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Data Analyst Analysis

Hyderabad, Telangana, India
May 15, 2024

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Yogesh Reddy Kovvuru

Data-driven problem solver seeking to leverage my analytical passion and creativity to build impactful solutions in dynamic environments. Team player, thriving under pressure, and always striving to excel. W W +91-824*******

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Work Experience

Data Analyst 05/2023 - Present

YuktaMedia, Pune, Maharashtra

• Email Processing Application Development: Developed collaborative Python app for stream- lining email processing. Utilized IMAP for extracting vital data from emails. Stored efficiently in MongoDB for seamless retrieval.Proficiently decoded attachments using Python and MongoDB Python client and uploaded them onto S3 bucket using BOTO3

• Performance Optimization and Problem-Solving: Collaborated effectively, refining app per- formance for accurate data extraction. Recognized for inventive problem-solving. Enhanced email workflows for optimal efficiency

• MySQL Data Automation and Communication: Automated MySQL- based functionality, efficiently retrieving and filtering data for current month and previous year. Improved communication via automated CSV dispatch, accelerating insights delivery.effectively saving an estimated 26 hours per month

• Impactful Data Visualization: Created compelling data visualizations aligned with client needs. Seamlessly integrated new data sources to enhance insights delivery. Data Engineer 02/2022 - 04/2023

Tata Consultancy Services, Bengaluru, Karnataka

• Part of 5G Development team

• Tested the developed Python codes designed to send and receive messages between VMs

• Implemented Docker Containers and provided user access to specific users for authorized access to their allocated folder

Data Analyst 04/2021 - 01/2022


• Data Analysis for Learner Engagement: Utilized Python to extract and analyze learner behavior data on the Edunock platform. Generated actionable insights to improve user experience, optimize learning pathways, and drive learner engagement.

• Sales Data Analysis and Reporting: Proficiently executed SQL queries in MySQL to retrieve and analyze sales data, identifying key trends and patterns. Developed Python scripts to automate sales data queries, significantly reducing manual workload. Produced insightful reports to support strategic sales initiatives.

• Statistical Analysis and Visualization: Applied statistical techniques in Python to uncover pat- terns, correlations, and trends in learner and sales data. Created compelling visualizations to effectively communicate insights, supporting data-driven decision-making. Personal Projects:

SuperStore Data Analysis W

07/2022 - 07/2022, Tags: EDA, BigQ

• Conducted data analysis on a large e-commerce dataset using SQL in BigQuery, identifying trends in order volumes, seasonality, and preferred ordering times for customers

• Recommended business strategies such as targeted advertising, increasing seller count, and optimizing delivery processes to improve customer satisfaction and drive growth

• Demonstrated proficiency in SQL and BigQuery, along with strong analytical skills, to extract valuable insights and provide actionable recommendations for data-driven decision-making Banking Marketing Effectiveness Prediction W

07/2022 - 07/2022, Tags: EDA, Random Forest, Logistic Regression, SVM, XGBoost, SMOTE, Grid- SearchCV

• The marketing department of a banking institution is responsible for promoting and influencing cus- tomers to subscribe to different products

• Developed a classification problem using the XGBoost Classifier algorithm to predict the efficiency of bank marketing given by the Portuguese bank company

• Benchmarked Random Forest algorithm against Logistic Regression, SVC, KNN, and Boosting Algo- rithms

• Performed SMOTE as the data was unevenly distributed and carried out hyperparameter tuning using GridSearchCV

• Experimented with performance metrics for various models and found XG-Boost Classifier as the best model with a Precision of 93%

Tech Stack

• Languages: Python, SQL

• ML Frameworks: Scikit-learn, Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, NLTK, SHAP

• Platforms: Google Colab, Visual Studio, MS Excel, Postgres, Linux (Ubuntu), Docker, Airflow

• Databases: MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB

• Analytical Skillsets: Data visualization, Data Storytelling, Intellectual Curiosity, Business Acumen, Statistical Modeling, Requirement Gathering

Relevant Coursework

Full Stack DataScience Program W

(09/2021 - 09/2022) AlmaBetter


B.Tech in Electrical and Communication Engineering 05/2016 - 06/2020 Karunya Institute of Technology, Coimbatore CGPA-7 XII Higher Secondary 06/2014 - 05/2016

Sri Chaitanya Percentage-91%


• HackerRank Skill Assessment Challenge: Earned 4 Star Gold Badge for SQL and Python on Hacker- Rank

• Ranked 8th among 2000 members in Dream11 Hackathon W (Certificate of Merit.pdf)

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