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Project Management Public Relations

Chicago, IL
May 13, 2024

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Derrick Young

Communications Major

Concentration: Human Communication

Academic Advisor Study Plan 2022.23.xlsx

Derrick Young

Bachelor's of Art- UG Communications- Human Communications

Chicago, Illinois 773-***-****


Ambitious future communications graduate with strong public relations, writing, and project management skills, seeking to jumpstart a career with an entry-level position at a company that offers room for advancement to someone who has a desire learn and to gain valuable experience in the communications industry.


Youth Basketball Coach 2022-Present

• Serve as a positive role model to the players and parents

• Teach fundamentals, playing rules, strategies and playing tactics

• Condition athletes appropriately for activities requiring endurance, strength, and agility

• Preside over team activities including all scheduled team practices and games

• Teach sportsmanship, cooperation, work ethic and responsibility to one’s team


Governors State University 6 /21/2027

BA-UG Communicaton –Human Communications

Commnication Skills & Abilities

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Confident, articulate, and professional speaking abilities (and experience)

Empathic listener and persuasive speaker

Writing creative or factual

Speaking in public, to groups, or via electronic media

Excellent presentation and negotiation skills

Possess strong commitment to team environment dynamics with the ability to contribute expertise and follow leadership directives at appropriate times

Thrive in a team environment and work well with others

Enjoy working as a team member as well as independently

Team leader and team player

Organizations and Groups

The National Society of Leadership and Success Fall/Spring Semester 2022-2024

Governor’s State University Men’s Basketball Team

Member of Garden of Prayer Church

Derrick Young

BA - UG Communications- Human Communications

Chicago, Illinois 773-***-****


Ms. Susan Cottrell

Mentor- Top Teens of America Chicago West Loop Chapter

Email: scott8910@comcast

Phone # :773-***-**** or 773-***-****

Ms. Kay Rops

Youth Minister/ Activities Director


Phone # 708-***-****


1.My goal is to obtain an internship with a company where I can demonstrate personal written and/or verbal communication skills that enhance the quality of team and project outcomes; help create programs and resources that will transfer these skills to the team or organization (assist with development of project communications, training programs, team communication practices, use of technology for virtual teams, website and social media content, community engagement programs, data analysis and reporting).

2.Ambitious future communications graduate with strong public relations, writing, and project management skills, seeking to jumpstart a career with an entry-level position at a company that offers room for advancement to someone who has a desire learn and to gain valuable experience in the communications industry.

3.My goal is to apply critical thinking and problem- solving in constructing effective informative and persuasive messages for various internal and external groups, including but not limited to employees, clients, and community members – as well as evaluating data related to message/project outcomes.

Hello everyone. My name is Derrick Young, and I am a 19-year-old sophomore living on campus at GSU (Governors State University). I am attending GSU on an academic and athletic scholarship. Balancing both can be a little challenging at times. My cousin is one of my roommates in our four-bathroom apartment. I grew up in the suburbs of Berwyn and Cicero in a two-parent household, but I am a Chicago kid at heart. I attended Chicago Public Grammar School in the North Lawndale Area and The Noble Academy Charter High School in what used to be the Cabrini Greens Project. Now there are extremely expensive homes and upscale businesses located in that area. There is even a Mariano's grocery chain directly across the street from our school.

Currently, I am a communications major and learning a lot in my classes about all the various aspects of media, podcasts, streaming services, and the vast amount of knowledge that is needed to be successful in this field. New careers and opportunities are being created every day. I want to be a Sports Analyst and be a coach. This summer I was a coach at a summer program for 4th-8th graders. I taught them the fundamentals of basketball, good sportsmanship, and the importance of being a student-athlete. I made sure they knew that to play any sport you must have good grades. I plan to get my coaching license this summer, take an in-person math class, join a men's league basketball team, and work to earn some money.

I am hoping to meet people online and in person during this coursework at GSU and to gather more information about social networking, effective and strategic communication, and impression management. I was always told that first impressions are everything. It is the age of social media and many people do not have an incredibly positive digital imprint. Much of what is put out is false truths or shock value and likes. Sometimes the truth that is reported destroys lives and adds to the negativity that readers and viewers enjoy discussing. I hope that some of the stories covered can be more positive and have a successful conclusion. Media is an ever-changing dynamic and I cannot wait to add my perspective to the mix. In the future when my name is mentioned, it will be for the integrity and dignity that I gave to the events and people I reported about. They will know my name, who I am, and what I stand for.

