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Software Engineer

Cleveland, OH
May 15, 2024

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+1-216*******) Cleveland, OHIO-44092

Played an important and responsible role in an organization that enhanced my skills and capabilities, and challenged me to perform exceptionally, preferably in a progressive and competitive work culture in a technology-driven company. Bringing excellent organizational skills, collaborative, and interpersonal skills. Education

Cleveland State University Cleveland, OHIO, USA August 2022 to May 2024 Master of Science in Software Engineering

Relevant Coursework – Data Structure and Algorithm, Database Management system, Machine language GPA -3.14/4

Real-Time Face Detection System Masters Minor Project, 2023 Conceived and developed a sophisticated Python-based application using the OpenCV library, capable of detecting human faces in real time through a webcam interface. This project involved training with pre-built machine learning models, allowing for the accurate identification of facial features. The system was designed to run multiple detection algorithms concurrently, enhancing accuracy and speed. The project included comprehensive performance analysis and optimization for real-world deployment scenarios.

Kalasalingam university Tamil Nadu, India August 2016 to May 2020 Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science Engineering

Self-driving car (delivered by tech trunk Ventured Pvt. Ltd. in association with Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education (KARE).

Image & Video Processing using MATLAB sponsored by CSI.

Campus To Corporate(C2C)

Ethical Hacking and Cyber security conducted by i3indya Technologies.

Engine Design & Emission Control organized by SAE-INDIA. Experience

Student Worker September 2022 to Present

Vikings Market at Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio, Part-time Job

• Worked on summer camps at OHIO ZOO (Dinning Centre)

• Helped organize and manage successful events with attendance of over 12000 people as student lead such as hosting NBA all-star 2022 and many other.

• Directed as the Supervisor for the catering food orders Skills: Office 365, MS, Verbal & written, team worker, multi-tasking, administration skills. October 2019 to July 2022

JAVA Developer, Deloitte

Bengaluru / India

Client: Elevance Health Inc (Health Care)

Technologies: Python, Boto3, Spring framework, MySQL, RESTful APIs, Java, Reactjs, AWS, Terraform, SQL

Led the overhaul of a Spring Boot-based AWS configuration tool, improving UI/UX and backend efficiency, resulting in increased processing speed and user satisfaction.

Enhanced Spring Boot-based AWS configuration tool, optimizing efficiency and user satisfaction.

Spearheaded AWS Landing Zone projects, automating new environment setup and provisioning using Java-based solutions.

Orchestrated Java automation projects, reducing setup and maintenance time by 50%.

Engineered Spring Boot applications for IAM policy management, enhancing security and user engagement.

Implemented Java-based solutions for multi-cloud automation, leveraging Terraform and AWS services.

Collaborated with cross-functional teams to integrate Java backend services with ReactJS frontend components for seamless user experiences.

Software Engineer Intern, May 2019 to Sep 2019

Honey Well Private Limited, India, Internship


Smart Home Automation System

Technologies used: Raspberry Pi, Python, MQTT protocol.

• Developed a prototype for a smart home system capable of controlling lights and temperature through voice commands. Implemented IoT protocols for device communication.

• Cloud-Based File Storage System (Technologies used: AWS S3, Java) environments. (February 2018)

Solarits Technology Services Private Limited (Madurai): Demonstrated adaptability and an ability to translate theoretical knowledge into practical solutions through firsthand observation and engagement within a professional setting. (November 2018) National Institute of technology (Trichy): Experienced 24/7 hackathon and witnessed how it apply in the upcoming Industry. Specialized in Cyber security. (January 2019).

Created a secure cloud-based storage system allowing users to upload, download, and manage files. Implemented encryption for data security and integrated with AWS S3 for storage.

Skills: LINUX JAVA, AWS, MQTT, leadership, Self-confidence & etc... Laboratory/ Projects

Automation of School Bus Tracking System

Description: Participated in the mini project conducted by “HINDUSTAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY COIMBATORE-641032”. This project initiates the tracing system of the school buses and can be heavily used in terms of breakdowns, safety, etc.

Changes automatically update bus manifests and are communicated to transportation staff, teachers, and the front office in real- time. Your staff simply check each student off as they board from an easy-to-use bus boarding attendance app. Parents can receive notifications when their child boards and departs. If a child is unexpectedly absent, you’ll be immediately alerted.

Smoke detecting system based on IOT (self–developed project) Description: The project is mainly based upon the IOT base with the connectivity of ARDUINO & Raspberry Pi, which helps to control the smoke on the high evacuation vehicles and this paperwork presentation is also done in college with the model and the objects.


Student Member in Indian community in the International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP) since 2016

Member at Computer Science Tamil Nadu club association.

Member of Youth Red Cross at Kalasalingam University. Industrial Exposure

IBM India, DLF IT Park (Chennai/India): Explored Software development process. Specialized in Java & AWS (September 2017) Zoho Technologies Private Limited (Tenkasi/India): Explored the application of theoretical knowledge in real-world business Technical skills

Programming Languages & Frameworks:

Proficient in Java for backend development and enterprise solutions. Experienced in Spring Framework, including Spring Boot, Spring MVC, and Spring Data for efficient application development and data access. Skilled in Hibernate ORM framework for seamless database interaction. Proficiency in JUnit for robust unit testing of Java applications. Database Management:

Skilled in MySQL for designing and managing relational databases, ensuring optimal performance for Java applications. Competent in PostgreSQL for advanced database solutions, supporting complex data management needs in Java projects. CI/CD Pipeline:

Proficient in Jenkins for setting up CI/CD pipelines, enabling automated testing and deployment of Java applications. Experienced in GitLab CI/CD for version control and collaborative development in Java projects. Containerization:

Knowledgeable in Docker for creating and managing containers, facilitating consistent development and deployment of Java applications. Cloud Services:

Familiar with AWS services such as AWS Lambda, AWS S3, and AWS RDS for hosting and scaling Java applications. Basic understanding of Microsoft Azure cloud computing services for Java projects. Infrastructure:

Proficient in Apache Maven and Gradle for project management and building automation in Java applications. Version Control:

Proficient in Git for managing Java code repositories. Familiar with Bitbucket for code collaboration in Java projects. Co-Curriculum Activities

Exhibited proficiency in resolving intricate problems efficiently through involvement in coding competitions and hackathons, demonstrating an aptitude for innovative solutions crucial in Java development.

Participated in collaborative projects and student organizations, showcasing strong teamwork and communication skills vital for Java development teams, emphasizing effective collaboration for project success.

Engaged in ongoing professional development via workshops and seminars, highlighting a dedication to continuous learning and staying updated with evolving technologies in Java development.

Held leadership roles in student organizations or projects, demonstrating effective leadership and organizational abilities essential for coordinating development teams and ensuring the successful execution of Java projects.

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