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Mental Health Human Resources

Orlando, FL
May 26, 2024

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Mental Health Director / Angels for Kids on Call 24/7 Inc/ Orlando Florida/ February 2019 to October 2023

-Develop and implement a comprehensive mental health program that aligns with the organization's mission and goals.

-Supervise and provide guidance to clinical staff, ensuring the delivery of effective and evidence-based mental health services.

-Monitor and evaluate program outcomes, utilizing data-driven approaches to assess program effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.

-Implement quality assurance measures to ensure adherence to professional standards and regulatory requirements.

-Stay updated with current trends, research, and best practices in the field of mental health, incorporating this -knowledge into program development and service delivery.

-Provide leadership and support to program staff, fostering a positive and collaborative work environment.

-Prepare reports and presentations for organizational leadership and external stakeholders, effectively communicating program outcomes, challenges, and recommendations.

Human Resources / Angels for Kids on Call 24/7 Inc/ Orlando Florida / February 2020 to October 2023

-Manage the staffing process, including recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding.

-Ensure job descriptions are up to date and compliant with all local, state, and federal regulations.

-Develop training materials and performance management programs to help ensure

employees understand their job responsibilities.

-Ensure the organization’s compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

-Ensure all company HR policies are applied consistently.

-Maintain company organization charts and employee directory.

-Partner with management to ensure strategic HR goals are aligned with business initiatives.

-Maintain HR systems and processes.


Director of the Mental Health Department in a Community Mental Health Clinic in Orlando FL. with over 9 years of experience providing administrative support to over 50 staff members (Therapists) and interfacing with facility management and Human Resources and other administration duties, and Medicaid consultant and Notary Public as well.

I possess strong multi-tasking skills, with the ability to simultaneously manage several projects and schedules. Excellent public-facing point person for clients, customers, vendors and equipment and service providers. Tech savvy and efficiency focused.

During the last 8 years I performed all the following duties in person at facilities and 2 years during the COVID 19 Pandemic remote from home.


1023 Dowd Ave Orlando Fl 32804


Credentialing and Compliance Officer / Angels for Kids on Call 24/7 Inc/ Orlando Florida /February 2020 to October 2023

-Process provider enrollment applications for providers/groups and delegated payers.

-Proactively follow up with insurance payers to track application or enrollment progress and respond to payer requests and inquiries in a timely manner.

-Communicates the status and updates applicable databases of newly enrolled providers to teams throughout the payer credentialing process.

-Gather, review, and evaluate highly confidential and sensitive health care provider credentials consistent with departmental policies, health plan policies and standards.


Strong interpersonal & communication skills.

Ability to work collaboratively as part of a team.


Meticulous attention to detail.

Excellent Organizational skills.

Poised under pressure.

Proficient in Microsoft Office 365 through operative system of Window and Mac.

Great knowledge of handling insurance portals under Medicaid.

Great knowledge of medical records, billing code, data entry.

Proficient in maintaining a proper administrative flow in Community Behavioral Center.

Excellent administrative knowledge and proficient decision-making skills.

Proficient ability and comprehension of Medicaid Services coverage and limitations handbook, DSM5=ICD 10 and medical necessity criteria following AHCA rules.

Knowledgeable of and comply with state and federal status, rules and polices that affect the targets population.

Proficient handling of 12 clients in a group with different characteristics.

Fluent Spanish and English languages.

Webpage designer.

Notary Public Commissioner.

Media Productions Live Broadcasting Streaming.

Proficient ability, and experience working with EMR(EHR) and other platforms such as, Thera nest, Simple practice, Intelliview, Advisor, Therapist Note, Profile, Athenahealth, Lauris Online, Formdr etc.

Suitable conditions for telecommuting:

Reliable Internet Connection. A reliable computer with 2 screens with adequate specifications to run the necessary software and perform tasks efficiently. (intel core). Quiet Workspace. Communication Tools. A good quality headset and webcam for virtual meetings and conferences, helping to improve communication and collaboration. security measures such as firewalls and antivirus software to protect your work and data. Remote desktop software. VPN access, Line phone, professional printers, scanner and fax machine. And knowledge of different virtual environments.

Initiate and manage the initial credentialing and recredentialing processes for providers, from intake through credentialing decision.

-Prepare complete provider credentialing/recredentialing files for Credentials Committee review and decision.

-Communicates the status and updates applicable databases of newly credentialed and recredentialed providers.

-Monitor expiring licensure, board, and professional certifications and other expirable documents within the prescribed time frame.

-Prepare all audits, medical records review, and other inspections following the Medicaid Handbook.

-Write and review all policies and procedures.

Medical Records and Clinical Documentation Auditor /Angels for Kids on Call 24/7 Inc/ Orlando Florida

February 2020- October 2023

-Preparing patient charts and gathering information and documents from patients

-Ensuring that the medical records are organized, accurate and complete.

-Creating digital copies of paperwork and storing the records electronically

-Filing the paperwork and reports of inpatients quickly and accurately

-Safeguarding patient records and ensuring that everyone complies with the HIPAA standards.

-Transferring data into the facility’s main system database

-Processing the records for admitting and discharging patients

-Processing and submission of the medical records requested for review it.

-Evaluate the clinical Documentation to determine if meet the medical necessity, procedures vs bill code, and utilization management.

Mental Health Therapist /Angels for Kids on Call 24/7 Inc/ Orlando Florida/February 2014- October 2023

-Helping individuals address and manage their mental and emotional well-being.

-Assessment: Conducting thorough assessments to understand the client's mental health history, current concerns, and goals for therapy.

-Diagnosis: Giving diagnostic based on mental health disorders with the information gathered during the assessment. And following the DSM5 and DSM 5 TR criteria.

-Treatment Planning: Develop a personalized treatment plan that outlines the therapeutic goals, methods, and anticipated duration of therapy. The plan may involve various therapeutic approaches and interventions.

-Counseling/Psychotherapy: Providing individual, group, or family therapy sessions to help clients explore and understand their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Implemented different therapeutic modalities, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, or humanistic approaches, depending on the client's needs.

-Crisis Intervention: Assisting clients in managing and coping with crisis situations.

-Education: Providing psychoeducation to clients about mental health, coping strategies, and effective communication skills.

-Empathy and Support: Offering a supportive and nonjudgmental environment where clients can express themselves freely.

-Monitoring Progress: Regularly evaluating the client's progress toward their therapeutic goals and adjusting the treatment plan as needed. This involves tracking changes in symptoms, behaviors, and overall well-being.

--Advocacy: Assisting clients in accessing additional support services or resources.

Ethical Considerations: Adhering to ethical guidelines and maintaining confidentiality to ensure the trust and safety of the therapeutic relationship. This includes respecting the client's autonomy and informed consent.


Doctor of Medicine MD in Cuba, accredited in USA by NACES -July 2009

Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. Troy University 2015


-Security Awareness

-First Aid /CPR AED

-Infection control

-HHS Module 1-4


-Abuse and Neglect

-Suicide Prevention

-Teen Violence

-intimate partner violence


-Baker Act

-Substance use

-De-Escalation techniques


-Laws and rules Certification

-Certified by Angels for Kids on Call as Mental Health Targeted Case Manager

-Substance Abuse

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