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Solutions Architect Cloud

Wylie, TX
May 16, 2024

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Multi-cloud, Multi platform K8, experienced Dev SecOps Lead with AWS Solutions Architect/Principal Cloud Architect experience with a proven track record of designing and implementing scalable and secure cloud solutions, cloud migration, designing CI/CD pipelines using Harness, GitHub Action, GitLab etc., Developing Ansible Playbooks and above all using Terraform and AWS-CDK for creating cloud infrastructure. Adept at collaborating with cross-functional teams to deliver strategic IT initiatives aligned with business objectives. I am a Developer turned DevOps and still current on latest development technologies – such as Prompt Engineering and Generative AI.

Certification :


Multi Cloud Services: AWS (EC2, S3, RDS, EKS, Route53, AWS-SSO, AWS ORGs, Lambda, VPC, IAM, etc.). Similar experiences in Azure and GCP Cloud as well.

Multiple Kubernetes Experiences: Rancher Kubernetes, microk8s, Charmed Kubernetes, AKS, EKS, GKE Architecture and Design

Security and Compliance

Dev Sec Ops and Automation

Networking and Infrastructure

Project Management

Strong Communication and Collaboration

Platform/Programming: C/C++, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, NodeJs, PHP, Laravel, VueJs, Spring Boot, Python, Ansible, Terraform, CloudFormation, AWS- CDK, AWX-Ansible, Ansible Tower, Semaphore-Ansible, Sonar Ǫube,

Prompt Engineering and Generative AI.


Jenkins, Azure DevOps, AWS Code Deploy, GitHub Action, GitLab,, for designing CI/CD

Used both Legacy Jenkins and Modern Git Ops for AWS EKS build deployment for springboot java, nodejs - expressjs, vuejs 3.x, php.

Used Rancher for creating and deploying into a localdev macbook environment.

Setup CI/CD runners in both VMs and EKS Custer

Integrated MongoDB Atlas with EKS Cluster with Sprint boot java, nodejs and PHP with Private Network VPC Peering Technology

Integration of EKS nodes with MongoDB Atlas.

Experience in using Rancher, Scaffol for localdev and GitLab for AWS with OIDC.

Worked with both AWS Node Groups and Fargate deployments.

Worked with Enterprise Cloud Security Tools: Wiz and its likes.

Worked with Monitoring tools Dynatrace, Splunk, AppDynamics, Icinga2

Developed Simple to Complex Ansible Playbooks for various automation activities.

Automated using both GitHub Actions and Gitlab CI

Designed Deployments with Rollback strategy.

Worked with popular and widely used AWS Services such as AWS-SSO, AWS Organization, AWS Route53, AWS ALB, Route53, Ingress. Also worked on complex technologies as AWS AppMesh, AWS IAM with GitLab OIDC provider etc.

Used Ansible with different flavors – Command line, AWX and Ansible Tower in complex projects.

Completed a healthcare Pod using Prompt Engineering and Generative AI with Facebook Llama 2


BITS, PILANI, Rajasthan, India (06/2000 to 05/2002)

M.S. (Software Systems)


PHP8.0/NodeJs/Laravel/VueJs/Prompt Engineering/Generative AI/Certification Quiz


02/2019 to INFOSYS, Richardson, TX

Present Lead Consultant - DevOps/ Cloud Solutions Architect/Cloud Architect

Lead the design and implementation of cloud and DevOps solutions for clients, optimizing performance, scalability, and cost efficiency.

Conduct cloud assessments and develop migration strategies to transition on- premises applications to AWS.

Collaborate with clients to understand business requirements and align technical solutions with organizational goals.

Provide technical guidance to development teams, ensuring adherence to best practices and AWS architecture standards.

Worked with clients to define cloud adoption strategies and develop roadmaps for AWS migration.

Implemented AWS services, including EC2, S3, RDS, EKS, Route53, Lambda, VPC, and IAM, to meet client requirements.

Implemented AWX with Azure Kubernetes.

Conducted architecture reviews and implemented security best practices to ensure a robust and compliant AWS environment.

Collaborated with DevOps teams to automate infrastructure provisioning and deployment processes.

Worked with about 8 Enterprise clients over 5 years where I got greenfield experience on Multi-Cloud and Multi-Platform K8s in addition to different flavor of CI/CD tools.

