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Mechanical Engineering Business Intelligence

Ashburn, VA
June 13, 2024

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***** ******* *** *******, ***. 203, Ashburn, VA 20147



Juris Doctor, Law, May 1997, David A. Clarke School of Law, Washington, DC

Master of Science, Elec. Engr., May 1992, Catholic University of America, Washington, DC

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, June 1984, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA


Kevin Saunders is a Senior Paralegal with over 25 years of legal experience in investigations, litigation, and administrative proceedings. Kevin is proficient in several legal and business researching tools, such as NRSI (Name Relationship Search Index), The Hub, OSCAR (Office of the Secretary Content Automation Resource), EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval), (2021): Designing your slides in PowerPoint 365; PowerPoint Microsoft 365: Preparing & Delivering Slideshows in PowerPoint Microsoft 365; PowerPoint Microsoft 365: Inserting & Manipulating Text in PowerPoint Microsoft 365; Excel Microsoft 365 (Windows): Managing Data in Excel Microsoft 365 for Windows; Excel Microsoft 365 (2021): Collaborating effectively in Excel 365; Clear® online investigative software, DELPHI invoicing System™, Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer Plus™, Court Locator, Microsoft SharePoint 2010™, Dun & Bradstreet, Inc. (D&B™), Hub, OMEGA, Summation and Concordance, Automated Document Image Indexing System (ADIIS), Yucca Mountain Privacy Act Classifier (PAC), Licensing Support Network (LSN), Homeland Security Classification of Documentary Material, ADIIS Privacy Review, Privacy Redaction, and Privacy Act Classifier (PAC). In December of 2019, Kevin received a letter of acclamation from Senior Counsel of the Disclosure Review and Account Office for his superior work and professionalism.


Cleared Sr. Paralegal – Disclosure Review & Accounting Office Division of Investment Management (Contractor)

(08/2018 – 05/2024) U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission; Washington, D.C.

Independently performed legal research on a substantial variety and complexity of regulatory subject matter related to investment companies, variable insurance products and federally registered investment advisers;

Selected, assembled, summarized, and compiled substantive information in accordance with statutory, regulatory, departmental or other applicable securities authority.

Received, analyzed, and researched pertinent legal issues related to investment company disclosure filings, and prepared documents as directed for appropriate public disclosure;

Researched databases of open-investigations and past court judgments against individuals and businesses entities to discover evidence of suspicious activities, unusual patterns, trends, and fraud;

Analyzed discovery evidence regarding: (1) related parties in open-investigations; (2) related parties from past litigation concerning violations in federal securities laws, and (3) related parties involved in other matters related to the Commission's regulatory and law enforcement functions to objectionable actions;

Independently reviewed, processed, and prepared documents covering diverse and complex legal issues or problems regarding public investment companies;

Prepare legal memoranda that analyzes questions presented, administrative action decisions, and administrative process procedures regarding securities investment matters in publicly traded securities investment companies;

Followed established guidelines, gathered, prepared, and summarized relevant materials for use by attorneys or other office professionals;

Independently drafted the 2021 Enforcement Databases Search Policy for Investment Management (IM) Paralegals.

Independently trained IM Paralegals on official IM HUB search procedures for performing background investigations of Registrants of investment company disclosure filings;

Investigated, analyzed and responded to over 2000 filings for registration in accordance with federal securities laws and procedure.

Paralegal Specialist – Division of Enforcement Investigations Unit (Contractor)

(06/2017 – 08/2018) U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission; Washington, D.C.

Conducted preliminary inquiries into potential violations of the federal securities laws based on tips, complaints, referrals, or any suspicious conduct or activities;

Developed testimonies of Defendants in SEC investigations by assembling exhibits and depositions;

Drafted subpoenas that named defendants under investigation by the SEC;

Compiled spreadsheets of financial data from Agency records of official SEC investigations;

Reviewed electronic files of financial records using the Recommind Axcelerate legal eDiscovery software application.

Paralegal Specialist – Office of Collections Trial Unit (Contractor)

(10/2016 – 05/2017) U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission; Washington, D.C.

Conducted investigations of various entities, such as broker-dealers, publicly traded companies, mutual funds and investment advisers, to disclose information necessary to inform the public and to enable the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to perform oversight of U.S. financial markets;

Drafted SEC subpoenas to be used in producing documentation and witness testimony for civil litigation or administrative proceedings in cases involving securities violations;

Effectively managed and controlled collection of information in active cases;

Conducted research and analysis to assess whether to pursue Defendant-Debtor’s assets through civil litigation or referral to the Treasury Department for collection;

Where appropriate, procured liens against real property owned by a Defendant-Debtor in the county of applicable jurisdiction;

Assessed eligibility for referral of an outstanding SEC debt to the Treasury Collection Program;

Facilitated timely submission of all associated information contained in collection documents to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for review and approval; and

Used MicroSoft Excel to track the active SEC collection cases and their statuses managed by the Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel.

