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Business Development Subject Matter

Kensington, MD
June 12, 2024

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Experienced Management & Technology RDD&D Consultant and Business Development Professional Subject Matter Expert on Clean Energy Innovation, Efficiency, Conservation, Sustainability, and Environmental Impacts Kensington, MD, USA +1-301-***-****


Diligent, strategic management professional who delivers a creative approach, innovative thought, and vibrant leadership to all activities and pursuits.

Strong subject matter expertise (SME) on clean, sustainable, electric energy generation; low-carbon fuel development; advanced transportation & building technologies. Passionate about indoor air quality (IAQ); the environ. health & societal impacts of energy use; & the transformation of markets & business processes.

Extensive track record working with U.S. Federal executive branch agencies, domestic and international industry leaders (Startups to Fortune 50+), national laboratories, state governments, academic institutions, and industry trade associations, on energy policy and implementation, the development and deployment of advanced energy technologies, and the transformation of energy markets.

Professional Experience:

Resource Efficiency Manager; U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, USAG -- Fort George G. Meade Redhorse, Corporatation – Arlington, VA (under cont. to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) February 2022 to Present

Redhorse is a government contracting firm that provides technology-driven solutions for complex problems in data and technology. Under contract to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Huntsville, Alabama, I support the development and implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects at U.S. Army Garrison, Fort George G. Meade. Imbedded in the Department of Public Works, I work with the Master Planning, Engineering, and Operations & Maintenance Teams to ensure the garrison is on track to meet U.S. Army energy efficiency and resiliency requirements, report data and information, plan and execute energy projects, and identify opportunities to improve energy and environmental performance. My accomplishments working at Fort George G. Meade include:

• Ensuring the acquisition & deployment of electric vehicle charging systems (EVCS) to transition 100% of the U.S. Army, non-tactical vehicle fleet, to EV by 2035 (incl. 24 Level-2 Solar EV charge ports, planning 100+ additional grid ports).

• Conducting routine assessments on energy and water usage, report data via government reporting systems, work with utility representatives & and other stakeholders to make system improvements and correct deficiencies and ensure energy efficiency and water conservation improvements are proactively identified and achieved while observing and navigating U.S Army guidance and regulations.

• Providing SME to Fort Meade on energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, project development planning, and technology deployment and commissioning. Projects include: the development of 8MW Solar farm, overseeing

$15MM in LED lighting and HVAC upgrades, submitted $18.4MM in Water Resiliency projects for funding, submitted

$8MM in Grid-connected EVCS infrastructure funding, and initiated planning for an integrated microgrid system capable to ensure resiliency to critical infrastructure using a mix of distributed generation & energy storage assets.

Clean Energy Sales Specialists

Sunrun, Incorporated (NYSE: RUN) – San Francisco, California. September 2021 to May 2023

Sunrun is the Nation's Leading Residential Solar, Storage and Energy Services Company. Sunrun was founded in 2007 by pioneering solar energy as a residential service. Today, the company’s mission is focused on creating a planet run by the sun, and leading the transition to all-electric homes. My accomplishments with Sunrun includes the following:

• Representing Sunrun, the Sunrun brand, and its products and services, as part of the Maryland Sales Team.

• Engaging potential customers; establishing rapport; educating customers on solar energy, energy storage, and adv. of going solar; gathering key data metrics; facilitating Q&A; using proprietary tools to assess & qualify prospective customers, setting Sunrun sales process expectations, and delivering critical decision-making info to customers.

• Completing required training, exceeding team & individual sales goals, and tracking key performance indicators.

Building Performance Assessments and Operations Manager Superior Energy Solutions (SES) and Energy Efficiency Experts (EEE) October 2019 to March 2021

SES and EEE are certified Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (HPwES) contractors offering whole-house energy and indoor air quality solutions to homeowners throughout Maryland, Virginia, and DC (incl. customers in disadvantaged communities). My accomplishments with these companies include the following:

• Engaged homeowners, local community groups, HOAs, real estate professionals, lenders, and allied contractors, to present the benefits of improving the efficiency, performance, and comfort of residential real estate using the Home Performance with Energy Star (HPwES) Programs. Expanded company business during the pandemic.

