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Program Coordinator Cycle Management

Aqaba, Jordan
May 14, 2024

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Curriculum Vitae


i.Name: Fekadu Gudeta Dinka;

ii.Sex: Male;

iii.Date of Birth: 28 March, 1971 G.C.;

iv.Place of Birth: Wollega (Nedjo);

v.Nationality: Ethiopian;

vi.Marital Status: Married;

vii.Home Address: Oromia Special Zone (Akaki Woreda – Dukem Town);

viii.Telephone Address: Cellphone: 091******* /or 091*******;

ix.E-mail address:






Afan Oromo





Very good




Very good



3.Educational Background and Certification of Skills:

*MA Degree in Gender and Development Studies; Bahir-Dar University, Ethiopia, 2010 - 2013. Has done graduate research on “Effect of Livelihood Interventions on Women”; The Case of Sekela and North Achefer Woredas, Amhara Regional State; (January, 2013).

*B.Sc. Degree in Agricultural Economics; Alemaya Agricultural University, Ethiopia, 1986- 1990.

*Certificate in “Community Managed Risk Reduction”, HEKS-Ethiopia, Borena, Yabello; October 6 to 10, 2014.

*Certificate in “Project Cycle Management”; CCRDA, Addis Ababa, July 29 to August 2, 2014.

*Certificate in “Database Management”; Population Council, Inc. Bahir-Dar, Ethiopia, October 16 to 20, 2013.

*Certificate of Recognition in addressing “Gender Equality and Women Empowerment” in Amhara National Regional State of Ethiopia as Regional Program Coordinator of “Leave No Women Behind Joint Program” from January 2010 to December 2013.

*Certificate in “Management Information System”; UNFPA, Addis Ababa, July 27 to 31, 2011.

*Certificate in “Community Capacity Enhancement – Community Conversation (CCE-CC) and Leadership Development Program (LDP)” coordinated and funded by UNFPA, Bahir-Dar; March 03 to 12, 2011.

*Certificate in “Micro-planning for Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development”; National Institute of Rural Development, Government of India, Hyderabad; January 12 to February 07, 2005.

*Certificate in “Project Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation”; Ethiopian Management Institute, Debre-Zeit; July 8 to August 4, 1996.

4.Other kills:

*I have proven Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; as well as I have proficiency in using and applying different software packages such SPSS, SASS, CICPRO, etc. Moreover, I do have an experience and ability to ride a motorbike.

5.Membership of Professional Associations:

*Association of Ethiopian Agricultural Economics Society; and

*Ethiopian Agriculture Professional Association.

6.Brief Profile and Similar Experiences:

Ato Fekadu Gudeta (Senior Socio-economist and Gender Analyst) in different developmental organizations (Governmental and NGOs), has MA Degree in Gender and Development Studies; and B.Sc. Degree in Agricultural Economics. He is well equipped and experienced in undertaking any development project/program planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation; business plan preparation and feasibility analysis; conducting overall activities of need assessments and impact evaluation studies individually and with different professional teams.

Very recently, Ato Fekadu Gudeta had been working in Oromia Water Works, Design and Supervision Enterprise as a Senior Socio-economist and Gender Analyst. Since February 2015 up to March 2019, he has successfully completed the Socio-Economic Feasibility Analyses of two Mega Irrigation Development Projects; namely: “Lower Dhidhessa Phase I Irrigation Project” having a command area of more than 60,000 hectare irrigable land in Chewaka Woreda of Illubabor Zone, Oromia Regional State; and the second was “Lower Dhidhessa Phase II Irrigation Development Project” having a command area of more than 100 ha irrigable land in Kemashi Zone of Beneshangule-Gumuz Regional State. In addition, Ato Fekadu has also undertaken the “Impact Assessment of Water Resource Exploitation on Lake Ziway” in BatuWoreda of East Shoa Zone, Oromia Regional State.

