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Stack Developer Computer Science

Los Angeles, CA
May 25, 2024

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With a passion for creativity and a knack for finding humor in the everyday, I bring a refreshing and engaging perspective to every project. Eager to turn challenges into opportunities, I aim to make every workday a little brighter and a lot more interesting.


Brigham Young University

Computer Science, Robotics, Statistics • Provo, UT Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Robotics, and Statistics Relevant coursework: Algorithms, Data Structures, Robotics Systems, Statistical Methods, Software Engineering Projects: Developed a full-stack web application using Java, Spring Boot, and MySQL


Rest, Sql, Communication Skills, Git, Oracle, Python, Java, React, React Native, MongoDB, JavaScript, R, Go, Block Chain Experience

BMW Group

Aem Developer • Munich, Munich

Full Stack developer (2019 - 2023)

In this company, I was the wizard behind the curtain, crafting web applications with Ruby on Rails and Next.js that didn’t just work but delighted. I added blockchain features with Solidity and Ethereum to make our transactions safer than a bank vault. Built microservices with Go, making our architecture as scalable as your hopes for a winning lottery ticket. Rust? Used it to turbocharge performance, because who likes waiting? My data kung fu with R provided actionable insights that kept us ahead of the game.

And also I was the tech Swiss Army knife, developing web apps with Ruby on Rails and Next.js that were as reliable as your favorite pair of jeans. Blockchain integration? Absolutely, making data security and transparency our middle names with Ethereum and Hyperledger. APIs built with Go? Check. Rust for high-speed data processing? Double-check. And with R, I turned data into crystal-clear visuals and predictions, making complex decisions easier than pie. Alpine Adventures Ltd

Full Stack Developer Intern • Geneva, Geneva

Frontend Developer (06/2016 - 01/2017) Designed responsive web applications using Angular and TypeScript, implemented client-side caching mechanisms, maintained GitHub repositories, and optimized user engagement metrics.

Harry Bennett

Riverdale, New York


Backend Developer (02/2017 - 06/2017) Designed and implemented RESTful APIs using Python and Django, optimized database queries for performance, conducted thorough testing, and contributed to project documentation for seamless knowledge transfer at DataCrafters LLC. Mobile App Developer (07/2017 - 01/2018) Developed native iOS and Android applications, implemented push notification systems, participated in design discussions, and contributed to increased app downloads and user engagement metrics.

Junior Software Engineer(02/2018-07/2018) Contributed to the development of web applications using PHP and MySQL, conducted unit testing and debugging, actively participated in team meetings. Software Development Engineer


Developed robust backend services using Java Spring Boot, integrated payment gateways, ensured high availability, collaborated on cross-functional teams. Software Engineer Intern (01/2019 - 05/2019)

Assisted in the development of web applications using React.js and Node.js, conducted code reviews, collaborated with senior engineers at TechGenius Inc.

Projects T-Mobile Home Assistant

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