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Farm Worker Animal Care

Kathmandu, Bagmati Province, Nepal
May 22, 2024

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ER er tm ETC) ‘m worker

@ Siraha, Nepal @ ****jUN 29 ©+977 984******* ©


Hardworking and dedicated Agricultural farm worker with a passion for agriculture

‘and a strong work ethic. Experienced in various aspects of farm operations, including,

crop cultivation, animal care, and general farm maintenance. Proven ability to adapt to

different environments and work effectively as part of a team. Skilled in operating and

‘maintaining farm machinery and equipment. Committed to promoting sustainable

farming practices and ensuring the highest standards of productivity and animal

welfare, Seeking opportunities to contribute to a dynamic farm operation .

Passport Details

Gender-Male Marital Status:Married omer

ace Saenaaeane Date of Issue-08 JUL 2016

‘Weight-68 Kg Nationality-Nepalese Dats of Bxpiry07 [UL2026

Place of Birth-Siraha Nepal


Farm worker

Since 5 ye: Nepal

(© Planting and Harvesting: Farm workers often participate in the planting and harvesting of crops. This includes

‘activities such as sowing seeds, transplanting seedlings, and using machinery to harvest mature crops.

‘© Cultivation: They may be responsible for soil preparation, cultivating the land, and controlling weeds to promote

optimal growing conditions for crops.

(© Irrigation: Farm workers may assist in setting up and maintaining irigation systems to ensure that crops receive

adequate water

© Livestock Care: On farms that raise animals, workers may be involved in feeding, watering, and general care of

livestock. This can include tasks like cleaning animal enclosures, administering medications, and assisting with

breeding programs.

Pragati Pashu Tatha Macha Farm Since 5 years Nepal

© Handling and Displaying Fish: Fishmongers are responsible for receiving fresh fish, inspecting their quality,

‘and properly displaying them for sale. This involves arranging the fish on ice or in refrigerated display cases in

an attractive and hygienic manner.

© Customer Service: Fishmongers interact with customers, providing information about the various types of fish

available, offering cooking advice, and assisting with customer inquiries or special requests.

‘© Cutting and Filleting: Depending on the setup of the fish market or store, fishmongers may be responsible for

cutting and filleting fish to customer specifications. This requires skill and knowledge of different cutting


@ skits

Personal Skills Professional Skills

Self-Motivation Patience Harvesting Techniques Safety Protocols

Observational kis Time Management Equipment Maintenance Rencing and infrastructure

Problem-Solving ‘Teamwork ‘Animal Husbandry Pesticide Application

Attention to Detail Reliability Irrigation Systems ‘Tractor Operation

Hardworking Animal Handling Skis Go Management Greenhouse Management

Thereby declare that the facts given above are genuine to the best of my knowledge and belief

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