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Senior Azure Cloud Architect

McLean, VA, 22101
June 18, 2024

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Phone: 571-***-****; Email:

Azure/AWS Cloud & DevOps Architect


With 16+ years of IT experience, including over 8 years of specialized expertise in Microsoft Azure & AWS, I am a results-driven professional dedicated to architecting and delivering secure, scalable, and high-performance solutions. My extensive skill set encompasses Cloud Platforms, Data Engineering, Security, DevOps, and Automation, making me a versatile asset in the technology landscape.

My Expertise:

•Proficient and comfortable in a multi-cloud environment including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

•Design, architect, deploy, manage, and secure robust, scalable infrastructures.

•Skilled in implementing DevOps methodologies, fostering collaboration between development and operations teams to streamline processes, automate deployments, and ensure efficient, secure, and affordable CI/CD pipelines.

•Proficiency in designing and implementing IaaS, PaaS, and hybrid cloud architectures.

•Successful migration of on-premises workloads and databases to Azure.

•Architecting scalable and highly available solutions using Virtual Machines, VM Scale Sets, App Services, Azure Functions, and Kubernetes.

•Proficiency with Terraform, ARM templates, BICEP, PowerShell, and Azure CLI for robust Infrastructure as Code and automation.

•Designing and implementing secure, elastic storage solutions with Azure Blob Storage, Azure Queue Storage, Azure Files, Azure Disks, Azure Backup, and Azure Site Recovery.

•Building secure and efficient network architectures using Virtual Networks, Load Balancers, Application Gateway, VPN Gateways, Azure DNS, Traffic Manager, and ExpressRoute.

•Security expertise includes Azure Security Center, Key Vault, Azure AD & AD Connect, MFA, and policy-driven monitoring.

•Architecting and managing Azure SQL Database, Azure MySQL, SQL Data Warehouse, Cosmos DB, Azure Databricks, and Data Factory for efficient data storage and processing.

•Implementing CI/CD pipelines in Azure DevOps and Jenkins, promoting DevOps practices with GitOps and various DevOps tools.

•Experience with Docker and Kubernetes for containerization, enhancing deployment efficiency and scalability.

•Extensive experience migrating on-premises applications to Azure using Azure Migrate services, ASR, and Azure backups.

•Proficient in using Operation Management Suite (OMS) Log Analytics for advanced monitoring and analytics.

•Hands-on experience in disaster recovery and business continuity planning and implementation.

•Proven ability to identify and respond to security threats with real-time insights and remediation expertise.

•Experience with Project and team management.

Devops, Security & Monitoring Engineering:


•AWS Detective

•Amazon GuardDuty

•Azure DevOps, Jenkins, Gitlab CI/CD

•Azure Monitoring & Administration

•Intrusion Detection

•Threat & Vulnerability Management

•Cybersecurity Incident Response

•Vulnerability Scanning

•Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)


IaaS: Virtual Machines, Virtual Machine Scale Sets, Azure Bastion Host, Jump Server, Virtual Network Peering, Virtual Private Network, Express Route, Availability Sets, Availability Zones, Virtual Networks, Regions, Traffic Manager, Application Security, Front Door, Load Balancer, Network Security Group, Application Security Groups, Service Bus, Service and Private Endpoints.

PaaS: Azure App Service, Azure Functions, Web Jobs, Azure Batch, Azure Logic Apps, Azure Container Services, Azure Kubernetes Services.

Storage: Azure Storage Account, Blob, Containers, Queue, Table. Access Keys, Shared Access Signatures.

Database: Azure SQL Managed Instance, Azure SQL, Cosmos DB.

Data Warehouse: Azure Synapse (SQL Datawarehouse).

Identity: Azure Active Directory, Managed Identity, Service Principal, AD B2C, OAuth.

Scripting & Programming Languages: Python, PowerShell, Bash/Shell, JavaScript, Perl, ASP .Net, VBScript, Ruby, C, PHP, Java/J2EE.

Infrastructure as Code (IAC): ARM Template, BICEP, Terraform.

DevOps: GitHub, Jenkins, Azure DevOps, YAML, CICD Pipelines, Blue Green Deployment, Canary Deployment.

SDLC: Agile Methodology, Waterfall.

Application/Web Servers: Apache Tomcat, NGINX, IIS, JBoss 4.1, WebSphere, Web Logic 9.x/10.x, Gerrit.

CI/CD Tools: Jenkins, Bamboo, Azure Pipelines, Gitlab Pipelines.

Source Code Management: GIT, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure Repos.

Containerization Tools: Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, OpenShift.

