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Power Platform Apps

Plano, TX
May 16, 2024

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K Yaswanth

469-***-**** LinkedIn

Professional summary:

Experienced Microsoft Power Platform Developer with around 6 years in designing, developing, and maintaining low-code solutions using Canvas and Model-Driven apps, CDS, SQL, SharePoint Online, Dynamics 365 CRM, integrated with Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 services.

Proficient in developing and deploying custom business solutions using the Microsoft Power Platform, including expertise in Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Apps Portal, and Common Data Service to optimize business processes and enhance user experiences.

Expertise in designing and developing electronic forms and SharePoint Online solutions, utilizing components such as Lists, Views, Content Types, and Web Parts, alongside architecting security solutions and creating engaging intranet portals to enhance document and project management.

Demonstrated expertise in integrating diverse data sources, including SharePoint, SQL databases, IoT devices, and electronic health records into Power Apps, achieving seamless data management and increased operational efficiency.

Experienced in crafting and managing workflows using SharePoint Designer, Nintex, and Power Automate, with comprehensive skills in developing PowerApps applications leveraging Common Data Service, SQL, Flow, Excel, and SharePoint

Advanced proficiency in developing responsive SPFx web parts and extensions for SharePoint, enhancing site usability, and creating custom SharePoint applications tailored to user requirements.

Expert in Dynamics 365 customization, proficient in enhancing CRM functionalities through tailored modules, forms, screens, and workflows, achieving up to a 70% increase in sales productivity and efficiency.

Versatile in developing advanced applications on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, focusing on entity customization, client-side JavaScript, and integrating custom WCF web services, dialog-based workflows, and plugins into CRM systems.

Adept at migrating and optimizing workflows from Google to Power Automate and Forms to Canvas Apps, ensuring seamless integration with Azure VMs and external databases for improved operational flow.

Proficient in integrating Power Automate with SharePoint, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365 to streamline enterprise workflows, specializing in automating complex data entry, approval processes, and notification systems across various departments.

Highly skilled in developing MS CRM plugins, custom workflows, dialogs, and business process flows within the Events Pipeline, and adept at managing and utilizing Office 365 components including Teams, OneDrive, Planner, Stream, and more to enhance collaboration and business operations.

Innovative in Power BI development, crafting dynamic and interactive reports and integrating them with SharePoint for real-time data analysis and consistent branding experiences.

Skilled in Power Virtual Agents development, utilizing AI Builder for sentiment analysis within Canvas Apps to improve patient support and reduce administrative workload.

Proficient in Azure infrastructure, utilizing services like Logic Apps, Active Directory, and Service Bus for secure, scalable integration and messaging solutions in compliance with HIPAA.

Skilled in full-stack development, utilizing JavaScript for frontend and .NET and C# for backend services, with expertise in .NET security features including authentication, authorization, and user account management.

Accomplished in creating custom data connectors with Power FX, extracting complex data for deployment in Power BI reports, and leveraging DAX for robust data analysis and ETL processes.

Successful implementation of Power Pages to launch self-service patient portals, enhancing patient engagement and self-management while ensuring data security and compliance.

Experienced in implementing comprehensive security measures, including Microsoft Dataverse security roles, Azure Identity Services, and Access Management (IAM), along with performing administrative tasks in the Power Platform Admin center, Microsoft 365 admin center, and enforcing Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies.

Adept in executing CI/CD pipelines with Jenkins, automating compilation, testing, and deployment processes for Power Platform applications, enhancing delivery speed and quality control.

Experienced in Agile methodologies, leading sprint planning, daily check-ins, and retrospectives to align with business goals, while proficiently managing all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle, from requirement analysis to production support

Technical Skills:

Office 365 Suite : SharePoint Online, 2016, 2013, 2010, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Form, Microsoft Flow, Graph API

Power Platform : PowerApps (Canvas apps, Model Driven Apps), Power Automate, Power BI, Power Virtual Agents, Power FX, Power Pages, AI Builder, Dataverse

Development & Scripting : C, Java, C#, .NET Core, .NET Framework, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Power Fx

Workflow Automation : Azure Logic Apps, Microsoft Flow

Reporting & Visualization : Power BI, SSRS, SSIS, DAX, MDX, Power Query

Software Development : Visual Studio, SharePoint Framework (SPFx)

CRM Solutions : Dynamics 365, CRM Forms

Database : SQL, My SQL, Azure SQL, CDS

AI Tools : Chatbot, Copilot

Operating System : Windows, Linux/Unix

Development Methodologies : Agile, Waterfall

MedImpact San Diego, California

Power Platform /SharePoint developer October 2023 - Present

Roles and Responsibilities:

Directed requirement gathering and functional analysis with end-user teams, designed solutions aligned with business goals, and translated client needs into actionable user stories for development teams.

