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Quality Control Food Service

Zion, IL, 60099
May 23, 2024

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Jessica Newman

Quality Control, packaging, shipping, manufacturing

Food service business, such as corporate and family owned, and in a manufacturing environment Jessica Newman

PO Box 174

Zion IL 60099

Phone +1-224-***-****

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Quality Control

Visual Pak (American Blending and Filling)

October 2023 to February 2024

*Verify the components received have the correct item number for the product being bottled and packaged.

*Make sure to have the "first box" inspected, labeled, and ready to go on the last pallet of that order (unless the product requires it per batch change).

*Conduct a line clearance check and initial the corresponding paperwork.

* Inspect 36 pieces of the finished good every hour and sign off on the QA/Line Lead paperwork. Check for things such as lot code is printed clearly, case label is being applied correctly, product is being palletized according to the write-up, etc, and initial off each box of questions pertaining to how the line is running.

*Check the weight of the product and the torque of the bottle, every hour. Compare results to the Line Lead's weight sheet, which is verified from the analytical lab

* Depending on the finished good, conduct hourly temperature checks of the product.

* Check the weight of the glue (using three examples, per hour), to ensure the amount applied between bottleneck and nozzle is sufficient.

* Conduct hourly scans of the product label, include results with the paperwork and case scans.

* Grab retains for both micro and analytical lab, label, and record into proper logbooks.

* Enter info into Microsoft Excel for each batch

Packaging Operator

AbbVie - Lake Bluff, IL


March 2023 to June 2023

• Inspects, labels, and packages raw and finished products to include FDA approved medication. Worked in a clean-room environment.

• Supported set-up of production line and equipment, and assisted in the set-up of automated equipment in the primary and secondary packaging area.

• Performed housekeeping clearance on the finishing line.

• Utilized Pallet jack and utility cart

• Inspected Product was 200% verified- items were thoroughly checked for defects more than once Production Worker

Abbott - Gurnee, IL

September 2020 to January 2023

• Worked in a fast-paced GMP production distribution environment. Assembled medical test kitting and packaging of kits. Inspected product, such as test strips, throughout the process, and ensured each was assembled correctly.

• Checked packaging and applied labels.

• Helped in maintaining a clean and safe work environment. Cashier

Piggly Wiggly - Zion, IL

July 2019 to March 2020

• Ring up and bag groceries

• In rare occurrences of down time: Restock or re-face items on the shelves so that they are in their appropriate place.

• Make sure bathrooms are stocked and clean, and empty trash before the end of shift. Shipping and Packaging

Parallel Employment Group - Kenosha, WI

June 2018 to September 2018

• Checking each item and scanning them into the system with a rfid scanner.

• Make sure each item is packed in the correct size box, with adequate cushioning to secure it through the process of being shipped.

• Label each box accordingly

• Careful use of the strapping machine to secure boxes together Food prep, food sealing, and packaging

Tovala - Gurnee, IL


March 2018 to June 2018

• Some tasks included food prep, placing the food in designated bins, and putting lids on ramekins.

• Wrapping the finished meals with a machine

• Managing tasks in a time frame that prevent food from falling into these danger zones was a necessity.

• Packed these meals out in cold conditions, once a week

• I received certification for completing my online test for safe food handling practices for a manufacturing setting Packer

Calumet Meats - Pleasant Prairie, WI

May 2017 to August 2017

• Working in a meat packing plant, in a cold environment

• Making sure to be properly dressed, such as wearing the correct gloves for the job, and handling frozen food items for long periods of time

• Keeping up with meat coming through a machine to be bagged/packed at a fast pace • Cutting chicken parts in a quick and efficient manner

• Properly discarding of meat parts in the correct bin/compartment

• Sealing bags correctly using the sealer

Quality Control

Henry Broche and Company - Gurnee, IL

October 2016 to March 2017

• made sure the machine was sealing the product correctly by both visual and physical tests

• Performed a visual inspection of the seal; each cup had ample plastic around the lip of the cup; the lid was properly placed over this seal and dated correctly

• Promptly recorded my results of two types of tests for five cups of product, every half hour

• Conducted a "burst" test to check strength of seal; recorded results, notified operator if there were any issues

• Used another machine to check the levels of oxygen and co2 within each product; recorded results

• grabbing a sample (every two minutes) in addition to the cups being tested Server/Bartender/Banquet Server, and bev-cart

Thunderhawk Golf Club - Beach Park, IL

May 2016 to October 2016


• Processing payments/drink & food orders quickly for golfers stopping in on their way to the next hole

• Ringing in food orders, running food, making drinks

• Cleaning tables as soon as a guest left


• Keeping inventory of the beer coolers and making sure they were stocked for the next day

• Manage my time to have any side work, such as mopping or breaking down hot dog machine, completed before dusk/close

Beverage-cart/golf-cart server:

• Keeping track of what items were going out as well as what money exchanges were being made

• Know when to come around to golfers while they are on the green- dont disturb them, but don't neglect them.

• Keep an ongoing tab of what I had available on the cart; planning the tasks needed, such as getting more ice or snacks, as I made my way through the course.

Banquet server:

• Being able to work as a team, to get things set up and cleaned up on time; tasks such as pre-bussing; preparing for either the next meal or next part of the event, and making sure a guest was not in need of anything. Server/Hostess/ Delivery

Lakehouse, Lake Villa - Lake Villa, IL

July 2014 to May 2016

Being prepared for quick changes in volume on days like Saturday taught me how to multitask and assume different job titles when necessary.,

Job duties:

• Answering phones and seating people, while making sure no food got cold in the window

• I took deliveries when the delivery person was not available.

• Making sure to have to-go orders packed and ready

• Planning for banquets, such as buffet style occasions, as well as individual plated events; arranging the room and tables for these events

• Taking care of any tables that I myself may have had, and making sure their experience was a good one. Hostess/Server/Busser/Utility

Red Robin Restaurant - Gurnee, IL

March 2012 to June 2014

• Expedited food: pairing the "cold" items with "hot" items on a food tray for each server, and sometimes running the food out myself.

• Greeted and sat customers at their tables, while maintaining rotation

• I dressed up as "Red" the bird on Tuesdays, and interacted with kids; worked events, such as the Lyme awareness walk and the Gurnee parade. Being in the costume required a certain sense of caution to my surroundings, as well as the ability to work in uncomfortable environments.

• Answering the phones while sitting people required the ability to make sure the guest was acknowledged and would be taken care of promptly.

• Bussed tables for a short while towards the end of my time there 4

College at CLC in Associates

Grayslake, IL

August 2012 to 2015, planning to finish my associates in 2024 High school diploma

Warren Township High School

August 2001 to June 2005

Extracurricular activities: Student athletic trainer Additional Experience: One of my first job experiences was babysitting when I was in sixth grade. I did so as a steady summer job, all through middle school and High School, which I believe has helped shape my strong work ethic. 5

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