Security & Monitoring: Azure Key Vault, Disk Encryption, Azure App Insights, Azure Monitor, Azure Log Analytics, Azure Sentinel.

Operating Systems: UNIX, Linux, Windows, Solaris.

Virtualization Platform: Oracle VirtualBox, VMware Workstation, Vagrant, VMware, vSphere ESXi 5.x/4.x, ESX/3.x, HyperV.

Bug Tracking Tools: JIRA, Bugzilla, Remedy, HP Quality Centre, IBM Clear Quest, Mingle, VersionOne.

Logging & Monitoring Tools: Nagios, Splunk, ELK, Data Dog, Dynatrace, Prometheus, Grafana, New Relic, Azure Service Health, Azure Network Monitor.

Developer Tools: Visual Studio Code.


NIOYATECH LLC, MCLEAN, VA June 2023 – Current

Cloud DevOps Architect

•Optimize CI/CD pipelines by updating and replacing legacy procedures, resulting in over 40% improvement in software deployment speed and reliability.

•Participated in security team activities, deploying Kubernetes clusters, and performing SAST and DAST scans.

•Use Prometheus and Grafana for cost-efficiency monitoring, achieving a 35% reduction in cloud costs for fiscal year 2023.

•Implementing security best practices in AWS environment design and configuration, incorporating principles of least privilege and defense-in-depth to protect against security threats.

•Monitor and report SIEM, IDS, and XDR alerts to maintain system reliability and enhance threat detection and protection.

•Architect robust Azure solutions across SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS paradigms, covering application and database migrations, capacity planning, and hybrid cloud integration.

•Conducting regular security assessments and vulnerability scans using tools like AWS Inspector and Nessus, identifying and remediating security vulnerabilities in infrastructure and applications.

•Implementing logging and monitoring solutions using AWS CloudTrail and Amazon GuardDuty, monitoring for security events and suspicious activities to detect and respond to security threats in real-time.

•Design and implement secure microservices architectures with Azure Cosmos DB, API Management, Functions, and App Service for scalability and reliability.

•Optimize traffic management, security, and observability within Kubernetes clusters using ISTIO service mesh.

•Establish observability with Prometheus and Grafana for in-depth service behavior insights.

•Build high-availability solutions using Azure Classic and Resource Manager deployment models.

•Execute seamless .NET Core microservices deployments and rolling upgrades within Azure App Service.

•Implementing security automation using AWS Lambda functions and CloudWatch Events, automating response to security incidents, and enforcing compliance as per Devsecops.

•Integrate Azure Active Directory for robust identity and access management, including custom policies and multi-factor authentication for SaaS applications.

•Fortify communication channels with service and private endpoints between Azure services and virtual networks.

•Orchestrate Docker containers using Kubernetes and automate processes with Ansible playbooks.

•Set up monitoring and alerting for Azure resources with Datadog for proactive troubleshooting.

•Monitor application performance with Azure Application Insights and troubleshoot issues effectively.

•Implementing encryption mechanisms for data at rest and in transit using AWS KMS (Key Management Service) and SSL/TLS, ensuring data confidentiality and integrity.

•Create comprehensive documentation for Azure solutions to facilitate knowledge sharing and future reference.

•Collaborate effectively with developers, architects, and stakeholders to ensure smooth communication and knowledge transfer.

•Implement Azure Site Recovery and Backup for dependable disaster recovery and data protection.

•Establish and manage Kubernetes clusters across cloud and on-premises environments, ensuring high availability and performance through meticulous configuration.

•Leverage Azure Kubernetes Service, Application Insights, and Log Analytics for comprehensive monitoring and performance analysis.


Cloud Data & Devops Architect

•Collaborated with stakeholders to identify data requirements and develop scalable, high-performance Azure solutions.

•Crafted comprehensive data architectures using Azure Data Factory, Databricks, Synapse Analytics, and SQL Database to meet diverse business needs.

•Established robust data governance policies to ensure data quality, effective metadata management, and regulatory compliance.

•Directed data migration and transformation projects, ensuring seamless transitions and data integrity.

•Created optimized data models and schema designs for data warehousing, enhancing analytics and reporting capabilities.

•Implemented advanced data security measures, including encryption, IAM, and auditing, to ensure regulatory compliance and protect sensitive data.

•Automated data workflows and deployment processes to drive efficiency and continuous improvement in data operations.

•Monitored data solutions for performance and reliability, conducting proactive issue resolution and performance tuning.

•Developed robust ETL processes and pipelines for seamless data integration and transformation.

•Collaborated with analysts to convert raw data into meaningful insights and improved observability using Istio.