Contract Specialist

(09/2016 – Present) The Advisory Board Company – Legal; Washington, DC

Proofread and edited service contracts to create new contract templates for use in the development and implementation of a new contract management process.

Proofread and edited commercial contracts to incorporate new terms and conditions, and to meet formatting requirements for a new SAP implementation.

Proofread and edited contracts to ensure conformance to accepted legal and corporate practices for ensuring clarity and enforceability of contracts.

Contract Specialist

(01/2016 – 03/2016) AOL, Inc. – Deal Management Team; Sterling, VA

Examined incoming advertising contracts to ensure compliance with AOL Advertising policies and procedures;

Examined and processed over 225 (two-hundred and twenty-five) Insertion Orders (IOs) using AOL systems to launch campaigns;

Collaborated with Internal Clients (e.g., account management, salesforce and deal management) throughout insertion order review process;

Accessed a Salesforce Activity Grid to organize, manage, and process IOs ready for legal review and approval;

Accessed a Media Planning System (MPS) to review and approve inventory for AOL advertising campaigns;

Sent MPS back to the Account Manager to be updated if information in the MPS was inconsistent with the contract; and

Collaborated with AOL Legal to remain consistent and up-to-date on AOL policies.

Contract Consultant / Corporate Paralegal

(06/2012 –05/2014) Verizon Business Network Services, Inc. – Legal Department; Ashburn, VA

Proofread, edited and developed service contracts and master service agreements, using Microsoft Word™ and Microsoft SharePoint 2010™, according to the Corporate Style Guide for Verizon Business in formatting global contract templates;

Collaborated with a team of attorneys, contract managers, and sales representatives for development of a new integrated system for transacting business with global customers from cradle to grave without needing any data to be manually transferred from the legacy system to the new one;

Proficient in using Microsoft Word and Microsoft SharePoint 2010™ routinely for collaborative development of contracts, and for records management in Verizon business;

Analyzed terms and conditions of new or modified contract templates against legacy terms and conditions to identify differences by using redlining and matrices;

Examined over 1000 (one thousand) boxes of contract documents retained in the Verizon Federal Contract Document Library for compliance to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), 48 CFR 4.7 Contractor Records Retention (governing mandatory retention of business records used in federal government contracts) and Verizon’s Corporate Policy Statement, CPS-130, for Records Management;

Examined contract documents to determine whether archiving or destruction was required in the case of inactive files;

Contract documents types comprised of: contracts, purchase orders, task orders, billing, payment, modifications, proposals, solicitations and miscellaneous contract paperwork; and

Compiled monthly executive reports and turn time reports to summarize new contracts and applicable turnaround times, respectively

Security Consultant

(07/2008 – 06/2012 Andrews International; Centerville, VA

Monitor and control access into secure facilities based on security classification procedures.

Examine identity credentials of visitors to establish appropriate clearance level for access into secure facilities

Monitor and report safety violations in around secure facilities.

Casual Mail Processor

(11/2007 – 12/2008) United States Postal Service L&DC; Sterling, VA

Process incoming and outgoing mail at a USPS mail processing plant.

Delivers and collects mail, providing customer service in a prescribed area.

City Carrier

(08/2007 – 11/2007) United States Postal Service; North Springfield, VA

Delivered and collected mail for providing customer service at prescribed locations.

Freelance Immigration Paralegal

(08/2007 – 08/2008) VAIS, Inc.; Sterling, VA

Founded a non-profit organization to help low-income immigrants to obtain citizenship;

Assisted clients with applications and petitions to determine immigration benefits available under the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS);

Answered questions from clients regarding the U.S. citizenship process; and

Educated clients about available social services.