Developed workflow automation and comprehensive Model-Driven apps using Power Apps by Integrating workflows triggered by data changes or user activities like approvals, alerts, and email notifications.

Designed and developed user-friendly Canvas apps with PowerApps, optimizing business processes and enhancing user experience, while incorporating diverse data sources as SharePoint and SQL databases for seamless data management.

Developed responsive SPFx web parts and extensions for SharePoint Online, enhancing site usability by 80% and creating engaging intranet portals for project and document management.

Architected SharePoint Security solutions and establishing Team Sites alongside Custom SharePoint Lists, with a track record of designing and building SharePoint 2013/2019 and O365 applications based on user requirements analysis.

Designed automated data imports from SharePoint to analytics platforms using Power Automate and developed a PowerApps application for integrated data management with image storage capabilities.

Created customized modules in Microsoft Dynamics 365 as Customer Service, and Project Operations, including building CRM forms, screens, views, workflows, and reports.

Converted Google workflows to Power Automate, employing scheduled cloud flows to facilitate regular updates and synchronization, and converted Google Forms to canvas PowerApps integrated with Azure VMs and third-party databases.

Used Power Automate Instant flow and Dataverse to create automated workflows for data validation and synchronization tasks, reducing manual data entry errors and increasing operational efficiency by 90 %.

Developed advanced analytics solutions by integrating Dynamics 365 data with Power BI, creating dynamic and interactive reports, and utilizing Azure Logic Apps for seamless cloud interactions between SharePoint and Dynamics 365.

Developed and integrated SQL databases with Power BI for real-time data processing, employing robust ETL modules using DAX and custom data connectors with Power FX to streamline data operations and enhance visualization with interactive, exploratory, and analytical Power BI reports.

Configured Data Connectors to integrate live IoT device data into Dataverse and linked Power Apps with electronic health record systems using Power Platform connectors for enhanced operational efficiency.

Developed intelligent chatbots using Microsoft Power Virtual Agents within Canvas App, incorporating AI Builder's sentiment analysis for enhanced patient support and triage, reducing front desk workload by 35%.

Designed and launched a patient portal with Power Pages with medical records, appointment history, and billing data, enhancing patient self-service by 80% and ensuring WCAG 2.1 compliance while integrating with Azure Active Directory for data security.

Connected to external APIs to extend the functionality of your applications, such as pulling data from social media, weather services, or other third-party APIs.

Implemented secure messaging and workflow integrations using Azure Service Bus, Event Hubs, and Azure AD to enforce HIPAA compliance, while developing automated health notification workflows in Power Apps and Power Automate, reducing patient no-show rates by 25%.

Developed SharePoint pages and Master page with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/jQuery, while also extending Power Apps UI capabilities with JavaScript and HTML, managing JSON data across various controls.

Executed CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins to automate code compilation, testing, and deployment for Power Apps, SharePoint solutions, and Dynamics 365 customizations, enhancing development efficiency and deployment reliability.

Utilized Co-Pilot to generate code snippets and provide insights during the development of Power BI reports, accelerating report creation and improving data visualization practices, resulting in more informative and visually appealing reports.

Aided in organizing sprint planning, daily check-ins, and team reviews, fostering communication between stakeholders and the team to ensure alignment with business goals.

DEMATIC Atlanta, Georgia

Power Platform / Dynamic CRM Developer August 2022- July 2023

Roles and Responsibilities:

Coordinated the design and delivery of high-impact Power Platform applications in transportation and logistics, partnering with business stakeholders to ensure solutions met operational demands within rigorous deadlines.

