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Network Engineer Lead

Chicago, IL
May 14, 2024

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**** **** ***** **., ***********, IL. 60490 · Phone: 312-***-**** (Cell) 773-***-**** (Home) ·E-mail: · Linkedin address:


Seeking a challenging position within the field of information technology management unitizing my previous extensive experience, MBA education and highly applicable skills.


MBA-educated IT professional with diverse experience and expertise in implementing business and technology strategic solutions within procurement organizations, with strong financial and statistic analysis background.

Experienced technical manager and engineer for developing and managing computer information system with hands-on experience in networking, virtualization, system, cloud computing, infrastructure management and web-based applications.

Creative International business professional, who is fully bilingual and bi-cultural in English and Chinese – speak, read and write, specializing in emerging Asian market, managing projects, tracking progress, and delivering results.

Effective project and team leader with experience in collaboration, multi-tasking, meeting deadlines, and thriving in a fast-paced environment. Motivated self-starter and creative problem-solver who works hard and loves a challenge.


Ryder Inc. 2022~present

Network Lead (Independent contractor for supply chain management)

Manage multiple supply chain warehouse infrastructure projects.

Conducted warehouse surveys to assess network readiness, ensuring optimal infrastructure for connectivity and performance

Analyzed existing supply chain infrastructure and designed/implemented improvements utilizing SDWAN technology

Constructed network main distribution frame (MDF) and Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF), deploying and configuring SDWAN equipment to optimize network performance.

Collaborated with cross-functional teams within Ryder to ensure seamless project execution, achieving project milestones within designated timeframes and budgetary constraints.

AbbVie Inc. 12/2021~12/2022

Sr. Network Engineer (Contractor for HCL)

Served as a MCN network engineer on a multi-phase infrastructure redesign project MCN/CCF.

Designed and implemented AbbVie’s manufacturing environment using Purdue model, ensuring alignment with industry standards and best practices.

Collaborated with various technology teams to assess implementation strategies and mitigate risks associated with project execution.

Led the design and implement AbbVie’s Cisco environment, deploying core, distribute and access layer switches, as well as enterprise routing and Palo Alto firewall segmentation to enhance network security and efficiency.

JPEK Tech, Inc. 7/2019~12/2021

Independent contractor

Major project in progress with JPMorgan Chase

Conducted on the branch and tower site surveys to assess network readiness, ensuring optimal infrastructure for connectivity and performance.

Collabrated with general contractors to define site requirements for Main Distribution Frame (MDF)/Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF), Power consumption/UPS, and cabling installation, ensuring adherence to standards and regulations.

Facilitated the installation and implementation of multimedia projects in coordination with general contractors, ensuring seamless integration and functionality.

Led the hardware lifecycle refresh project, overseeing the migration of switches from 3750X to C9300, enhancing network capabilities and efficiency.

Major project completed with Rockfeller capital management

Worked on building new acquisition offices in Chicago and Oak Brook.

Conducted site survey for network readiness

Managed a team for the installation, rollout and cutover including troubleshooting router, switch, wifi, desktop,etc. during the turn up

BMO Harris Financial Group, Chicago, IL 7/2014~7/2019

Network Consultant for US & International Design/Engineering

Worked with US & International design and engineering team to analyze current network infrastructure, and to make recommendations to standardize network equipment, software version, configuration, network design, and network compliance

Analyzed and exam external and internal vulnerabilities and compliance issues

Major projects accomplished/in progress:

Vulnerability and compliance project: Evaluate, implement BMO standard to mitigate all vulnerabilities and meet bank compliance requirement. Review and mitigate vulnerability and compliance related issues to all enterprise network equipment, which includes firewalls (Juniper SRX/Netscreen and Checkpoint), Cisco routers and L2/L3 switches

China telecom insource project: build out China Beijing and GuanZhou data center to in-house hosting BMO financial service

Wired NAC (Network Access Control) project: integrate BMO wired NAC standard with current global infrastructure with both 802.1x and MAC authentication.

TACACS migration project: migrate all BMO global business units to standard TACACS unit.

US NetCap project: analyze network capacity, design and upgrade network bandwidth for over 500 bank branches

Frontrange Solutions, Milpitas, CA 4/2012~6/2014

Sr. SaaS Operation Engineer/Network Engineer

Team lead, work in a busy network operation environment and manage cloud based SaaS operation infrastructure including network infrastructure, system, network monitoring and security services.

Managed and maintained multiple SaaS landscapes, including sales (demo), pilot (code testing), UAT (user acceptance/testing), staging and production.