I have learned so much from my communications classes and how important it is to be able to communicate effectively. The current job landscape is looking for individuals who are team players, leaders, and people who can get a task done. I feel as if I am a creative thinker. If I am given the dynamics of a project the rest is history. The communication field has a variety of opportunities that are opening every single day. It does not matter if it is behind the scenes or in front of the camera. There will be a role for all who are effective communicators.

Written Work Samples:

Media Technology Biography/ Oral History Interview

Intro to Media and Society 2024 Spring

Ms. Susan Cottrell-Media/Technology Bio

Susan Cottrell was born on October 5th, 1957. Susan grew up in a two-parent household, her mother was a teacher just like she is, she has a younger brother, has never been married, lives alone, and does not have kids.

Lady Susan is one of my mentors and founder of Top Ladies of Distinction, Chicago West Loop Chapter, established in December 2019. At that time, I was inducted as the Chicago West Loop Top Teen of America’s first president from 2020-2022. The pandemic hit in March of 2018, and we went from in-person meetings and events to fully remote or on-line. Lady Cottrell and I spent a lot of time organizing and planning meetings, fundraisers, and helping gather PPO materials for the elderly.

Lady Susan is 66 years old and received her bachelor's from Illinois State University in 1979. She did her papers on an electric typewriter and used correction tape to correct her papers. The dorms did not have phones in the rooms, and she made calls on a payphone in the lobby. There were no microwaves, so she shared a hot plate with her roommate. They did have a mini fridge in their room. In contrast, I took a laptop, printer, television, ear-pods, and of course a mini fridge. It is nice to know that some things remain the same.

Lady Susan received her master's in public administration in 1984. She pursued this degree because it was the same one Chicago’s First Black Mayor Harold Washington also received. She worked at Michael Reese Hospital for about 20 years. Fun fact: She Started working in health care in 1984. At this point, they were storing patient’s medical records on microfiche. I had no idea what that was. Lady Suan stated, “It looked like a put on a movie reel.” Her responsibility was to convert the records from Microfiche to a new computerized and paperless storage database. This was a long and tedious process. The transition from microfiche to computerized was a hard transition for the medical field but a much needed one. She also took computer classes at Depaul University. There she learned how Key how card or punch card code to program.

She began teaching at Truman College in the early 1990s and that jolted her into her current career as a Chicago Public School teacher who is fully vested and ready to retire in June of this year. She is the Union Delegate for her school. She was mentioned in the union paper. “Shout-outs to the safety committee at Ericson Elementary in Garfield Park, which escalated their complaint about unsafe working conditions in the building in the wake of widespread building repairs that have created serious safety issues, from poor air quality to warning signs about possible asbestos exposure. Ericson staff brought the issue to CTU President Jesse Sharkey and CTU field rep Kathy Murray, who are our leads on our District-wide safety committee — and Jesse and Kathy immediately flagged this at Wednesday’s CPS/CTU District Safety Committee meeting.

“Escalating to the District level got us the safety review we need,” said Ericson CTU delegate Susan Cottrell. “By the end of day Wednesday, our principal had notified educators that we would work remotely Thursday and Friday while district staff conduct an immediate safety inspection and air quality test.” She is the go-to person in her building.

Baby Boomer Vs Gen Z

Baby Boomers (1946-1964)

Lady Susan is a Baby Boomer. During her era, she has witnessed significant societal changes, including the civil rights movement and the moon landing. Her generation values family, comfort, and brand loyalty. Marketing to this generation often involves highlighting the convenience and reliability of products. Lady Susan’s generation also played outside, rode bikes, played board games, watched cartoons on Saturday morning and after school. They also used the Dewey Decimal card system to find books in the library. Our library system is digital but serves the same purpose.

Generation Z (1997-2012)

I am part of Generation Z. We are truly the first generation to grow up entirely in the digital age. We are tech-savvy, socially conscious, and value diversity. Marketing to Gen Z should incorporate video content, social issues, and inclusivity. My generation was the last one to go outside but the first to really fall in love with playing video games on the go. We could take them to our friend's house, play in the car, then connect to the TV. The Wii is a virtual reality game for the house that is interactive.

Social Media

Lady Susan does not have any social media. She does not shop online and still goes to the store to buy the items that she needs. Lady Susan stated,” She enjoys getting up on Saturday morning going to the store picking out and touching her clothes and trying them on to see how they look. She goes to the post office to send off her bills, and birthday cards, and to pay her taxes. She had never ordered from Uber Eats and when she wants to order cakes to will go to the bakery or walk into the store to place her order. On a typical day, she has the TV but just for background noise. She loves to read books. The radio is on but only for background noise. She watches little to no television. Lady Susan does not have Cash App, Apple Pay or Zelle. She always gives cash or a gift card for special occasions. She has a landline with a cord and several wireless phones throughout her house. Ms. Cottrell recently upgraded her cellphone from a Samsung 13 to a Samsung 23. She had the same phone for about 10 years. The only reason she purchased a new cell phone is because she noticed that she could do more on her computer than on her cell phone.

