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High School Sales Associate

Manhattan, NY, 10019
May 12, 2024

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Mayah Stewart

- Phone: 917-***-****

- Email:

- Address: 1342 Franklin Ave


I am an industrious high school senior with aspirations of leadership and collaborative excellence. I aim to harness my skills to foster innovation and positive change within diverse environments. Education

- Cathedral High School, Senior

-Founder, Sisterhood Club: Initiated a club to promote unity and mutual support among female peers, orchestrating events to cultivate personal and collective growth. -Academic Excellence: Maintained a consistent record of straight A's, showcasing a fervent dedication to scholastic achievement and intellectual curiosity.

- Graduation Date: June 5th, 2024

Work Experience

Sales Associate

Flynn O'Hara, Bronx, NY

June 2022 - September 2022

-Facilitated customer engagement by assisting with uniform selections and addressing inquiries, ensuring optimal satisfaction and fostering client relationships.

-Cultivated robust interpersonal skills, effectively communicating with a diverse clientele and demonstrating resilience during peak business periods.

-Exemplified adaptability and customer-centricity, navigating challenges with poise and prioritizing client well-being.


- Communication: Articulate and persuasive communicator, proficient in conveying ideas with clarity and precision.

- Time Management: Adept at prioritizing tasks and optimizing time utilization to meet objectives and deadlines.

- Collaboration: Collaborative team player, committed to fostering synergistic partnerships and facilitating collective achievement.

- Leadership: Inherent leadership qualities, adept at providing vision and guidance to inspire and mobilize others.

- Conflict Resolution: Skilled problem solver, proficient in identifying issues and implementing effective resolutions.

- Positivity:Maintain an optimistic demeanor, fostering a supportive and encouraging atmosphere.

- Teamwork: Engage proactively within team environments, leveraging individual strengths to achieve shared goals.

- Adaptability: Embrace change with resilience and flexibility, adept at navigating new challenges and environments.


- Tutoring Teachers Program

- Conceived and launched an innovative program aimed at enhancing pedagogical efficacy among faculty members.

- Collaborated closely with educators to identify opportunities for professional development and facilitate knowledge exchange.

- Endeavored to elevate educational quality by empowering teachers with advanced teaching methodologies and resources.


- English: Fluent proficiency

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