Worked with support and professional service team to support 24x7x365 SaaS operation; troubleshoot any SaaS related issues.

Managed Amazon Disaster Recovery sites from planning, design to implementation and testing. Build VPC/EC2 VPN connection using Cisco 2900 with BGP

Managed SaaS based projects and maintain procedure, knowledge base and documentation.

Major projects accomplished/in progress:

Evaluate, implement and test SaaS cloud DR solution using Amazon EC2 and VPC platform.

Design and Implement SaaS landscape migration moving from Cisco ASA firewalls 5520 from 8.x code to ASA5525 9.x code and redesign site-to-site VPN and AnyConnect.

Work with Development team on major code upgrade.

Independence Tube Corporation, Chicago, IL 12/2011~4/2012

Sr. Network Engineer

Manage overall enterprise IT infrastructure operations and vendor relationships including infrastructure, network monitoring and security services.

Manage and execute the planning, design, implementation, organization and operations of the data communications network, including all Cisco EIGRP network with Cisco routers, L2/L3 switches, firewall, wireless LAN controller and Access Points.

Oversee engineering, planning, and implementation of Enterprise projects.

Lead the team to push infrastructure into cloud computing and virtualization solution.

Manage, maintain and monitor ERP system.

Manage and support 24/7/365 IT on-call operation.

Direct strategic planning for IT long-term and short-term goals.

Manage and coordinate IT projects, re-engineering IT procedures, maintain IT documentation.

Major projects accomplished/in progress:

Evaluate, build and test cloud computing solution with Amazon EC2.

Evaluate and test to consolidate physical server farms into virtual machines using Microsoft Hyper-V and VMWare ESX & VSphere 5.0.

Evaluate and plan migration of windows server 2003 R2 to 2008 R2.

Deploy thin clients to manufacture shop floor.

Coetruman Technologies, Chicago, IL 8/2008~11/2011

IT Manager/Network lead

Direct and manage IT infrastructure encompassing Coetruman datacenter/private cloud, Amazon EC2 and Azure cloud, all data and communications networks and systems including Cisco, Microsoft, VMWare, EMC and HP lefthand SAN storage, servers, desktops, peripherals and applications.

Manage, maintain and monitor SaaS hosting environment, staging and development environments.

Manage IT staffs, conduct performance review and support 24/7/365 IT on-call operation.

Direct strategic planning for IT long-term and short-term goals.

Manage, coordinate, and re-engineering IT procedures.

Work with CFO and manage flexible IT infrastructure budget, including all software, hardware and licenses purchase and update. Manage cost analysis of IT expenditures and forecasting.

Supervise all IT projects and maintain knowledge base and documentation.

Maintain effectively communication and relation with vendors and customers.

Research and analyze hosting technologies to remain pro-active and current. Make recommendations to senior management for future direction.

Major projects accomplished/in progress:

Successfully obtain and become Microsoft Certificated Gold Partner as a mid-market solution provider.

Project management of cloud computing including evaluating, building, testing and migrating SaaS applications to Amazon EC2 and PVC and Microsoft Azure platform.

Manage and consolidate physical server farms into virtual machines using Microsoft Hyper-V and VMWare ESX.

Plan and migrate hosted VoIP network into self-hosting VoIP environment, resulting in reduction of communication cost by 25%.

Design and implement a monitoring system utilizing Microsoft System Center Operation Manager.

Migrate MS servers from 2003 to 2008 R2.

Plan and Migrate MS active directory from 2003 to 2008

Network Engineer

Manage and maintain SaaS hosting environment

Function as a network engineer managing Coetruman WAN/LAN environment utilizing Cisco routers, L2/L3 switches and access points and F5 loadbalancer.

Function as a security engineer managing secured Cisco network environment utilizing Cisco ASA and PIX.

Manage, maintain and troubleshoot multiple clients, staging and development environments

Manage secured Cisco network environment and VPN B2B/remote access.

Conduct an semi-annual penetration test with external company

Major projects accomplished:

Redesign and migrating network to MPLS network with AT&T.

Manage and consolidate data center.

Design and implement HyperV environment

Migrating physical servers to virtual servers

Amcol International, Arlington Heights, IL 9/2006~8/2008

Network/Security Engineer

Function as a Network Engineer managing global network with a total of over seventy sites worldwide, including over forty sites in US.

Manage, maintain and troubleshoot Amcol VPN network over AT&T MIS circuit using IPSec/GRE/DMVPN technology.

Function as a security engineer managing WebSense policy server and filter services globally.

