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Mechanical Engineer Project Management

Panama City, FL
June 05, 2024

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Don Dotson June ** ****

**** ****** *** 352-***-****

Panama City, FL 32404


Mechanical Engineer providing Project Management (PM), Scoping and Cost Estimator for Air Force. (20) Years mechanical engineering experience with civilian and Air Force systems, components, assets, built infrastructure, with asset management, planning, and programming experience. Providing guidance for the facility Related Controls Systems and Assets development for the CES effort for MILCON projects and the other Tyndall projects. Providing guidance for the cybersecurity DoD risk rankings for base assets. Providing guidance on the Mission Assurance Criteria ratings for buildings and providing recommendations for implementation of Fire Protection requirements for data centers. Providing templates for contract scope development for various contract types. Assisting programming is developing Project Amounts (PA) suing RS means. Entering data into the NexGen application.

Thirty-eight years of diverse nuclear power plant experience after graduation from high school. Earned a BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tennessee concurrently with employment at the TVA Sequoya Nuclear Plant. Thirty-five years’ experience as an Operations, Fire Operations, Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS), System, Component, Program and Fire Protection Engineer. Dry Cask Storage Engineer and Code Inspection of Piping Section XI qualified Inspector. Engineering instructor and procedure writer and preparer with 10CFR 50.59 and 72.48 qualifications. Fifteen years’ experience in the development of Access databases for developing Equipment Reliability Basis for Components, Developing Maintenance Rule Criteria, Developing PMs for Components, System Equipment Tracking, tracking and maintaining records for borated water leaks and corrosion issues, and System Engineering Logs. Twelve plus years supervisory experience at TVA, CR3 and SCANA. Six plus years project management experience on multi-million dollar projects. CQM-C, CPR and OSHA 30 certified. Experience in cost estimation using RS Means and Timberline and performing job task analysis. Building an RS Means database for Tyndall.


01/20/2020 to Present: Mechanical Engineer providing project management, Scoping and Cost Estimator for the Air Force 325th CE squadron.

Developing scopes of work, providing estimates of repairs using RS Means type costing and reviewing sub-contractors work. Performing inspection and assessment of facilities. These assessment range from Site prep, Utilities, architectural, structural, interior décor and features. Fire protection and life safety is being updated as well. Performing oversight reviews of FSRM project to support USACE. Project manager for FY19, FY20, FY21, FY22, and FY23 projects.

Continuing to work with the contracting group to establish a template for the various contract. Developed a Tyndall RS Means spreadsheet from RS Means. Providing recommendations for DoD cybersecurity and UFC mission assurance criteria (MAC) for Tyndall projects. Drafting funding requests and performing contractor evaluations. Serving as a team member for various contract source selections.


02/04/2019 to 01/20/2020: PM, Scoping and Cost Estimator for Contractor with the Air Force 325th

Providing support to Air Force Base Personnel to repair Hurricane Michael Damaged facilities. Developing scopes of work, providing estimates of repairs using RS Means type costing and reviewing sub-contractors work. Performing inspection and assessment of damages to facilities. These assessment ranged from Site prep, Utilities, architectural, structural, interior décor and features. Fire protection and life safety is being updated as well. Performing oversight reviews of 100M FSRM project to support USACE fiscal year 2019 project awards. Transitioning from cost and scope estimator to project manager for 13.5M in projects awarded in 2019.

Worked with the contracting group to establish a template for the RE&C process and the RFP processes. This was used to streamline the process for CE and develop a consistent process. Conducted base Engineering training with CE for the new template rollout.

02/22/2016 to 02/01/2019: Fire Protection Engineer

Fire Protection Physical System Engineer:

Performed evaluation of fire feature impacts for designs, broken or failing systems and equipment. Provided justifications for continued operation based on those evaluations. Providing compensatory measures for broken or degraded systems and features.

Reviewed and/or performed surveillances for Fire Pumps, Spray Systems, Detection, Hose Stations, Extinguishers, Fire Barriers and Penetrations.

Reviewed of Fire Hazard Analysis (FHA) and regulatory documents to ensure continued compliance with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. (NRC), NFPA, and life safety.

Performed field walkdowns of building for issues with transient combustibles and impacts on the fire protection systems and equipment. Conducted field walkdowns with Regulators, Insurance Carrier, and other Engineers to validate our plant is in compliance with FHA and regulatory documents.

Trended equipment for degradation and failure criteria. For potential equipment issues, took issues to the plant health committee and develop long range plans for the health of the Fire Protection Equipment.