• Developed new business offerings to increase revenue and yield measurable financial & environmental benefits for customers, including renewable energy & energy storage installations, passive convective roof retrofits, and adv. indoor air quality monitoring & air exchange solutions. Completed 40% of business vol. in disadvantaged communities.

• Coordinated with vendors, suppliers, and installation teams to plan, schedule, and execute projects. Coordinated with third-party quality assurance & lending professionals to ensure that project results met program standards.

• Led on-site building performance teams conducting on-site assessments at customer sites. Ensured contracted work was installed to design specifications, verified performance, developed best practices and staff training activities to improve results and increase customer satisfaction.

• Presented assessment results and prioritized energy solutions to customers. Prepare contract documents, discuss project expectations, brief customers on corrective measures & technology options, and review project cost & financing options. Resolved customer service complaints and gathered customer satisfaction data.

Founder and Owner

Kervitsky Energy & Environmental (KEE) Consulting - Kensington, Maryland. January 2018 to May 2023

Incorporated KEE Consulting to provide expert advice, results-oriented management consulting services, and broad SME, to maximize the efficient use of energy, reduce energy & water consumption, develop & deploy clean energy technologies, and ensure increased environmental health, sustainability, and biodiversity. KEE works with private sector innovators to overcome challenges, grapple with strategic issues, achieve outlined results, and reach the next level of success, directly and efficiently. My accomplishments with KEE include the following:

• Advisory Board Experience – Participated on the advisory boards of the Technology Transfer Society of DC

( and Maryland Clean Energy Center (

• Project Implementation & Market Transformation – Provided technology development expertise to start-up companies to refine business ideas, identify project challenges and risks, consider risk mitigation strategies, engage federal laboratory research expertise, develop project plans and technical justifications, prepare technical briefs, and explore funding opportunities.

• Technical Research & Business Intelligence – Assisted the State of Hawaii and the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute to update state renewable energy estimates and develop a hydrogen (H2) implementation strategy. Assisted Japanese energy and environmental research institute with topical research, business intelligence, and strategic insights on technologies including Hydrogen energy, fuel cell, energy storage, and bioenergy technologies.

• Strategic Planning & Technology Transfer – Assisted IT start-up with intellectual property (IP) search and blockchain

(BC) staking protocol on ways to work with U.S. federal agencies, national laboratories, and academia, on technology transfer (T2). Liaised with the Federal Laboratory Consortium to identify projects and IP available for public acquisition, and worked with staff to prepare an RFI response to the Department of Commerce (DOC), National Institute of Standards & Technologies (NIST) on Technology Transfer.

• Business Development & Capture – Assisted Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB) to enter federal Energy, IT, and Cybersecurity markets. Engaged technical experts and federal agency staff to develop rapport and strategic position. Met with SBA offices and allied government contracting firms to pursue FedBizOps. Targeted and tracked business opportunities and responded to RFPs.

• Meeting Facilitation & Moderation – Assisted in the conduct of NEPA-EIS public scoping meetings for the Northern Pass Transmission Project, a cross-border renewable electricity T&D project in NH. Met with stakeholders and liaised with federal, state, and local officials as needed to ensure a safe and effective EIS meeting process.

Strategic Planning, Technical Program Implementation, and Stakeholder Engagement Specialist The Hannon Group, LLC – National Harbor, Maryland. September 2015 to October 2017

THG is an SBA certified 8a woman owned, strategic marketing, and communications firm that was providing services to U.S DOE under the Clean Energy Communications Joint Venture. Spanning both technical and communications management consulting tasks, my accomplishments included:

• Worked day-to-day activities as an embedded contractor to the U.S. DOE-EERE Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO), providing technical management, strategic engagement, and communications support services. Routinely worked with BETO technology managers and the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Vehicles on key project activities and initiatives.

