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Property Manager Leasing Consultant

Conway, AR
May 16, 2024

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private prop. mgr



** **** ***** ********** ** hands on sole property manager for my own small business (rental) and for family owned estate as acting landlady, leasing consultant and agent,collecting and deposting monthly rent, hiring handyman or other for maintenance, some work I do myself, also doing my own authorized for and legal back ground checks, credit and financial stability checks, renting and business professionals to find history no older than 5 years for at least 2 positive references. personal and friendly assessment to find good fit for community interets and required amenities to cater to the needs for a happier resident forhopefully providing long term rental relations with my tenants.

If I am unable to rent to all applicants, I try to offer suggestions for other rental posibilities in the local area which is pertaining to each individuals interest and income levels. This is a complimentary service that can be soothing if rental app is rejected & is to be helpful for finding an alternative safe housing. I am a by the book property manger, and some say too strict, and I say just very cautious, kind of a been there done that and lets learn not to do that again lady. To my method and practice, is if in doubt at any turn, I immediately refer to the AR State Laws and Guidelines for landlords/tenants which in my opinion is the most accurate and up to date guide according to state and local laws and ordinances and is available at the AR Attny Generals website for yearly updates, changes, and new bills or laws on topic. To prevent any confusions or unexpected changes for tenant and from what is expected I try to custom write my paperwork as what is best for myself and tenant based on past events for how the lease will be formattted and inclusions or exclusions, the walk through check list for move in move out with 16 mega pixel color photos a must, I reserve the right to enter at any time in case of unexpected or any emergency or unsafe conditions should arise. I valuel my tenants privacy, comfort, safety, and try to provide a happy pleasant environmement within the community. I am looking for part time to full tme position to which I can dedicate my last years until retirement which is at possibly 74 may be later. I am an active woman, age 56 and I enjoy hobbies such as sewing, crafting, gardening, canning, cooking, collecting rare and hard to find first edition books, I enjoy meeting new people, and I love the idea of helping people, which makes me a happier person, to be out working in the public sector. I will return calls, emails, texts and other correspondence promptly and thoroughly provide information, and other qualifications upon request. .

Thank you for taking time to read this.

Kindest Regards,

Wanda S. Ethridge

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