•Assisted in implementing data security and compliance measures to safeguard sensitive data and meet regulatory standards.

•Designed and built resilient Azure solutions for on-premises applications and databases, ensuring robust and scalable infrastructure.

•Documented data processes and system architecture in collaboration with the data engineering team.

•Utilized Azure DevOps/VSTS for version control, build orchestration, and release management.

•Provisioned servers and resources using Terraform and BICEP through CI/CD pipelines.

•Developed capacity and architecture blueprints to optimize environment performance and resource utilization.

•Automated resource provisioning and configuration using Python scripting and Azure SDKs.

•Deployed resources using ARM Templates and Jenkins Workflow for multi-tier applications.

•Built Java web applications with Maven and managed artifacts with Nexus repository.

•Leveraged monitoring tools like Datadog, Visual Studio, AKS, Application Insights, and Log Analytics for performance analysis.

•Orchestrated Docker containers through Kubernetes, enabling scalable deployment and management.

•Implemented Azure B2C with OAuth for custom user journeys and multi-factor authentication.

•Utilized Azure RBAC for team-based access management and integrated Terraform with Log Analytics for monitoring.

•Optimized .Net, Java, and Python applications using Azure DevOps CI/CD pipelines.

•Created monitoring and alerting systems using the ELK Stack for log analysis.

•Executed Azure DevOps Pipelines for cross-subscription resource management and continuous integration.

•Configured HTTP Triggers within Azure Functions and integrated Application Insights for real-time monitoring and analytics.

•Enhanced cloud-based process automation using Azure Automate.

•Employed GIT hooks for code commits and pushes, ensuring seamless integration with GitHub.

•Integrated Azure-native security tools and SonarQube within CI/CD pipelines for automated code quality control.

•Established secure connectivity with BGP routes for ExpressRoute connections.

•Managed code within a private repository, maintaining strict version control.

•Automated server configuration and management using Ansible with YAML scripting.

eBay, San Jose, CA May 2019 – Mar 2021

Cloud Data & Devops Engineering Lead

•Designed and engineered robust Azure data pipelines utilizing Data Factory, Databricks, and SQL Data Warehouse, ensuring alignment with business objectives and stringent data security standards.

•Enhanced query and data processing performance through meticulous performance tuning and optimization techniques.

•Created and upheld comprehensive documentation detailing data processes, lineage, and architecture, fostering transparency and facilitating knowledge sharing.

•Automated data workflows to streamline operations, reduce manual effort, and bolster operational efficiency.

•Deployed Azure services seamlessly using ARM templates, ensuring seamless integration with existing infrastructure and minimal disruptions.

•Implemented a diverse range of Azure services, including Active Directory, storage solutions, cloud services, IIS, ARM, Blob Storage, VMs, SQL Database, Functions, App Service, and Service Bus, showcasing profound knowledge of the Azure ecosystem.

•Simplified tasks & workflows through the implementation of automation tools such as Terraform and Ansible, driving efficiency & diminishing manual overhead.

•Designed & automated IaaS and PaaS capabilities, provisioning virtual machines, container services, virtual networks, and cloud services to ensure scalability and reliability.

•Established robust CI/CD pipelines using Azure DevOps and PowerShell scripting, enabling continuous delivery and accelerating time to market.

•Effectively managed on-premises resource migration to Azure using Azure Site Recovery and backup solutions, ensuring seamless transitions to the cloud.

•Leveraged Azure DevOps services (Repos, Boards, Test Plans) proficiently for code development, collaboration, and streamlined application deployment.

•Demonstrated expertise in VMware ESX installation and virtual machine creation, ensuring efficient virtualization solutions.

•Proficient in troubleshooting load balancing issues and managing system backups to maintain system integrity and reliability.

•Strong command of source control tools (Git, Bitbucket) and build/deployment tools (Maven, Jenkins) to support agile development practices.

•Developed and maintained various Azure DevOps tools, including deployment utilities, staged virtual environments, and provisioning scripts, fostering a comprehensive DevOps toolchain.

•Utilized Azure Monitoring tools (Log Analytics, Network Watcher, Service Health) to diagnose issues and minimize service degradation, ensuring proactive problem resolution.

•Implemented monitoring solutions (Azure Monitoring, Dynatrace) with customized alerts to preempt disruptions and uphold service uptime.

CITIGROUP, NEW YORK CITY, NY Jun 2017 – Apr 2019

Cloud Devops Engineer & Architect

•Implemented a diverse array of Azure services, such as Active Directory, storage solutions, cloud services, virtual machines, SQL Database, Functions, App Service, and Service Bus, showcasing extensive Azure proficiency.