Developed and integrated custom Power Apps canvas apps for logistics, connecting them with SQL to streamline inventory management, order tracking, and customer engagement through real-time insights into cargo availability, routing, and delivery schedules.

Designed model-driven apps to streamline employee scheduling, performance tracking, and inventory management in logistics, enhancing transaction processing and performance monitoring through customized forms and dashboards.

Implemented automated document management workflows in SharePoint using Power Automate, reducing manual processing by 50%, using scheduled and instant flows to enhance cargo synchronization and daily logistics reporting.

Implemented Power Automate RPA capabilities to automate legacy systems and streamline customer onboarding processes in logistics, while creating custom connectors to facilitate seamless data flow.

Developed customization of the Dynamics CRM Sales module to enhance visibility into the logistics pipeline and forecasting accuracy, ultimately resulting in a 60% increase in operational productivity and a 15% reduction in cycle time.

Created Power virtual agents that interact with SharePoint lists to provide customers with real-time updates on their shipment status, tracking, and expected delivery times.

By using PowerFx in Power Apps, developed advanced logic to streamline workflows and automate tasks in logistics, increasing operational efficiency by 70% and developed custom connectors to integrate Power Apps with transportation systems.

Integrated .NET Core and C# within Power Apps and Azure Functions for customized features and advanced processing tasks in logistics, ensuring optimal performance and scalability.

Developed Power Apps integrated with Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dataverse to deliver comprehensive insights into fleet management, cargo handling, and customer preferences, while securely managing and streamlining logistics data.

Designed and implemented secure identity management solutions using Azure Active Directory B2C and Power Automate, developed secure portals with Power Pages featuring Azure AD authentication, and configured Azure Service Bus to ensure reliable messaging across logistics networks.

Developed interactive dashboard reports by integrating Power BI with Dynamics 365 to enable unified reporting across logistics management and resource planning systems, ensuring a cohesive data flow with Microsoft 365 applications.

Developed and optimized solutions for SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and integrated Office 365 applications like Delve and Teams, enhancing the advanced functionalities of SharePoint for logistics management.

Designed PowerFX formulas, jQuery, CSS, JavaScript, and efficient coding practices for conditional formatting, visibility rules, error handling, and performance optimization, enhancing user experience and functionality in logistics applications.

Designed advanced natural language processing in chatbots by using AI Builder, enhancing conversational experiences, and integrated Power Virtual Agents with Power Automate to optimize end-to-end customer service workflows in transportation.

Developed advanced DAX expressions for intricate data analysis, optimized ETL processes with Power Query, and fine-tuned Power BI dashboards for enhanced performance and user experience in logistics monitoring.

Worked on Agile practices for effective story grooming and scrum ceremonies, optimizing capacity and velocity planning to meet project deliverables within an iterative development cycle in transportation and logistics.

Managed Azure DevOps Release Pipelines for deploying Power Platform applications in logistics, managing pipeline stages, and coordinating release approvals across development, testing, and production environments.

BYJUS Bangalore, India

SharePoint / Dynamic CRM Developer January 2019 – Dec 2021

Roles and Responsibilities:

Developed a collaborative educational portal within SharePoint, deeply integrated with Microsoft Teams to enhance real-time collaboration and project management across various educational departments.

Customized SharePoint Online sites to cater specifically to the educational sector, managing course materials, regulatory compliance documents, and safety procedures in school settings.

Created event-driven triggers in SharePoint lists that initiate multi-step workflows in Power Automate for tasks like student registrations, notifications, and data synchronization between departments.

Developed custom Power Apps to streamline school operations, such as capturing student enrollment forms, managing classroom equipment checks, and incident reporting in educational environments.

Integrated Power BI web parts into SharePoint pages, allowing for real-time data visualization based on student performance metrics and educational outcomes.

Integrated SharePoint with GIS and mapping tools to visualize spatial data such as locations of educational institutions, distribution maps of student demographics, and regional education statistics.

Migrated content from on-premises SharePoint 2013/2010 to Office 365 using migration tools like Metalogix, enhancing data accessibility and security in cloud environments.

Developed PowerShell scripts for generating reports on site usage, student engagement, and other educational metrics within SharePoint.

Used Azure Logic Apps to set up automated workflows that connect SharePoint data with educational services like student information systems, electronic learning records, and custom APIs for extended educational processes.