Legal Analyst / Paralegal (Public Trust – security clearance)

(06/2003 – 02/2006) CACI International, Inc.; Arlington, VA

Performed electronic document review and legal research to prepare for litigation, pertaining to violations of privacy and other legal classes of information protected under 10 CFR 2.1003 for the NRC licensing Process--Disposal of High-Level Waste (HLW) in a geographical repository;

Researched and analyzed government documents for relevance under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), as part of the Yucca Mountain litigation process in the case of the state of Nevada versus the Nuclear Regulatory Commission;

Performed initial legal research and analysis to assist attorneys in identifying relevant facts and controlling law applicable to current casework;

Identified information protected by the Privacy Act of 1974 in government records to prepare for litigation proceedings pertaining to protection of personally identifiable information (PII) in federal government records;

Researched government records to ensure compliance with corporate and public policy in preparation for upcoming litigation proceedings pertaining to gathering, preparation, and summarization of relevant materials;

Drafted a Summation of relevant case law to assist attorneys to better understand cases;

Past Assignments: (1) ADIIS Spent Fuel review; (2) HSC Manual Review in Workflow; (3) Yucca Mountain PAC (Privacy Act Classifier) Review and (4) Screening and processing of Licensing Support Network (LSN) documentary Material; and

Patent Examiner, Electrical Engineering, GS-1224-07 (Public Trust – security clearance)

(11/2001 – 09/2002) U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO), Art Unit 3629; Crystal City, VA

Successfully prosecuted thirty (30) U.S. patent cases involving data processing technologies (Class 705) through the administrative proceedings of the PTO;

Lead actions by the PTO in discovery proceedings, legal research and analysis to fully prosecute Applicant claims of patent entitlement based on U.S. patent law and procedure;

Worked with applicants during discovery to gather all relevant information and documentation needed for making a sound determination regarding Applicant’s entitlement to a patent for his / her invention;

Drafted Agency letters presenting legal analysis and findings of fact regarding Applicant’s disclosure of invention;

Prepared patent case files for submission and final review by the Agency regarding entitlement to a patent; and

Monitored the case status of pending U.S. patent applications and petitions to ensure timely action by the Agency in all pending patent cases brought to the Agency for a determination of patent entitlement.

Patent Paralegal

(11/2000-12/2000) McIntyre Harbin & King, LLP, Washington, DC

Lead clients through the discovery process to fully disclose their invention in accordance with U.S. patent law and procedure;

Performed legal research and analysis of client inventions to help them to make sound judgements regarding their decision to continue pursuing a patent in light of any legal challenges based on pre-existing technology and patent claims;

Drafted proposed patent claims identifying a sphere of subject matter on which to reasonably base a claim of entitlement to patent licensing under prevailing U.S. patent law.

Patent Paralegal / Patent Application Writer

(03/1998 – 11/2000) Litman Law Offices, LTD; Arlington, VA

Lead clients through the administrative discovery process to fully disclose their invention in accordance with U.S. patent law and procedure;

Successfully drafted over 85 (eighty-five) claims defining areas of arguable novelty or un-obviousness where the Applicant was legally entitled to a patent in accordance with prevailing U.S. patent law and procedure;

Drafted Applicant claims and disclosures presenting determinative evidence and legal analysis to support a determination of entitlement to a patent in accordance with prevailing U.S. patent laws and procedure;

Worked with clients to gather information and documentation needed to fully comply with applicable U.S. patent law and procedure; and

Prepared forms for submitting U.S. patent applications.

Freelance Patent Paralegal

(07/1997 – 02/1998) Self-Employed; Sterling, VA

Conducted legal research for use in discovery proceedings before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to make determinations of patentability, validity, and infringement in patent cases regarding electrical, computer, and mechanical arts for patent agents and patent attorneys.

Trademark Legal Intern

01/1996 – 08/1996 U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, The Trademark Examining Group; Crystal City, VA

Performed over 400 (four hundred) man-hours of legal research of pre-existing trade usage of words, phrases, symbols, and designs to assist U.S. trademark attorneys in the examination of Applicant claims of trademark entitlement in light of prevailing U.S. trademark laws;

Wrote a legal research paper that examined the breadth of known domain name usage over the internet and how the prevailing U.S. trademark law would apply in those situations in terms of its ability to satisfy U.S. trademark law as registered trademarks; and

Awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for extraordinary work as a Trademark Intern.

Patent Examiner, Electrical Engineering, GS-1224-09 (Public Trust – security clearance)

(06/1994 – 01/1996) U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO), Art Unit 2108 and 2609; Crystal City, VA

Lead efforts in the prosecution of one hundred (100) U.S. patent cases presented before the PTO, the cases pertaining to apparatuses designed to perform incremental of symbolic information (Class 347 and 346);

Lead actions by the PTO in discovery proceedings, legal research and analysis to fully satisfy the requirements of U.S. patent law and procedure in cases before the PTO;

Completed fiscal year 1994 at 100% of production expectancy for the applicable technologies involved;

Worked with applicants during the entire discovery process to gather necessary information and documentation needed for making legally sound decisions concerning Applicant’s entitlement to a patent for his / her invention;

Drafted agency letters presenting legal analysis and findings of fact concerning Applicant’s disclosure of his invention;

Prepared patent case files for submission and final review by the Agency regarding the question of Applicant’s entitlement to a patent;

Monitored the case status of pending U.S. applications and petitions to ensure timely action by the Agency in all pending patent cases brought to the PTO for adjudication on the issue of entitlement to a patent; and

Awarded the United States Patent and Trademark Office Certificate of Training on August 30 1985 for completing the Patent Academy.