Manage secured Cisco network environment by maintaining ACS authentication, monitoring VPN remote users access, VPN and internet traffic.

Function as a domain administrator on the daily operation in Microsoft environment.

Major projects accomplished:

Migrating IPSec/GRE internet network to MPLS network with AT&T PNT.

Manage and build up new data centers Co-Lo with AT&T.

Manage migrating IP schema change from private class B to class A in a global scale.

Conduct an annual penetration test with an external company

Evaluate, test and manage Network Management System (NMS) by using Netflow, SLA and SNMP2.

Deploy and upgrade CiscoWork CSM to 4.0.

Deploy Polycom video conference solution.

Manage and deploy Cisco teleworker solution.

Be part of team mange total $2 million dollar projects upgrading network infrastructure to Cisco 6509 with supervisor 720, 3750E switches, CallManager/VoIP, Cisco ASA firewalls, Cisco 2800 router etc,.

Insurance Auto Auction, Westchester IL 6/2006~9/2006

Network Engineer/Consultant

Function as a Network Engineer working in supporting 40 plus US locations.

Manage, maintain and troubleshoot LAN, WAN and WLAN data network using Cisco 6509, autonomous access point networks, cisco 2600 routers..

SBC, Arlington Heights, IL 6/2004~6/2006

Network Engineer/Consultant

Function as a Network Engineer working in previous Ameritech’s world class Ameritech Advanced Data Services (AADS) Network Access Point (NAP) Operation Center.

Manage, maintain and troubleshoot SBC dedicated, frame-relay, ATM and point-to-point circuit (T1, DS3, OC level) and data network and VoIP issue.

Configure, upgrade and troubleshoot LAN and WAN network and user equipment including Cisco router (7600, 7200, 3800), Catalyst switch (6509, 4506 and 3750), Nortel routers, and Adtran routers.

Provide 24/7 support, maintain and monitor over 10,000 large business customers and government for their data network, circuit, layer 2 and layer 3 equipment for Midwest region in a highly complex and mission critical data and voice network environment.

Manage and maintain technical implementation documentation.

Monitor and troubleshoot network using HP OpenView, Lucent and Alcatel switches, and various other tools.

Independent Consultant, Chicago, IL. 10/2001~05/2004

Clients include VisionBridge LLC, TEDA (TianJian Economic Develop Area), American Union Development Co., NanJin Import & Export Co., etc.

Provide business consulting service to clients including develop project plans for products development, marketing plans and import/export strategies

Provide IT consulting services to clients involving design, install and configure network and system equipment; managing and implement computer client-to-server networking system and database; maintain and troubleshoot network equipment (Cisco routers and switches); maintain and troubleshoot NT Servers and UNIX Servers.

Focal Communication, Inc. Chicago, IL 09/2000~08/2001

Network Engineer

Manage, maintain and troubleshoot DSL ATM Network and IP transit Network.

Troubleshoot ATM, BGP, and other IP routing related issues.

Configure network equipment (Nortel ATM Switch, RedBack Router, Lucent DSLAM, Juniper Router, Foundry Switch, Unisphere Router, etc.)

Use Expect/tcl, shell script to write programs to automatic process (including software upgrade, backup, testing, etc.).

Maintain DNS servers and troubleshoot DNS related issues.

Support and troubleshoot for ISP and large corporation connection.

Write technical documents and conduct training for Tier one support.

CoreComm, Inc. Chicago, IL 08/99~09/2000

Network Analyst (01/2000~09/2000)

Provision Network Circuit and troubleshoot network problem.

Configure Network equipment (Cisco Routers, Switches, Lucent MAX/TNT, CSU/DSU, etc.)

Prepare weekly generate network performance monitoring report.

Enforce network security

Technical Support Supervisor (08/1999~01/2000)

Supervise, monitor, and train 50 tech support agents and provide quarterly performance evaluation.

Setup and configure Internet software systems on all platforms.

Maintain Internet and troubleshoot for ISDN and dial up connections.

Pantech Global, Inc. Chicago, IL. 02/1996~06/1999

Project Manager (03/1998~06/1999)

Work closely with CTO and vendors to analyze, design, purchase, and network computers, printing and related equipment for overseas market.

Provide management consulting of advise on company strategy and internal operations.

Offer sales, technical, and training support for Joint Venture Company.

Personally manage $750,000.00 projects and assist in managing a two million-dollar project.

Special Project Manager (02/1997~03/1998) --- Pantech Tianjin RealVision International Ltd. Tianjin, China. (A Joint-Venture company of Pantech Global, Inc.)

