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Human Resources Operations Manager

Arlington, VA, 22201
May 13, 2024

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Michael Donnell Thompson

**** ******** ** #***

Vienna, Va 22182


EDUCATION: Associate Degree, PTC Career Institute, Washington D.C. Certificate of Completion Data Entry and

Computer Programming


To obtain a career utilizing my skills in Management/Supervising or Operations Manager thriving in leadership of Team Members, meeting company daily goals and objectives through company career development for Staff.

Professional Skills:

● Excellent in training

● Team player

● Motivational speaker, excellent communication


● Problem solving

● Strategic planning

● Computer experienced in MS Office and


● Maintained current security clearance

Work Experience:

American Airlines/Piedmont Airlines Division, Regan National Airport March 2022-Present

Ramp Unit Manager:

● Managed the operational activities of the department in accordance with established policies and procedures in a unit where focus is on safe equipment handling and staffing.

● Coached and provided career development to the team as part of managing a team with various duties to include Supervisors and Agents.

● Lead Team with the ability to preplan manpower with digital scanning of Baggage and loading equipment to service Aircraft's, 175/900/700 at 5 Terminal Gates simultaneously per daily shift.

● Built strong relationships with Staff to grow as a family oriented mechanism achieving daily goals in servicing customers from beginning to ending of shifts. Menzies Aviation, Regan National Airport

November 2022-

March 2023

Aviation Fueler.

● Maintained daily records of designated flight schedules and daily fuelings.

● Input digital data on company flight spreadsheet.

● Input digital fuel laods in scanner connecting with digital fueling carts.

● Key in electric fuel load in onboard electronic fuel panel of aircraft.

● Hookup grounds fuel tank to aircraft through fueling carts.

● Fueling 6,500 gal Aircrafts to 40,000 gal Aircrafts. Community Concepts Inc January 2018- January


Lead Community Support Specialist.

● Collaborates with members of the community to provide natural supports for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

● Maintains all electronic health records according to federal, state and department regulations, ensuring that records of clients on the caseload are complete, accurate and comprehensive.

● Advocates on behalf of clients regarding rights and needed services.

● Develops and maintains cooperative relationships with representatives of community groups.

● Ensures crisis stabilization and crisis management for individuals with disabilities.

● Manages ongoing risk assessments and coping mechanisms for individuals.

● Provides entry, navigation and/or referral services for individuals, families and other concerned.

● Assures the health and safety support for people with disabilities. Operations Manager

● Monitors and supervises the daily operations of the site which includes coordinating schedules, training staff and evaluating staff.

● Facilitates the completion of payroll and revisions in a timely manner.

● Ensures staffing needs are met at all times and addresses concerns of staff.

● Upholds rights of individuals and ensures staff are trained properly to maintain individuals rights.

● Implements fire safety and other assigned procedures to ensure the site is in compliance with Licensing and company standards.

● Increased sanitation and security conditions by 40% through delegation of cleaning task and maintaining alarm systems regularly.

● Ensures vehicle and equipment maintenance through daily inspections and test Eastern University Academy Charter School March 2013- July 2015 Climate Assistant

● Assisted deans of school in facilitating transitioning of students

● Led student morning swipe-in check point

● Monitored hallway activities to maintain safe school climate

● Maintained daily reports of irregular activities of students

● Wrote incident reports of altercations with recommendations of consequence

● Assisted teachers with classroom reinforcement and management to maintain order

● Supervised and facilitated lunch for all grades

● Facilitated and helped with repairs that were needed around the school facility

● Assisted deans in smooth transition of all school assemblies and monitored student behavior during events

● Facilitated daily dismissals via designated post BioArra Inc. June 2010-March 2012

Shift Supervisor

● Supervised production both first and second shift in large production numbers in several record breaking production shifts

● Oversaw crews for next day preparation production

● Monitored and training staff for quality control

● Maintained day to day administrative records through computer data

● Headed motivational week to week team meeting

● Spearheaded new ideas and concepts for higher production yields Dow Industries Oct 2011- April 2012

Production Assembly Operator

Kelly Services

● Completed and assisted with product cleaning, inspecting and labeling production

● Fed production into computerized industrial cleaner one product at a time until full order was completed

● Transporting production from department to department with industrial carts

● Inspected bag sealing high volume production through assembly line on an industrial high volume bag sealer

● Labeled and inspected production

● Input data in computer for company record-keeping of volume being shipped out to customer Caroline County VA Public School Sept 2007-April 2009 Instructional Aide

● Facilitated instruction with a special needs student (one on one)

● Helped administration with all disciplinary matters in the school

● Assisted guidance department with mentorship program

● Coordinated morning bus duty and departure

● Performed classroom monitoring with full report to administration

● Supervised school events with parents and teachers

● Maintained safety in the school hallway

Leary School, Oxen Hill MD Oct 2005-Sept 2006

Teachers Aid/ Staff Support

● School environment was conducive to students who had behavioral issues

● Aided in daily classroom instruction while keeping the students and staff safe from behavioral outbursts

● Assisted with lesson plans for students on a continuing basis

● Oversaw daily, weekly, and monthly logs of all facility issues and student care in classroom Delta T. Incorporated, Alexandria VA July 2000-May 2006 Independent Contractor

Teacher’s Aide/Staff Support

● Alternative school for Autistic children and children with behavioral issues

● Assisted with daily classroom instruction while keeping the students and staff safe room behavioral outbursts

● Kept daily logs of all facility issues and student care. The Elwyn Institute Dec 1994-June 1999

Staff & Mental Health Counselor

● Specialized training in crisis prevention and CPR certified to help clients adapt to real-life situations and standards

● Prepared clients for day-to-day social experiences, such as, employment, banking and social skills

● Counselor in group home setting of disadvantaged children, teenage juvenile shelter, boy’s group homes and girl’s group homes

● Specialized in helping types of disabilities such as, hearing and visual impairment, handicapped children, adults and senior citizens

● Taught goal orientation projects

● Daily driver for transporting clients to and from medical appointments, outings and home visits, coordinated trips and special event outings

● Conversed with clients to reinforce positive behaviors and promote group social interaction

● Attended to routine health-care needs of clients under supervision of medical personal

● Observed and documented client’s behaviors, such as speech production, feeding patterns, and toilet training, to facilitate assessment and development of treatment goals

● Provided case management services for clients with mental retardation and mental health

● Promoted group social interaction, administered therapeutic activities, such as physical exercises, occupational arts and crafts, recreational games, to clients

● Facilitated assessment and development of treatment goals, demonstrated the ability to develop client service plans for funding agencies

● Worked effectively with client families and professionals from the state of Pennsylvania through client’s annual meetings and family visits.

● Music Instructor and Coordinator of music events

● Wrote monthly assessment reports, daily summaries and evaluations, for the State of Pennsylvania. Advanced Remedial Technologies Jan 1990 to Nov 1994 Chemical Hazard Technician

● Handled chemical removal for five-state area

● Oversight of company motor pool, maintained inventory of job site materials and equipment, and managed monthly financial transactions off-job-site budget & expenses

● Supplied equipment in hazardous material removal for all job sites in several states Computer Based Systems June 1988- Feb 1989

Data Preparation Specialists

● Responsible for inventory and record keeping for the Environmental Protection Agency

● Maintained library of trade secrets for major firms and corporations within the United States

● Interacted with high-level government officials and corporate executives

● Worked in high profile team-oriented environment

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