Technical Writer

(5/1991 - 8/1993) U.S. Department of Transportation, Washington, DC

Conducted legal and technological research to assess the impact of proposed federal pipeline safety regulations on the public.

Represented the Office of Pipeline Safety at meetings of the Technology and Standards Committee, responding to phone and written inquiries from government representatives (i.e., Congress, Governors, County and municipal officials).

Project Engineer

(10/1987 – 02/1991) Westinghouse Electric Corporation; Hunt Valley, MD

Led design and construction teams in the construction of new corporate facilities.

Research Engineer

(06/1985 – 10/1987) U.S. Department of the Navy, Naval Surface Warfare Center; Annapolis, MD

Performed: (1) testing of naval ventilation fans, (2) spectral analysis of fan noise measurements, and (3) design of machinery silencing devices.

Conducted research and development of seawater pumps, analyzing their thermodynamic and fluid dynamic performances under simulated conditions of naval vessels.

Co-authored classified and published reports, which analyzed the effects of various ventilation duct configurations on environmental fan noise.

HVAC Design Engineer

07/1984 – 06/1984 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Middle East Division; Winchester, VA

Designed HVAC systems for residential and military facilities in Saudi Arabia.

Assistant Mechanical Inspector (Co-op Trainee)

03/1983 – 06/1983 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Middle East Division, Riyadh, Saudi Arab

Inspected the construction and installation various mechanical systems in newly constructed residential facilities for the Royal Saudi Ministry of Defense and Aviation (a.k.a., MODA).


Volunteer Moderator

McLean Bible Church


Moderated workshop presentations and discussions at the Accessibility Summit. The Accessibility Summit is a conference on important issues regarding families of special needs members. Attendees receive a wealth of information on a broad range of topics, including spiritual, financial, legal and therapeutic options available.

Immigration Specialist

Immigration and Bilingual Services

(3/2007 - 8/2008)

Advised clients in proper completion of the U.S. Applications for Naturalization and Registration of Permanent Residence or Adjust Status.

Immigration Paralegal

Capital Area Immigrants’ Rights (CAIR) Coalition

(10/2007 – 7/2008)

Recorded intakes on Detainees for advocacy of fair and humane policies, and for advising Detainees on new developments in their case.

Immigration Paralegal

Legal Services Department of Catholic Charities

(7/2007- 7/2008)

Assisted in the completion of U.S. Applications for Naturalization and Registration of permanent residence or adjust status

Civil Rights Advocate

Virginia `Coalition of Latino Organizations

(1/2008 – 1/2008)

Lobbied the Virginia General Assembly for immigration reform.

Short-term Missions in Lima, Peru

McLean Bible Church


Served several impoverished and underserved Peruvian communities by providing spiritual and humanitarian aid. The trip was sponsored by the Global Impact and Rock Student Ministries of McLean Bible Church. The trip culminated in a public performance for the Callao Festival-an annual Peruvian festival celebrating Peru's National Independence Day.

Short-Term Mission to Cayambe, Ecuador

McLean Bible Church


Served as a missionary team member on a short-term missionary trip to Cayambe, Ecuador. The trip was sponsored by the Global Impact Ministry of McLean Bible Church to serve the spiritual and humanitarian needs of the Cayambe community, an impoverished and underserved population of people located outside of Quito, Ecuador. Cayambe is an agricultural service town (population 30,473 at the last census on November 25, 2001) in highland Ecuador. It lies at the foot of the Cayambe volcano. While the town is mainly peopled by mestizos, the surrounding rural population is primarily composed of indigenous people who are mainly involved in subsistence agriculture, dairy farming and procurement of lumber.

Short-Term Mission to the Dominican Republic

Food for the Hungry, Inc.


Served with a team of missionaries from Cherrydale Baptist Church who partnered with Food for the Hungry to meet the physical and spiritual needs of impoverished families living on the outskirts of Santo Domingo. The vision of Food for the Hungry is “to walk with churches, leaders and families in overcoming all forms of human poverty by living in healthy relationship with God and His creation" (A quote by the prophet Isaiah in Luke 4:18, “He has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed”).

*** References available upon request ***

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