Reviewed plant drawings and specifications to verify as built information has been updated. Provided markups for the design drawings, developed an Administrative Design Package (ADP), and work flowed the change in Maximo. Provided equivalent design change packages for equipment installed in the plant that had not been updated in Maximo.

Worked with Operations, Maintenance, Chemistry, and Design Engineering as a team member for daily activities. Provided input for work order planning and return to service testing.

Fire Protection Programs Engineer:

Evaluated key indicators (KPIs) for the fire protection program. These included the number of open work orders, age of work orders, number of work orders affecting insurance covered equipment. Additionally, training, open hot works permits, aging equipment issues, impairments greater than 180 days, and the number of qualified fire protection personnel were included in the indicators.

Provided input information for the monthly KPI indicators to corporate. Participated in monthly corporate conference calls, yearly fleet summits, and regional meetings with other nuclear plant fire protection personnel.

Fire Protection 805 Engineering Support:

Evaluate existing criteria contained in FHA and regulatory documents impacts with the implementation of the 805 program. Providing input on Probability Risk Analysis (PRA). Determining code of record for the as built plant. Reviewed and provided comments for calculations and update information for the implementation of the 805 program.

02/09/2015 to 06/12/2015: Lead Instructor

Served as training lead to develop and deliver Engineering Programmatic Training on the IKS/ABB/Ventyx Equipment Reliability Suite Software package using INPO AP-913 Rev 4 guidance as a basis. Worked as part of the Engineering business team to develop procedures, processes, software, and training lesson plans for a 2015 implementation. Responsible for working with site leads, managers and students to perform training analysis, design, development, and training schedules. Traveled to the Duke plant sites and corporate office to implement the fleet merger integration of the software. Also participated in the delivery of health reporting, engineering based preventative maintenance, engineering based predictive maintenance, maintenance rule, and equipment/components long term asset planning training to Nuclear Fleet. Compared old process to the new revision of the software along with new concepts in the MRule area.

11/12/2012 to 02/06/2015: Engineering Supervisor of Programs

Developed Maintenance Rule and Equipment Reliability for the AP-1000. Developed a four-tier approach for providing MRule, ER, FEGs, and PM Strategies. Provided a comprehensive Unit 2 Equipment list and Industry Standard PM Strategies for the effort. Developed various data management tools for this collaboration. Southern Company is using SCANA tools as well to develop a standardized process for the AP-1000 plants. Working with software committee and Unit 1 to implement MRule and ER software for all sites.

Responsible for the development of the Maintenance Rule Program, Equipment Reliability Program, Fire Protection Program, Set-point Program, In-service Inspection and Testing Programs, Coatings Program. Assisted in the development of an in-depth procedure, notebook template, and how to guide for developing all the AP-1000 programs. Assisted in the Configuration management team’s development of the attributes and relationships dealing with the AP-1000. The EPRI PIM model as other industry data was used in this process.

10/25/2010 to 11/09/2012: Program Engineer at the TVA Watts Bar Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 (PWR) completion.

Program Engineer supporting the various plant programs turnover to ensure compliance with applicable codes and regulations. Updating the Risk classification for the Unit 2 NSSS systems and identifying the functional equipment groups. Updating procedures and applicable program guides. Review and make recommendations for changes to be incorporated into the existing Unit 1 plant programs to support Unit 2 completion.

Developed several ACCESS databases for tracking Equipment Reliability classification, Functional Equipment Groups, Breaker testing and cycling, Preventive maintenance tasks, and Maintenance rule activities. Developed a comparison tool to determine Unit differences between Watts Bar Unit 1 and Unit 2

01/28/2008 to 10/22/2010: Component Engineer, Temporary Engineering Supervisor, and Project Manager

Supported the EPU project ‘s calculation efforts. Acted in a temporary capacity as EPU Component group Supervisor on occasion. Acted as EPU Design Team Shift Supervisor for CR3 Outage. Worked on the R16 overall EPU Engineering Change. Project manager for the overall R17 margin and implementation EC for the EPU.

• Developed Review Criteria for determining which documents are affected by the EPU project.

• Developed an interactive document review database for the overall R17 margin and implementation EC based on Passport data and new vendor documents.

• Developed a relational database for EPU key plant parameter changes to determine what the overall aggregate affect was on the plant and the design basis to support the ongoing license amendment process.

• Modification, Design Verifier, Mechanical Design and Calculation Qualified Engineer.

• Coordinated reviews, updated project schedules, and resolved issues with the EPU calculations provided by project vendors.

