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Sales Director Team

Pittsburgh, PA
May 15, 2024

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John Scott Genslinger

**** ****** ****** ******** ** 15116



Executive Position – CEO - VP - Director of Business Growth & Development & Recruiting


Clarion State University BA – MBA University Pittsburgh

May 1980-85 BSA – MBA International Business – Multiple Accord Awards for H/R Positions held from 2005-2015

Member of the US Weight Lifting Team

Work as volunteer with adult-youth drug programs for 10 years

Strong Community Groups Ethics and Involvement In Youth Programs

US Regional Director Molecular Lab Partners

Relationship & Sales Director – Sales Team Development

December 2022 – December 2023

Building a sales team nationwide with the very best Medical Sales People in the US for one of the highest paying 7 figure sales positions in existence. MLP quickly in their first year became the number 1 Molecular Lab Company in the US as well as the fastest growing Medical Equipment firm in the US had a lot to do with Genslinger and all his relationships in the Molecular Lab space. Creating cash streams with Molecular Testing being done in-house for Urology, Podiatry, OBGYN, and PCP Practices of between 1.5-20 million dollars per year. He is known as one of the most successful sales consultants in the USA as well as someone who has built and directed the highest grossing sales teams for over 18 different companies including MLP. He has recruited and built teams in health and medical device sales, health supplement sales, pharmaceutical sales, retail sales, and many more categories. His contacts and business relationships are also something he is known for and is something that compliment is successes. He works closely with Cardinal Health Systems, Medline, McKesson, and Henry Schein bringing these companies in and under contract for MLP. He does this to expose what the company has to offer and create sales numbers that are incredible. His ability to create and materialize relationships that are crucial for the success of the company he works for and in this case MLP. The relationships he brought here was one of the biggest reasons MLP was able to do the business that they are now doing.

World Wide Stem Cell – Professional Sports

November 2020 – November 2022

Big Daddy recruited Genslinger as their CEO and Director of Relationships for Sports and Entertainment to develop relationships between collegiate sports, professional sports, and all areas of entertainment with Celularity Inc. in Warren New Jersey. Genslinger has had a 33 year career in radio, television, sports nutrition, and video retailing of all areas of marketing and merchandising using media with sports celebrities to build sales using health products.

His unique career has given Genslinger the rare ability and knowledge to produce the kind of results that very few people can deliver when building successful relationships with high profile celebrities and sports personalities. At the end of 2018 Genslinger was brought in as the Director of Entertainment & Sports Relationships to help unveil, announce, and familiarize the world by treating injured athletes with what could be called the most impactful medical discovery made in over 100 years by using athletes and entertainment celebrities as the tool and messengers.

Genslinger put together a monumental program to help educate and build relationships between the top Stem Cell Treatment Facilities and all of the Professional Sports Organizations globally he represents for this program. They are using the latest Stem Cell discoveries and treatments that will dramatically improve the quality of life and the recovery time for orthopedic sports injuries that happen in professional sports.

To name a few of those organizations, starting with the NFL, NFLPA, NBA, MBA, PGA, MMA, WWE, and he has recently added The Screen Actors Guild to his list of representations. He has hundreds of top shelf actors and actresses he has also personally directed to the 650 facilities he endorses and works with for doing treatments in the US and internationally . He only works with the best Facilities that must meet the highest standards he has set.

MYOS RENS Technology Inc.

Sep 2017 – Nov 2020 - Contract

International and National Relationship & Sales Director

Genslinger accepted the position of Director of Sales and Marketing at Myos Rens Technology in September of 2017. With his vast 20 yr experience in nutrition and diet he gained while working at the Home Shopping Network he became very well known for all of his sales and marketing wizardry. He was the creator of the California Diet and worked on the launch team for Creatine in 1993 with EAS Nutrition and HSN. He has had enormous success while also establishing a reputation for being the best at what he does. Not to mention racking up over 800 million in sales. He set countless sales records and still holds the sales records at every firm he was employed at.

Genslinger was brought in to launch a new product called Fortetropin. Genslinger worked with all the nutritional celebs for this launch such as David Hawk, Franco Columbu, Kurt Angle, Arnold Schwarzenegger, to just name a few. Working with firms like GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, BPI, Iovate, NBTY, Celucor, Weider and many more to introduce and launch this new product to the world. He assembled an incredible well taught sales team that did a great job and still does.

Fortetropin is the creation of Dr Hariri, the founder of Myos Rens Technology a Bio Tech firm in NJ and the leading stem cell research Dr in the world. Thanks to Genslinger it has already been approved for use by the NCAA, NFL, MBA, NHL, MMA, WWE, NFL Alumni to name a few.