Computer Data Trust Issues

We both do not trust or like cyber security and believe that the more advanced technology the more sophisticated hackers become. She has been a victim of identity theft, and so have I. Someone tried to hack into her checking account and withdrew funds. I had someone hack my PlayStation account and try to buy over 700 dollars in games and virtual cash. It took my bank about a week to reverse the charges. It took Lady Susan’s bank about a month to get her account back on track. We both have trust issues when it comes to technology. I am willing to try new types of technology. She is more cautious and reluctant. Lady Susan describes herself as “Computer and Technology Tolerant.” She does as much as possible in person. She knows it is the age of the computer era, but she will not convert fully and believes it must be a 50/50 system for society to advance in the future.

Our phone interview lasted for about an hour and six minutes. As always, she was willing to help me and gave me more than enough information. I sent her a questionnaire a week before our interview, but I filled it out as she was answering the questions. Her cellphone was also having some technical issues. She was on her way to the AT&T store to have an associate look at it. It is so ironic that AT&T had technical issues and of course, her landline was not affected but her cellphone did not have any service for hours. I find it amazing that it makes me want to invest in one of those landline phones just in case there is a time that all modern technology goes out and I have no way to call and check on others to see if they are ok.

Personal Information

Email: scott8910@comcast

Phone Numbers:773-***-**** or 773-***-****

Leif Ericson Scholastic Academy

3600 W. 5th Ave

Chicago, Illinois, 60624


By CTU Communications April 29, 2021, _News

File under: COVID-19, prep time, Safety Committee

Podcast Writing Samples:Podcast Genre Analysis Essay.docx

Podcast Pitch-Proposal with Suggestions


Name: Derrick Young

Name of Podcast/Show: Basketball Discussion (this is what I heard during the Pitch)

The Title in the Topic is great.

Basketball Decisions -The Last Shoot

Podcast Topic: When it is down to the last couple of seconds the ball will always be in the hands of the best player.

Ten-Word Description: The impactful ten minutes you will hear in sports today. (from your Pitch)

From our Topic NBA: Who Do You Want Taking the Last Shot? The best always steps up in the clutch moments.

This is getting there – you have two good descriptions. Work on which one (or if a third one) would make a stronger description that could be the subtitle of your show.

Listener: Who is the Podcast For? Basketball fans all over world

You have info in your Topic.

Here I would really like for you to have an ideal listener this podcast if for. What is their name? Bio? Have a photo of them and then describe why they should listen to your podcast.

Of course, I would like this podcast to generate buzz from people all over the world. But honestly speaking the average age for most casual basketball fans is from 18-34 years old, and most avid fans of the sport are from ages 35 to 55 years old. Now if we add in also women in basketball we can tap into the female viewers as well. My goal is to have even the retirees from all ethnic background's tunning in weekly.

Function: YOU: Who are you? Which version of you is in the podcast? Sports fanatics and all things basketball constantly watching videos on basketball


THEM: Who are you speaking to? Other basketball fans and those who like to analyze


WHAT: What do you want to say? What is your message? Bast 30 or so years the NBA years there have some players who are great in the final seconds of the game.

Good examples in your topic. This all makes sense.

WHY: What effect do you want to have on them? I appreciate the challenging work and dedication it takes to win games.



Single narrative and hoping to have people chatting ranting

Discuss 5 players

Overall, this does seem like People Chatting with ranting.

Length: 8-10 minute

Additional Information:

Episode is the Last Shot

In topic your tope 5 players

In feedback from class.:

Would you ever cover women’s basketball? Yes. Women's basketball is just as exciting as men's. I could cover college basketball for women and men.


You have a noticeably clear podcast and overall, this is very thorough. There are a few tweaks and revisions that you need to make for your Podcast Proposal – please see my comment above for each section.

For your podcast proposal – you will update your Podcast Topic with any changes you want to make or feel you need to make based on my feedback here and feedback you received in class.

The only added item for the Proposal is what is the Podcast Genre and why.

Genre: Sports: This informational podcast discusses a particular sport—like basketball, hockey, baseball, or football—and may focus on a specific team or bracket.

Podcast Topic Points: 10/10

Podcast Pitch Points: 10/10

COMS 3099: Junior Seminar

Career Project Exploration Paper.docx

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