Developed custom connectors and utilized Azure Functions written in C# to extend the logic capabilities of Power Apps, integrating with SharePoint data in educational settings.

Designed and implemented robust Power Automate workflows that interconnected SharePoint lists and multi-stage educational processes, driving efficiencies in document approval and real-time data synchronization.

Utilized SharePoint Workflows and Nintex Forms to automate document handling, tracking, and retention policies within educational institutions.

Implemented JavaScript and SPFx to customize SharePoint views and forms, improving load times and user interactions in educational portals.

Integrated Power Apps with SharePoint Lists to build rich, interactive forms for student applications with custom validation and SharePoint permissions to control access within educational facilities.

Designed canvas apps that connect to SharePoint lists, enabling rich forms with conditional logic and continuous data integration for student data management.

Built and managed cloud flows that automate processes across multiple Microsoft applications like Dynamics 365 and Azure services in an educational context.

Developed interactive Power BI dashboards utilizing SharePoint Lists and Libraries as data sources, effectively monitoring, and analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) for student achievements, course efficacy, and school operations.

Integrated frontend technologies like JavaScript along with HTML and CSS for UI/UX improvements, and employed .NET and C# for backend services, orchestrating a continuous full-stack workflow in educational applications.

Designed and managed SQL databases, wrote complex queries, and set up stored procedures that are consumed by Power Apps via Data connectors, providing robust data services for educational analytics.

Involved in regular sprint planning, stand-ups, and retrospectives with the development team, facilitating a dynamic environment that adapts to educational stakeholders’ evolving needs.

DATAFLIX Hyderabad, India

Power BI / SharePoint Developer Jan 2018 – Dec2018

Roles and Responsibilities:

Designed and developed Power BI graphical and visualization solutions with business requirement documents and plans for creating interactive dashboards.

Worked on prototype projects with creating solution driven views and dashboards by developing different chart types including Heat Maps, Geo Maps, Symbol Maps, Pie Charts, Bar Charts, Tree Maps, Gantts, Circle Views, Line Charts, Area Charts, Scatter Plots, and Histograms in Power BI.

Designed performance Dashboard, Job Failure stats, Data Volume check using SSRS, SSIS, and SQL.

Created reports in Power BI utilizing the SSAS Tabular via Analysis connector as Data Source.

Created SSIS Packages/projects to move data from source to destination programmatic by using Visual Studio 2014 and developed ETL packages to extract and transform data from data sources like MS Access.

Involved in Data Scrubbing and Data Cleansing using MDS, DQS

Designed and implemented advanced Power Automate flows to orchestrate data refresh triggers in Power BI, ensuring up-to-date analytics in response to new data entries in SharePoint lists, thereby enhancing the accuracy and timeliness.

Implemented Power BI Power DAX Query to extract data from external sources and modify the data to generate the reports.

Created various visualizations using Stacked Charts, Pie Charts, Donut Chart cards according to business requirements. Worked on RLS to constrain the user access to the row level data.

Involved in creating MDX, DAX, Cubes and Tabular models using SQL Analysis Services (SSAS). Design and write elastic queries to access data across database and migrate an existing SQL Server Database to use Azure Database.

Designed and developed UNIX shell scripts as part of the ETL process, automate the process of loading, pulling the data.

Created automated workflows that trigger data refresh in Power BI when new data is uploaded to SharePoint lists.

Created Power BI report web parts in SharePoint online, providing users with continuous access to analytics and enabling data-driven decision-making within the SharePoint environment.

Used Power BI to extract data from Dynamics 365 entities, transformed it into meaningful insights, and displayed it on SharePoint portals for easy access and collaboration.

Configured SSRS in SharePoint integrated mode, allowing users to view and manage SQL reports directly from SharePoint libraries.

Developed calculated columns and measures in Power BI and Excel using DAX expressions, adeptly employing functions like SUMX, CALCULATE, ALLEXCEPT, and FILTER.

Developed RESTful services using Core, facilitating data exchange between on-premises SQL databases, SharePoint, and Power BI.

Applied Agile methodologies to prioritize BI features, plan sprints, and review increments with stakeholders, ensuring continuous improvement and alignment with user feedback.

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