Executive Insurance Placement

Additionally Contracted For:

Sales Teams Development 2017 - 2023

Pittsburgh, Pa. 2007 – 2017

Genslinger was the CEO and responsible for EIP developing a system for locating and placing the best agents in "high level" positions at the "the most successful" insurance firms all over the U.S. EIP also has programs for hiring ENTRY level agents.

EIP is under contract to do all the hiring with ALL of the better Insurance related firms in the country. EIP takes the burden of finding and hiring these high level agents away from the firms they are affiliated with. This allows these same firms to concentrate more on training and sales.

EIP places more high level agents than any other firm in existence today. EIP has helped build the most successful firms in Virtual Insurance Sales all over the U.S. by hiring agents that bring success wherever they go.

EIP was nominated for two ACORD awards. EIP was also nominated to receive an award at an Advisen Event for Human Resource work in the follow-up and after care division. EIP is a 16 year old highly recognized firm with over 50 extremely well qualified recruiters that Genslinger hand selected to place the highest paid virtual agents all over the United States. 2018 was the biggest year ever for EIP.

Genslinger is currently on leave of absence for a project he took on. Genslinger is still making all the executive decisions for EIP even though he is not currently working in the offices daily


Karats – Daddy Warbucks – Famous Label Outlets – HSN

Clearwater, Florida


CEO – Genslinger was the managing partner of the above mentioned corporations with Roy M. Speer. After Mr. Speer sold the Home Shopping Network in 1992 he formed multiple companies with Genslinger being his partner. Some of these companies supplied HSN a large portion of the on air merchandise they were selling.

Genslinger sold over 30 million dollars annually in jewelry, electronics, HBA's, toys, and women’s accessories to HSN. Genslinger was responsible for 600 million in sales and purchases over 10 years in the sports nutrition, diet and vitamin category. While being responsible for (writing, directing and producing) all the infomercials used in the diet and nutrition category at that time, Genslinger had an enormous run of success. For example while working with Richard Simmons “Dancing To The Oldies” is one of the infomercials he produced, directed and wrote. To this day is the largest grossing infomercial in HSN history.

Genslinger also bought and sold close-outs for HSN during his tenure. These product purchases were also used for on-air sales in very large quantities. He also bought and sold trailer loads of clothing he purchased for pennies on the dollar and sold to discount chains such as TJ Max and Gabriel Brothers.

Genslinger also owned a chain of clothing stores called Famous Label Close-Outs with Roy M Speer that liquidated all of the excess clothing that was purchased from HSN under an exclusive contract with HSN and Western Hemisphere. He had a chain of discount variety stores that were eventually sold out to Big Lots called Daddy Warbucks. Accounts that Karats bought and sold with were – GNC, Weider Sports Nutrition, Europa Sports, Cybergenics just to name a few of the sports nutrition accounts he handled. General Motors, Walgreens, Eckerd Drugs, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, CVN, QVC, HSN, Merilite Jewelry, Boscov’s Department Store, and The People’s Network to just name a few of the larger companies wo dealt with on very large volume close out deals. .

The Home Shopping Network

Clearwater, Florida

Overseas Procurer of Merchandise

1992 – 1996

Overseas Procurer Of Product – Responsibilities were procuring product that had to be made or manufactured overseas for reason of cost and private labeling. Genslinger reported and worked with the founder and creator of the Home Shopping Network. List of products private labeled successfully include The Solo-Flex, Gingerbread House Kit, Medic Alert, Sony Visa-Tel, Desert Storm Commemorative Gold Coin Sets, WWF Action Figures, Toy Christmas Trains, Jack LaLane Juicer, Juice Man Juicer, are to name a few. This department was responsible for 380 million is sales during Genslinger’s run there.

Medic Alert

Miami, Florida

National Sales Mgr.

1990 – 1992

National Sales Manager – Responsibilities were hiring sales staff and managing all sales local programs and nationally, with using direct response TV using shows for advertising that were strong demographically for the customers, then finally creating a infomercial that took the company's sales over the top.

Signature Broadcasting – CBS Radio – Cox Broadcasting

Vice President

Radio Re-Formatting

Clearwater, Florida

1985 - 1990

1985 CBS Broadcasting

Advertising Sales - Started out in advertising selling radio advertising time.

1985 Signature Broadcasting

Format Advisor – Worked with troubled stations all over the US. Responsibilities to re-format and re-staff sales department. Took over 25 stations from being last in the market to 14 of them being the number 1 and 4 of them being the number 2 position within 18 months of re-formatting.

Cox Broadcasting 1989

Worked in the Tampa market, Sarasota market, St. Petersburg market re-formatting talk radio stations to the "Wave" format. Contemporary jazz.

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