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Data Scientist Science

San Mateo, CA
May 12, 2024

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DR. YAODONG HU 608-***-**** /

San Francisco Bay Area, CA DATA SCIENTIST

DATA SCIENCE LEADERSHIP ● PREDICTIVE MODELING ● AUTOMATED PIPELINE DEVELOPMENT Result-oriented data scientist with a proven track record of driving innovation and achieving impactful outcomes across various domains. Experienced in leading cross-functional teams and spearheading the development and deployment of advanced data science solutions. Proficient in applying machine learning techniques and advanced statistical methods to extract actionable insights, optimize processes, and inform strategic decision-making. Strong communicator with a passion for leveraging data-driven approaches to solve complex problems. CORE STRENGTHS

● Statistical Learning

● Machine Learning

● Regression Analysis

● Causal Inference

● Business Intelligence

● Marketing Mix Modeling

● Product Analysis

● Big Data Analytics

● Database Management

● Data Engineering

● UX Analysis

● A/B Testing


● Strategic Innovation: Spearheaded the development and deployment of 10+ customer-facing digital data science products, driving significant user and company growth at Farmer's Business Network, Inc.

● Cross-Functional Collaboration: Orchestrated joint efforts between data science, product, and engineering teams to conduct A/B testing experiments and develop cutting-edge machine learning algorithms at FBN.

● Advanced Data Analysis: Conducted sophisticated data-driven analyses to uncover market trends and drive strategic decision-making, contributing to enhanced eCommerce sales strategy and business growth.

● Automation and Efficiency: Established automated data pipelines and streamlined data processing workflows, facilitating seamless future reference, and improving operational efficiency at Lithos Carbon, Inc.

● Leadership and Mentorship: Demonstrated leadership as a team leader in multiple projects during later years at FBN, while also serving as a technical lead in numerous initiatives. PROFESSIONAL OVERVIEW



• Develop and enhance automated pipelines for raw experiment data, ensuring integrity and accessibility throughout the analysis process.

• Apply advanced spatial statistics and machine learning techniques to analyze scientific outcomes on carbon reduction experiments, extracting actionable insights to drive decision-making.

• Enhance data engineering pipelines to automate the cleaning, standardization, and storage of collected data.

• Collaborate with cross-functional teams to implement data-driven approaches for evaluating scientific outcomes, contributing to informed decision-making and continuous improvement initiatives.

• Create and maintain thorough documentation for data processing workflows, ensuring transparency and reproducibility in analyses.

• Provide support to team members on data processing tools and techniques, fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making within the organization.

• Continuously monitor and evaluate the performance of data processing pipelines, identifying areas for optimization and improvement to enhance efficiency and reliability. FARMER'S BUSINESS NETWORK, INC. JUL 2015 - MAR 2024 FOUNDING DATA SCIENTIST / DATA SCIENTIST LEAD

• Led critical data science initiatives, enhancing operational efficiency across user acquisition and e-commerce sales strategy while spearheading impactful A/B testing and causal inference experiments to improve product performance.

• Innovated and constructed highly efficient data processing pipelines, dramatically streamlining data handling procedures and establishing a robust foundation for future scalability and adaptability.

• Delivered impactful presentations to senior leadership, leveraging data-driven narratives to inform and inspire strategic direction and organizational decision-making with unparalleled precision and foresight.

• Orchestrated and directed over 10 cross-functional initiatives, cultivating a culture of collaboration and synergy among diverse teams spanning Engineering, Product Development, Marketing, Sales, Finance, and R&D, resulting in consistently successful outcomes and accelerated project delivery timelines. DR. YAODONG HU 608-***-**** / Page 2

• Collaborated closely with engineering counterparts to architect and implement a sophisticated automated user survey system, revolutionizing feedback collection and analysis processes, and thereby enhancing user satisfaction and product refinement cycles.

• Led joint efforts between the data science, product, and engineering teams to conduct A/B test experiments, ensuring rigorous evaluation and optimization of new web products/features before release.

• Spearheaded the development and deployment of comprehensive business intelligence dashboards, empowering stakeholders with actionable insights for retrospective performance analysis, forward-looking forecasting, and targeted marketing strategy optimization, ensuring sustained competitive advantage and market leadership.

• Developed advanced machine learning models to predict business outcomes and conducted sophisticated data- driven analysis to uncover market trends, providing insights for strategic decision-making and enhancing operational efficiency.

• Implemented an automated data pipeline through API connection and cloud computation, optimizing data referencing and processing, alongside innovative methods for spatial R&D data analysis, driving in-house advancements.

• Led a team in crop breeding, driving breakthroughs in R&D, while ensuring peak performance of deployed machine learning models through vigilant monitoring and bug fixes, maintaining data integrity.

• Key Accomplishments: Spearheaded the development and deployment of 10+ customer-facing digital data science products within a subscription-based SaaS model, driving unparalleled user engagement and revenue growth.

• Key Accomplishments: Led a multifaceted research and development initiative, spearheading the creation of 15+ advanced predictive machine learning models, revolutionizing internal processes and strategic decision- making frameworks.

HIGHLIGHTED PROJECTS (As Individual Contributor and/or Tech Lead)

• Implemented advanced machine learning models for personalized product recommendations, boosting user engagement and conversion rates, alongside a churn analysis model that improved retention by over 80%.

• Led cross-functional collaboration to develop a machine learning algorithm that quantifies lead quality for 40K+ leads, reducing labor on lead filtering by 75% and optimizing lead management processes.

• Implemented advanced machine learning algorithms for forecasting and conducted comprehensive BI analysis, enhancing e-commerce sales strategy and business growth.

• Developed an advanced machine learning algorithm capable of predicting future performance based on historical time series data.

• Led a multi-team effort to build an automated reporting system, delivering over 300K customized data analysis results to 8K+ users over 8 years, enhancing data accessibility and decision-making capabilities.

• Performed experimental design and A/B testing analysis for new web products, marketing, and promotion strategies, optimizing decision-making and enhancing product performance.

• Conducted data-driven economic research to uncover pricing trends for agricultural commodities, providing valuable insights that informed strategic pricing decisions and contributed to increased profitability.

• Built efficient data ETL pipelines using API connection and cloud storage, streamlining data referencing, and benchmarking processes, enhancing data accessibility, and facilitating more efficient data analysis and decision- making.


Ph.D., Quantitative Genetics, Minor: Statistics (MS Equivalent), University of Wisconsin, Madison (2015) TECHNICAL SKILLS

Data Science/Analytics: Statistical Learning, Supervised/Unsupervised Machine Learning, Regression & ANOVA, Experiments & A/B Testing, Causal Inference, Business Intelligence, Marketing Mix Modeling, User Experience Analysis, Product Analysis, Generative AI & LLM, Big Data Database & Data Engineering: Database, Data Engineering, Data ETL Pipeline, Automatic Reporting Programming: R/R-Shiny, Python, SQL, Shell Tools/Platforms: AWS (EC2, S3, Redshift, Sagemaker), GitHub, API Connection

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