improve every



2008 Informatics Engineering

Venezuela Universidad Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado Work Experience

2015 - Current Software Development Associate Manager Colombia Accenture (IT Consulting)

Developed and maintained OSS applications (back-end services) using Oracle’s Java based technologies, focus on process optimization and client’s needs.

Created the CRM application for LTE services selling, using

.NET, WebForms, WFC, MongoDB, deployed on Azure,

reducing the selling process by 50% and reducing cost of licensing by 30%.

Designed, built and implemented monitor dashboard and automation tasks portal using Java EE, REST API, improving back office tasks time by 60% and reducing the needed people from 30 to 12.

Designed, built and implemented an automation service using

.NET, which works with JSON pipelines stores in MongoDB, offering to the client a new way to implement web services and batch processes without having to code.

Led the development team and designed solution architecture for all development processes.

2015 - 2015 Senior OSS Consultant

Colombia INDRA (IT Consulting)

Tuned up WebLogic Application Server, improving JEE and MSS application performance by 30%.

Developed and maintained OSS applications using Oracle’s Java based technologies, focus on process optimization and client’s needs.

2013 - 2015 Developer and Integration Engineer

Colombia Tecnocom (IT Consulting)

Developed and maintained OSS applications using Oracle’s Java based technologies, focus on process optimization and client’s needs.

Set-up OSS applications for telecommunication clients, using Oracle tools (OSM, MSS, UIM, ASAP).

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Jhon James Freitez Parra

Senior Software Engineer

Jhon James Freitez Parra

Senior Software Engineer


(10+ years):

Java, Javascript, PHP, C++.

Windows, Linux.


PostgreSQL, MySQL.



(8+ years):


Solaris SPARC.

Bootstrap, jQuery.

Oracle DB.




(5+ years):

Oracle OSS Tools (OSM, MSS, UIM, ASAP).




Android Development.

(3+ years):



.NET, Angular.



(1+ year):









Micro frontend.


Spanish: Native.

English: Upper Intermediate (B2).

Work Experience

2011 - 2013 Design and Development Specialist

Venezuela BBVA Provincial (Banking)

Designed, built and implemented Mobile Banking Application back-end services using SOAP, Visual NACAR Java Framework, DB2, deployed on IBM WebSphere, offering to bank clients a new way to access to bank services.

Developed and implemented the new Bank Payments Portal. This portal has integrations with other companies such as public services and schools, using SOAP, RESTful, File reading, Batch processing.

2009 - 2011 Visual NACAR Junior Consultant

Venezuela Soluziona SP (IT Consulting)

J2EE applications development (Visual NACAR Framework).

Creation of new Online Banking System for customer, using BBVA JEE Framework (Visual NACAR).


2017 Scrum Master Certified.

2009 Sun Certified Programmer for the Java Platform, SE 5.0. 2019 IELTS (Score: 5.5).

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