Plan and setup joint venture company in Tianjin Tax Free Zone in China.

Manage, schedule, train and evaluate 30 staff in China.

Conduct product develop strategies.

Prepare project management plan including budget and risk evaluation using EVA.

Supervise information system hardware and software installation project.

Financial Analyst (02/1996~02/1997)

Work closely with CFO to generate and provide financial date and prepare all statistics for the overview of the company.

Analyze all fixed asset accounts; prepare monthly sales and use tax reports; calculate commissions for all salesmen; led annual inventory of cost items.

Established new method for calculating sales commissions.

Prepare monthly financial statement for senior officers.

Wrote special statistical reports for senior officers to assist management decisions.

Pantech Inc. Iowa city, IA 1/1992~01/1996

LAN & System Administrator (12/1994~1996)

Support users in using UNIX SGI, Power Mac, PC to transfer, rip, and print large 3D image files.

Work as LAN administrator, configure and troubleshoot network and system problems within the LAN

Install software and hardware (NT Servers and Workstations, Mac software, Network Card and TCP/IP, UNIX SGI Ripping stations, etc.).

Support any general IT helpdesk issues for users.

Office Manager (1/1992~12/1994)

Prepare all accounting bookkeeper functions and work closely with accountant for financial report and payroll.

Provide special costing studies used to revamp costing system.

Team leader of migrating accounting system from QuickBook to PeachTree.

Perform general office duties from planning, scheduling to office origination.

Maintain day-to-day internal operations including managing staff and establishing file system.


Operating Systems: UNIX, Linux, MAC/OS, DOS, WIN/x, NT, etc.

LAN/WAN: POS, ATM, IP, Ethernet, VLANs, VRRP, etc.

Routers, Switches & Multiplexes: Cisco Routers, Cisco Lay3 and Lay2 Switches including Nexus 7k, 5k, 2k and 6500 VSS, 4500x switch, Lucent MAX & TNT, Stinger, Juniper Routers, Nortel Routers, Redback Routers, Foundry L3 Switches, ASC 1000/4000, CSU/DSU, etc.

Wireless: 802.11a/b/g/n, Cisco wireless AP and controller

ATM & Frame Relay Switches: Nortel Passport, Cisco BPX, Lucent switches, Alcatel switches

Firewall: Cisco PIX & ASA, CheckPoint/Provider 1, Juniper SRX/NSM, NetScreen OS, Palo Alto/Panorama

SD WAN: Cisco Meraki, Cisco vManage

Load Balancing: F5 Big IP LTM & iRule, Citrix NetScaler, Cisco ACE, HA Proxy for Amazon EC2

Routing & Switching Protocols: BGP4, OSPF, RIP, EIGRP, MPLS

Transport Circuits: T1, DS3, OC3

Cloud Platform: Amazon AWS,

SAN Storage: EMC CX-series & Navisphere Manager, Lefthand & SANiQ and Promise VTrak, Dell DM3000.

Virtual environment: VMWare ESX 3.5, 4.0 and Hyper-v

Network Monitoring tools: Coradiant Truesight, IP monitor, Microsoft system center operation manager, Solarwind

Network Sniffer: Wireshark, Ethereal

Program Languages: Python, UNIX Shell Script, Expect/Tcl, HTML, XML

Database: MS 2008 SQL server R2, PL/SQL, SQL*PLUS, SQL Server 7


CCNA certification from Cisco (expired)

CCNP Exam took from Cisco (passed routing and switching exam, but expired)

Oracle DBA Project Training

Nortel ATM switches training

Foundry Certified Network Engineer by Foundry

Juniper Network Training

RedBack Network Training

Lucent Stinger Training

MCSE Training

ATM Carrier Network Training by Telcordia

3M ScotchPrint™ Certificate by 3M

Xerox Electoral Static Printer 8954 III Certificate by Xerox

UNIX level II training by Global Knowledge

Cisco BGP training by Global Knowledge

CCNP training from Global Knowledge

Music store web site project using ASP server and MS Access by UIC (MBA/MIS)

Web auction web site using Oracle database and Apache server by UIC (MBA/MIS)

Web Site development using IBM DB2 and Websphere (MBA/MIS)


Master of Business Administration (Major in MIS and Accounting) 12/2004

Liautaud Graduate School of Business, University of Illinois at Chicago.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance 05/2003

University of Illinois at Chicago

College of Business Administration (UIC accumulative GPA 4.78/5.0)

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