05/2017 to Client: VERIZON WIRELESS, Southlake, TX

02/2019 as DevOps SME - DevOps PaaS Architect with Diversant LLC.

Containerized Icinga2 distributed master-satellite solution for Verizon Wireless for their 10000 servers spread across 50 data centers.

Created Docker Swarm Infrastructure for hosting the Verizon Cloud Platform.

Worked on a pilot project to create Kubernetes 1.12 infrastructure in OpenStack VMs using Ansible Playbook.

As Cloud Architect – Written IaC scripts in Ansible to create Kubernetes clusters in Openstack environments.

As Application programmer: created Laravel/PHP/MySQL application for IP Management system for monitoring team to manage 10000 servers with LDAP integration.

Created PoC for Jenkins CI/CD in containerized environment when company decided to move away from CircleCI.

Several small PoCs using Nomad, Consul, etcd, PowerDNS, Galera Cluster in Docker Swarm etc.

03/2013 to NOKIA, Plano, TX

04/2017 Integration Professional/ DevOps CICD Engineer

Worked on DevOps Solution Integrator for Custom Solution Deployments like Personal Ring back Tone Servers, Surepay pre-paid solutions for AT&T and Verizon.

Worked on application migration strategy to Cloud as customers demanded a SaaS cloud operation model instead of buying server frames.

Migrated several legacy shell/perl/python based command line scripting to Jenkins based Automation.

Was involved in containerizing solutions.

07/2000 to TECH MAHINDRA, Richardson, TX

08/2008 Software Design Lead

08/2008 to NU INFO SYSTEMS, Florida

03/2013 Systems Analyst

[Worked as a consultant for the company Alcatel-Lucent from 2000 to 2013 as a developer and DevOps – that would be acquired by Nokia in 2013.]


2000-2002: Axes Technologies India (P) Limited – Chennai, acquired by ech Mahindra in 2006

Conversion from Z8000 Assembly Language to C for Alcatel’s MegaHub STP (Signaling Transfer Point). Coded both non-resident programs like MMIs (Man Machine Interface) and Resident Programs like YNSLM (Signaling Link Management).

Conversion from CEKOS to LynxOS RTOS in C language for the above STP switch.

2002-2007: Worked as a developer on Alcatel-Lucent projects on Java/C++ with Waterfall development model and Clear case. The Alcatel-Lucent had a toll-free services platform that was deployed with Allstream, Canada (then AT&T Canada). For 5 years they had requested features and we kept developing in Java/C++ like, Automatic Code Gapping, Implementing Call center logic to existing routing mechanism.

2019-2020: CBOL – Citibank Online modernization project. Onboarded with about 30 engineers of Infosys to refactor legacy login/auth code to springboot. Worked on backend.

Currently working on NuxtJs3/Vue3 with Springboot on Live Engineering project of Infosys where we pull data from various devops tools APIs using token and present in a dashboard format for developer productivity kind of tool.


Cloud migration road map from PCF to AWS/Azure after gathering requirements from various multi-country teams and discussing with the chief architect (Client: Solera, Westlake, TX)

Chef to Ansible Migration for client Capital Group, Irvine with coordinating with about 20 cross functional teams.

Worked with CBOL project for CITI Bank where reliability of lower environments was a big issue because of poorly defined API versioning where 100 plus micro-services were deployed by 20 plus teams.

Worked Harness.Io pilot project for Wells-Fargo bank.

Designed EKS infrastructure for Charter communications, Denver for deploying their Telecom Solutions.

Worked with Security Framework Wiz after evaluating a few others for cloud security management.

Testing pilot project for Dynatrace by installing Dynatrace agents on Windows and Linux VMs.

Designed CI/CD systems where Terraform/AWS-CDK based IaC code tools were used for creating infrastructure automatically.

Analyzed Cloud expenses and optimized resources for reducing costs.

Since Transitioned from Developer to DevOps, it becomes easy to understand developers and offer solutions they need.

Started career as a C/C++/Java/Embedded RTOS Programmer and kept up with latest programming languages NodeJs/TypeScript/JavaScript/VueJs/NuxtJs etc.

Worked on Waterfall, Agile and SAFe Agile environments.

REFERENCES: Available upon request.

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