• Worked closely with senior DOE technology managers and industry officials to define and implement a strategic planning effort to guide the $215MM BETO Congressional appropriation.

• Collaborated with federal staff at other Federal agencies, including DOD, DOT, DOC, USDA, and EPA, in a high visibility effort to develop a framework for implementing a Federal Bioeconomy Initiative.

• Provided direct contributions to the BETO integrated biorefinery (IBR) Demonstration & Market Transformation (DMT) Program Activities.

• Led contractor support for BETO/VTO CoOptimization of Fuels and Engines Initiative. Assisted the team leaders from nine national laboratories to design and implement dynamic stakeholder engagements to gather insight and opinions from stakeholders representing the auto, petroleum, biofuel, and allied industries, and shaped the pursuits of this critical initiative.

• Led BETO-DMT Program stakeholder engagements activities. Collaborated on BETO-wide strategic planning effort that integrated comprehensive stakeholder inputs into cohesive BETO strategic plan.

• Revamped the comprehensive project review (CPR) process to ensure rigorous evaluation of high profile BETO Advanced Biofuel IBR Production facilities (pilot, demo, and deployment scale, totaling over $900MM in federal authorizations) funded through Public Law 111-5, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

• Participated on cross-functional DOE-USDA IBR Tiger Team investigating technical and operational challenges that limited the successful start-up and continuous operation of high profile IBR projects.

• Developed increasingly responsible experience in managing government industry partnerships; interagency coordination; technology RDD&D management; strategic communications; facilitating technical meetings; and using cloud-based tools to engage stakeholders and gather information.

Assistant Group Manager

BCS, Incorporated - Laurel, Maryland. September 2006 to September 2015

BCS provides management consulting services to clients in energy, national security, international development, and public health. My work at BCS involved leading and mentoring staff in cross-functional teams to support clients, and included the following accomplishments:

• Provided technical, analytical, and management support to the U.S. DOE-EERE, DOE national laboratories, industry trade groups, & academia.

• Worked with DOE managers to implement successful technology development programs in BETO to support of Public Laws (PL) 109-58, the Energy Policy Act of 2005; PL 110-140, Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007; and PL 111-5, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

• Provided direct contributions to the BETO RDD&D activities thru a period of programmatic growth with federal appropriations increasing from $90MM (2006) to $225MM (2015). Also supported select activities in the EERE Office of Vehicle Technologies (VTO) and the DOE Office of Electricity (OE), pertaining to international electricity T&D, Smart Grids, and Electric Reliability.

• Assisted in the development of signature initiatives addressing Biopower; Low-cost, Bio-based Carbon Fibers; Industrial Sugars; Co-optimization of Fuels & Engines; and Federal Interagency Bioeconomy.

• Led dozens of strategic planning workshops including: U.S. Mexico Cross-Border Renewable Electricity Trade, Metal Hydride H2 Storage Materials, Codes & Standards (C&S) Development, Nanomaterials, Algae, BioGenomics, Electricity Reliability & Drought Impacts.

• Conducted extensive stakeholder engagement exercises to understand site, operational, logistical, and C&S issues, related to biofuels production and supply chain infrastructure, including bulk transportation, fuel terminals, and vehicle and fleet refueling.

• Led development of successful task proposals to U.S. Trade and Development Agency for a reverse trade mission for an Indian delegation interested in Solar Energy Technologies, and implementation of a new peer review process for the EERE SunShot Initiative.

• Developed increasingly responsible experience in technology RDD&D portfolio management; scenario planning and analysis; business case analysis; writing position papers & compelling documents; scaling-up R&D projects; conducting project risk assessments; engaging stakeholders; capturing lessons learned, technology benchmarking; and harmonizing agricultural, biofuel, and biorefinery codes & standards.