• Developed an overall tracking system for the EPU project by interfacing with all major departments at CR3 and EPU. This system included Engineering Change (EC) implementation, Vendor Oversight, Purchasing, Licensing, Return to Operation, Testing, Return to Service, EC closure, and more.

• Generated cost estimates and requests for proposals to secure contractor services.

• Tracked schedule activities which included schedule adherence and managing schedule exceptions.

Tracked deliverable items for each of the EPU ECs.

• Monitored assigned personnel work schedules and performed observations on daily activities.

Project manager for the PEPSE software used for modeling steady state performance of thermodynamic systems, AFT Fathom a visual software platform for modeling incompressible flow in pipe networks, and GOTHIC a general-purpose thermal-hydraulics software package for design, licensing, safety and operating analysis of nuclear power plant containments and other confinement buildings. In the course of reviewing the programs problems were identified up front that resulted in proactively addressing issues that could impact document closure.

• Benchmarking software for use at CR3 and the NGG fleet per approved procedures.

• Reviewing EC packages as part of the modification process.

Federal Civilian Employee Jobs Below (28 Years):

02/08/1999 to 01/25/2008: System Engineer: Westinghouse 4 loop PWR Plant

System Engineer on the Component Cooling Water System, Essential Raw Cooling Water System, Spent Fuel Pool Cooling, Residual Heat Removal System, and the Dry Cask Storage System.

Performed in service testing of plant systems which included Component Cooling Water Plate Heat Exchangers, Spent Fuel Pool Heat Exchangers, Section XI Pump Testing, and comprehensive flow testing of the ECCS Systems, Section XI Visual Examination of pressurized Components for ASME Code requirements.

Worked with Maintenance Rule acquisition trending and developed the Heat Removal System and Cooling Water Criteria for TVA Sequoyah Nuclear Plant MSPI reporting.

Participated in the Design, Testing, and implementation phases of Dry Cask Storage as member of the Dry Cask Storage team for Sequoyah Nuclear Plant (SQNP). Familiar with the HOLTEC ISFAR and drawings associated with the MPC-32 used at SQNP. Participated in SQNPs DCS Campaigns where 8 MPC were loaded and set on the pad.

09/07/1987 to 02/05/ 1999: Fire Operator / Plant Operator and became a Certified NFPA Fire Protection Specialist, Westinghouse 4 loop PWR Plant

Fire Operator, Primary Duties: Performing surveillance Testing, Periodic Flushing of System for debris, sediments and clam, Monitoring, and Maintenance on Fire Protection System, Monitoring and Testing Fire Protection Monitoring System, Inspection of Fire Barrier System, and limited testing of the plant Security System. Served as Dual Rate foreman and wrote numerous fire operations procedures.

02/11/1980 to 09/04/1987: Non-Licensed Operator, Westinghouse 4 loop PWR Plant

Assistant Unit Operator with primary duties for operating and monitoring all plant systems. As a member of the refueling team for Sequoyah Unit 1 and 2, conducted fuel movement for the initial core off load and reload during the first refueling outage. Spent considerable time operating portable and permanent demineralized water treatment plants. Performed design basis walk downs during Unit 1 and 2 shut down.


University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, 615 McCallie Ave, Chattanooga, TN 37403, 423-***-****.

BS Engineering, Mechanical – December 1995

Passed Tennessee EIT in 1995


INPO Accredited Assistant Unit Operator

NFPA Certified Level III Fire Fighter

TVA Instructor Certified

TVA Training transcript available for detailed list of training


System and Program Engineer

System and Program Engineer

Modification, Design Verifier, Mechanical Design and Calculation Qualified Engineer

50.59 and 72.48 Qualified, Root Cause Qualified

Maintenance Rule, MSPI, Boric Acid and Raw Water Qualified

Westinghouse PWR Non Licensed Operator on an Ice Condenser Plant

NFPA and TVA Instructor Qualified

Construction Quality Management for Contractors Certification

Commercial Business Experience: Computer Business Owner (years)

Developed Computer Specifications

Developed Bid packages

Developed purchase order packages

Performed Installation Packages

Developed Invoices

Developed delivery and shipping schedules.

Provided Technical support and repair services contracts through third party vendors.

Provided services to local government, and individuals.


Provided upon Request


Passed EIT exam


50.59, 72.48 and Root Cause

NFPA Level III Fire Fighter and Incident Command

PWR Non-Licensed Operator Program TVA

Working on obtaining a PMP certification.

Computer Skills:

Microsoft Office power user.

Skilled programmer in ACCESS and EXCEL.

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