Moreover, being in Oromia Water Works, Design and Supervision Enterprise, Ato Fekadu has also conducted the Socio-economic feasibility analyses for two medium irrigation projects in two Woredas (i.e. Meyu-Muluke Woreda in East Hararghe Zone and Rayitu Woreda in Bale Zone of Oromia Regional State) and two small-scale Irrigation Projects in two Woredas of North Shoa Zone and two small-scale irrigation projects in Shenen-Kolu Woreda of Arsi Zone in Oromia Regional State. Furthermore, Ato Fekadu has also conducted the “Economic and Financial feasibility Analyses” (i.e. “Cost-Benefit Analyses”) for all of the above mentioned irrigation development projects including designing of appropriate Organizational Structures for each irrigation project.

Currently, Ato Fekadu is working as a researcher and freelance consultant & associate consultant of any developmental interventions; and, Ato Fekadu in general, has conducted the following consultant Works with the collaboration of different Consultant Firms during past years:

i.“Pro-poor Value Chain Study with Circular Agriculture Consideration” - (Glimmer of Hope Project) for Gumer Program Areas, Guraghe Zone, Southern Region; with the coordination and collaboration of “Fikadu Getachew Consultancy Service”; April,2023

ii.“Gender Study of Support Vulnerable Communities in Afar and Somali Regions to Mitigate the Negative Impacts of COVID-19 and Desert Locusts Project” with the collaboration of “Live International Development Consultants (LIDC)”; September,2022;

iii.“Assessment on how to support Youngsters joining Higher Education Institutions; New Graduates looking for Job; and Young Adults detached from their Relatives” in Nedjo-Jasso Woredas, Oromia Regional State; with the collaboration of “Nedjo-Jasso Edir Association”; April 2022;

iv.“Luna Exports Animal Farm”; a semi-intensive feedlot and forage production project for goats and small ruminants finishing Facility Assessment that can sustainably supply animals to the Luna Export Slaughterhouse in South Omo Zone, Bori Kebele of Bena Tsemay Woreda (SNNPR),Ethiopia; with the collaboration of “FSiAbd Development Consult PLC”; March, 2021;

v.“Grievance Redressing Mechanism (GRM) Review of PSNP – 4 Project” in Somali and Harari Regional States; and Dire-Dawa City Administration with the coordination and collaboration of “WABEKBON Development Consultants PLC” ; September 2020;

vi.“Implementation of Supply Chain and Value Chain Mapping Assessment in Ethiopia” in Metema, Qoara and West Armachow of West Gonder in Amhara Regional State with the coordination and collaboration of “FSiAbd Development Consult PLC”; July 2020;

vii.“Gedeb-Town Water Supply Project” in Gedeb Town of Gedio Zone in SNNPR with the collaboration of “Tegeng Development Consult PLC”; September 2019;

viii.“Cooperative-based Seed Production and Market Value Chain Analysis” in Arsi and West Arsi Zones of Oromia Regional State with the coordination and collaboration of “FSiAbd Development Consult PLC”; August 2018;

ix.“Input and Output Market Chain Study for Irrigation Enabled Products” with the coordination and collaboration of “FSiAbd Development Consult PLC.”; January 2017;

x.“Dairy Development Project” on “Inventory of Opportunities for Chain Development Intervention in Different Dairy Markets in Ethiopia” in North Shoa and Arsi Zones of Oromia Regional State with the coordination and collaboration of “FSiAbd Development Consult PLC”; August 2017;

xi.“Identification of Women Led Income Generating Activities and their respective Value Chain Development” in Miyo and Yabello Districts of Borana Zone of Oromia Regional State with the coordination and collaboration of “FSiAbd Development Consult PLC”; September 2016;

xii.“Roving Appeal Audit” of Productive Safety Net Program Implementation in eleven districts of Oromia Regional State with the coordination and collaboration of “WABEKBON Development Consultants PLC” ; January 2015;

xiii.“Assessment of Micro-finance Services & Proposal of Sustainable Microfinance Delivery Mechanisms” in Gode, Jigjiga and Liben Zones of Somali Regional State with the coordination and collaboration of “WABEKBON Development Consultants PLC” ; December 2014;

xiv. “Participatory Contingency Planning as a response for Disaster and Risk Management Mechanism” in Shinille and Ayisha-Dewelle districts of Somali Regional State with the coordination and collaboration of “WABEKBON Development Consultants PLC” January 2013; and

xv.“Designing and Development of Dairy Products Processing and Marketing Business Plans” for Private Investors and Cooperative Unions; November/December 2010.