Assistant Vice President

SENTECH, Incorporated - Bethesda, Maryland. September 1997 to September 2006

SENTECH was a boutique Energy and Environmental consulting firm that provided technical, analytical, and management support services to the U.S. DOE EERE, national laboratories, State Energy Offices, industry trade organizations, private sector firms and academia, through various contractual mechanisms. SENTECH was merged into General Dynamics IT. My work at SENTECH included the following accomplishments:

• Provided direct contributions to several DOE technology development programs including: Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, Distributed Energy, Energy Storage, Wind, Vehicle Technologies, and Bioenergy Technologies.

• Hired, managed, and mentored staff; participated in SENTECH corporate planning and decision-making; worked with clients to develop workplans and propose new business, prepared budgets, proposals, and staff reviews.

• Gathered and analyzed data to facilitate DOE programmatic decision-making. Developed strategic partnerships with stakeholders in industry and academia to facilitate business development, gather private sector insight, and build personal networks.

• Collaborated with DOE and National Laboratory Managers & Technical Staff to organize and conduct a broad spectrum of activities, including policy analysis, program and portfolio management, technology advocacy campaigns, education and outreach activities. Also conducted Life-cycle cost analysis, technology risk assessments, stakeholder engagements, business case analysis, and prepared topical research, position papers & reports.

• Participated in Government-Industry Technical Teams to resolve C&S on hydrogen vehicles, fueling, and their interaction with the built environment, as part of Bush Administrations, FreedomCar and Fuel Initiative.

• Engaged C&S professionals to consider the expansion of Integrated Biorefinery (IBR) facilities, i.e., large, complex, biochemical processing facilities, into traditionally rural areas of the country and understand development risks.

Energy Technology Analyst

Energetics, Incorporated - Columbia, Maryland. April 1992 to September 1997

Energetics is a management consulting firm that provides technical management and analytical support to the U.S. DOE, EERE, DOE National laboratories, and industry organizations under various contract mechanisms. My accomplishments at Energetics included the following accomplishments:

• Provided management and analytical support to high-profile civilian energy technology R&D Programs.

• Assisted the advancement of U.S. National Energy R&D Program initiatives focused on the development of high temperature superconductivity, energy storage, hydrogen and fuel cells, distributed power, and building technologies.

• Performed lifecycle cost and technoeconomic analysis, on conventional and advanced energy technologies using custom designed spreadsheet applications to understand and document the costs and benefits of advanced energy pathways on an equal basis.

• Assisted in the development and use of Peer Review Processes in EERE to evaluate applied R&D programs, review performance metrics, and facilitate technology transfer of federally funded R&D to industry.

• Developed increasingly responsible experience in technology R&D management and analysis.

Energy Market Analyst

Comsis Corporation - Silver Spring, Maryland. February 1991 to April 1992

• Analyzed National Petroleum Market Data under contract to the U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Information Administration (DOE/EIA).

• Managed a portfolio of over 400 companies marketing motor gasoline in domestic markets, reviewed monthly surveys, verified data quality using statistical analysis, and ensure timely and accurate data submissions for National publication and use by the U.S. Executive and Legislative Branches of government and private industry.

• Developed exceptional skills in large-scale data gathering, verification, analysis, and interpretation.


B.S., Mineral Economics (Applied Resource and Energy Economics), Pennsylvania State University, 1990 Additional Academic Coursework in Management and Technology Transfer

• USDA Graduate School and University of Maryland

• FAES Graduate School at NIH, Tech. Transfer Certificate [Pending]

Additional Training & Certifications:

• Annual ethics and information security training: 2023-2024, as required for U.S. DOD Contractors.

• Climate Reality Leadership Corp, Completed Cohort Training 2021.

• Employer provided Sales & Customer Service Training, 2018-2021

• Annual ethics and information security training: 1992-2017, as required for U.S. DOE Contractors.

• Meeting Facilitation: Training in Facilitation4Hire and McNellis Compression Planning Methods

• ThinkTank Software ( Collaborative Stakeholder Engagement Practitioner

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