•Automated operational tasks using Terraform, Ansible, and PowerShell scripts, driving efficiency and reducing manual workload.

•Established CI/CD pipelines in Azure DevOps to expedite development and deployment cycles, ensuring swift delivery of software updates.

•Designed and automated IaaS and PaaS solutions, leveraging virtual machines, container services, virtual networks, and cloud services to optimize scalability and reliability.

•Seamlessly deployed Azure services utilizing ARM templates, ensuring seamless integration with existing infrastructure.

•Managed routine system tasks, including backups, job scheduling, and server logging, for maintenance, optimization, and testing purposes.

•Leveraged Azure Resource Manager (ARM) for efficient deployment, updates, and removal of resources, streamlining resource management processes.

•Successfully orchestrated the migration of on-premises resources to Azure using Azure Site Recovery and Backups, ensuring a smooth transition to the cloud environment.

•Established robust CI pipelines within Azure DevOps, guaranteeing secure and efficient code deployment practices.

•Proactively monitored Azure environments using Log Analytics, Network Watcher, Service Health, and Dynatrace, diagnosing issues, minimizing service degradation, and preempting disruptions.

•Utilized Azure DevOps services (Repos, Boards, Test Plans) for code development, collaboration, and deployment, fostering a cohesive and collaborative development ecosystem.

•Developed and maintained various Azure DevOps tools, including deployment utilities, staged virtual environments, and provisioning scripts, enhancing development efficiency.

•Created machine images with Terraform and Packer, leveraging Ansible for software dependency installation, ensuring streamlined infrastructure provisioning and management.


AWS – Cloud & DevOps Engineer

•Developed secure and scalable AWS applications, focusing on load balancing and database solutions, as well as containerized environments.

•Spearheaded the successful migration of legacy applications to AWS, significantly enhancing performance and efficiency.

•Provide AWS cloud support services, including managing AWS IAM, DynamoDB, GuardDuty, WAF, and troubleshooting various issues.

•Manage AWS VPC networking and infrastructure using CloudFormation.

•Automated deployment processes and managed infrastructure components such as EC2, ECS, and VPC using DevOps methodologies, ensuring streamlined operations.

•Orchestrated the migration of data and integration of applications with various AWS services like Lambda, SQS, and others, facilitating seamless operation in the cloud environment.

•Oversaw and optimized AWS applications and resources, including S3, RDS, EC2, CloudFormation, and Terraform, to ensure optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.

•Implemented Agile/Scrum methodologies and CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins, fostering a culture of continuous integration and improvement, with Jira migration for enhanced project management.

•Led DevOps initiatives leveraging Docker, Kubernetes, and security best practices such as AWS Inspector and Security Groups to fortify infrastructure and applications.

•Upgraded and integrated Jira with Atlassian applications, enhancing CI efficiency through the development of scripts in Python and Bash.

•Demonstrated expertise in containerization technologies like Docker and Kubernetes, Git version control, and proficient troubleshooting skills within the AWS environment.


Sr. Data Analyst

•Analyzed large datasets to derive actionable insights, providing strategic guidance for business decisions.

•Developed and maintained data models and algorithms to support data-driven solutions.

•Collaborated with cross-functional teams to identify trends, patterns, and opportunities for process optimization.

•Created visualizations and reports to communicate findings effectively to stakeholders.

•Ensured data accuracy, integrity, and security while adhering to regulatory requirements.


Full Stack Developer

•Developed robust, scalable web applications and APIs using modern technologies and frameworks.

•Led the end-to-end development lifecycle from design to deployment, ensuring high-quality code and performance.

•Collaborated closely with cross-functional teams to translate business requirements into technical solutions.

•Implemented best practices for code review, testing, and documentation to maintain code integrity and readability.

•Contributed to architectural decisions and provided mentorship to junior developers, fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation.


Web Developer

•Developed and maintained responsive, user-friendly web applications and interfaces for internal and external stakeholders.

•Collaborated with design teams to implement UI/UX designs and ensure seamless user experiences.

•Conducted thorough testing and debugging to ensure high performance and reliability across various browsers and devices.

•Implemented security best practices to protect against vulnerabilities and ensure data integrity.

•Participated in Agile development processes, including sprint planning, stand-ups, and retrospectives, to deliver timely and quality solutions


Bachelor of Science - BSc, Biotechnology and Minor in Information Technology

George Mason University


•AWS Certified Security (Feb 2024)

•CKA: Certified Kubernetes Administrator (Nov 2023)

•AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Aug 2023)

•CompTIA Security+ (July 2023)

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