Furthermore, Ato Fekadu had been worked as Regional Coordinator for the Project Known as “Leave No Women Behind Joint Program” implemented in six districts of Amhara Regional State (i.e. Sekela and North Achefer Woredas in West Gojem Zone; East and West Easte Woredas in South Gonder Zone; Dembia Woreda in North Gonder Zone; and Sekota Woreda in North Wollo Zone), which funded by UNFPA and WFP for the enhancement of ‘Gender Equality and Women Empowerment’ for four consecutive years (January 2010 – December 2015) centering in Bureau of Women, Children and Youth Affairs of Amhara Regional State, (Bahir-Dar). The project has consisted four components; namely: Institutional Capacity Building, Literacy and Life Skill Trainings, Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS, and Women Livelihood Interventions. As it can be understood from the title of the project, it is a multidisciplinary project which requires involvement of different sectors at all levels (regional, district and kebele levels) and it demands strong efforts of the coordinator to organize, facilitate and running the project as per planned and scheduled. To this effect, the project coordinator, Ato Fekadu has played great roles in coordinating and leading implementing teams at regional, woreda and kebele levels through undertaking regular monitoring and follow-up; as well as provision of necessary technical supports such as trainings, community sensitizations, awareness creations and review discussions along with necessary feedbacks.

On top of this, Ato Fekadu had been effectively coordinated a “Rapid Response Mechanism” team of 3 to 5 members (experts) assigned to undertake regular follow-up and monitoring activities focusing on at spot assessments and immediate responding to the issues identified on the field while he was working as a Senior Planning and Monitoring Expert in the Federal Food Security Coordination Bureau under the Ministry of Agriculture for two consecutive years (2005 and 2006). In addition, Ato Fekadu had been involved in the “Assessment of Early Warning and Preparedness” activities which organized and coordinated by Federal Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Commission for three consecutive years (2004, 2005 and 2006).

Moreover, Ato Fekadu had been effectively participated in the impact assessments of different local and international NGO projects such as “Impact Assessment of Gudina Tumssa Integrated Rural Development Project” in 2003; and “Assessment of the Impacts of Rangeland Encroachment on the Production and Productivities of Pastoral Communities in Borena Zone” in 2002 with the coordination and facilitation of Oromia Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Commission (DPPC).

In similar way, Ato Fekadu had actively participated in the “Assessment and Refining of Oromia Cattle Ranch Development Projects”; namely: “Dida-Tuyura Cattle Ranch” in Borena zone; “Gobe Dairy Cattle Breeding Ranch” in West Arsi Zone; as well as “Abernossa Cattle Ranch” in Adami-TulluWoreda of East Shoa Zone; and “Asella Dairy Development Projects” in Asella Town of Arsi Zone in year 2001 – 2003.

In general, Ato Fekadu has long year experience (more than 25 year work experiences) and appropriate skills in conducting development project and program evaluations, surveys, technical trainings and preparation of Annual Work-plans and Budgets in thematic areas of Agriculture and Rural Development Projects and/Programs, Food Security and Safety Net Projects, Pastoral Community Development Projects; etc. Apart from this, Ato Fekadu has good experiences and familiarity with the Mainstreaming of Community Managed Risk Reduction, Community Managed Disaster and Risk Reduction (CM-DRR); Gender and Resilience, etc.

7.Other Areas of Work Experiences:

i.From June 2014 to January 2015, Program Officer in ‘ROBA (Rural Organization for the Betterment of Agro-pastoralists)’ –a local NGO which headed in Addis Ababa, Gerji Area. During his stay in this organization, Ato Fekadu was responsible for the following work activities:

oPreparation of project proposal for fund seeking from both bilateral and multilateral donor agencies;

oPreparing both strategic and annual Work plans for the organization;

oConducting regular field monitoring, review meetings/discussions and evaluation activities in project areas (Kofele and Adabba Woredas of West Arsi Zone) of the organization;

oPreparing and submitting quarter, bi-annual and annual reports (both physical and financial); and

oArranging, facilitating and conducting workshops, seminars, and trainings for project staffs.

ii.From May 2007 to December 2009, Ato Fekadu had been working as a “Community Development Specialist” in Gambella Region for WASH Project funded by ADB; and responsible for the following major activities:

oPreparing inception reports, annual work-plans, and reports of the firm;

oPreparing training manuals, guidelines for local trainees;

oProviding trainings for district level community facilitators, technical staffs, and experts in relation to WASH Project activity planning, implementing, monitoring, evaluating and reporting;

oField visiting and community need assessment;

oMonitoring and supervision of project activities on regular basis;

oConducting of mid-term and terminal project evaluations;

oPreparation of Termination report and setting out of project sustainability frameworks and/guidelines.

iii. From March 2004 to April 2007, Senior Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Expert in Federal Food Security Coordination Bureau. Main duties and Responsibilities:

oDesign and Formulation of projects and Programs related to Food Security, Safety-Net and Resettlement Program;

oMonitoring and Evaluating food security activities, Safety-Net program and projects;

oCoordinating and leading the “Rapid Response Mechanism Team” working on assessing and monitoring the Safety Net Project activities with the participation of local communities and implementing agencies;

oDesigning and formulating fund raising projects for food security and Safety net program implementation; etc.

iv. January 2003 to February 2004, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Expert in Federal Livestock Marketing Authority. Main Duties and Responsibilities:

oPreparation of annual work plans and budget for the Authority;

oGenerating and formulating livestock and livestock products marketing development policy and strategies;

oMonitoring and evaluating activities; collecting, organizing, codding, encoding and analyzing livestock & livestock products data, interpreting and report writing;

oCollecting, organizing and analyzing of livestock and livestock products marketing prices data from regional, Zonal and district levels;

oFormulation and designing of livestock market-chain linkage management policy and implementation strategies in pastoral areas of Oromia, Afar, Somali and SNNP regions;

oAssessment of demand potentials on beef cattle and beef products for both domestic and foreign markets; and

oAssessment of livestock marketing routes and their facilities in Afar, Somali and Oromia (Borena & Bale Zones).

v.January 1999 – December 2003, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Expert in Oromia Agricultural Development Bureau. Main duties and Responsibilities:

oMonitoring and evaluation; data collection, analyzing and report writing for different agricultural projects/and programs;

oConducting project feasibility studies;

oProviding of manual supported technical trainings on project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation for Zonal and district level.

vi. July 1993 – December 1999, Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Expert in East Wollega Zone Agricultural Development Office. Main duties and Responsibilities include:

oPreparing annual work-plans, conducting continuous monitoring and periodic evaluation and report writing;

oParticipating in field visiting, monitoring and review meetings, workshops and group forums;

vii.September 1990 – June 1993, Agricultural Extension Coordinator at Province level in Kelem Aworaja,Wollega. Main Duties and Responsibilities:

oCo-coordinating and controlling the staff, resources and supervision/or monitoring and evaluation of all agricultural development activities;

oPlaying overall leading and/or coaching roles of the Agricultural Extension works of the province;

oField supervision and co-ordination of technical activities; etc.


I certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, this CV correctly describes me, my qualifications, and my experience; that I am available for the assignment for which I am proposed.


1.Name: Ato Jemal Aliyi; Ministry of Agriculture; Project Coordinator; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Mobile: 091*-**-**-**;

2. Name: Ato Mabratu Kifle; A Team Leader and Coordinator of Development Projects in World Vision Ethiopia; Addis Ababa;

-E-mail address:

-Mobile: 091*-**-**-**;

3.Name: Ato Hussein Watta; General Managrer of ROBA Project, Addis Ababa; Ethiopia. - E-mail address:

-Mobile: 091687624

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