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Senior Business Analysis

Al Khobar, Eastern, Saudi Arabia
April 13, 2024

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Work Experience Professional brief:

• Management

I have the necessary experience to be successful in Decision Support Senior Consultant. I have a strong background in data analysis, portals & websites development modeling, and simulation, and I am passionate about helping organizations make better decisions. I have a proven track record of building relationships with clients and stakeholders. One of my responsibilities is organizing strategic plans for major economic and social sectors via performing analytical studies, papers and statistical researches about recent hot economic and social issues, helping business sector to support governmental decision maker. I have extensive experience through managing urgent Ad-Hoc requests by providing the needed policy briefs presented to His Excellency the Egyptian Prime Minister, Ministers, Governmental Authorities, and HRH Prince of Eastern Province, Consultative Assembly of Saudi Arabia, KSA ministers.

• Technical

I am an experienced motivated leader, able to achieve all-sources of analysis to provide the necessary support to the government, businesses, and organizations decision-makers by providing an honest and integrated picture of what is happening on the ground, advance sustainable economic growth and well-being by applying economic analysis and insights to various domains, such as regulatory economics, impact assessment, macroeconomics, pricing economics, behavioral economics, financial analysis, econometric modelling, competition economics, problem-solving. I have technical skills in quantitative methods, data analysis, econometric modelling and forecasting. I have excellent communication, teamwork and leadership skills to work with diverse stakeholders and deliver effective solutions.8

• Soft skills

I am focused on intensifying efforts to support decision-making in various issues of priority, through studying and analyzing those issues carefully, and offering realistic and unconventional alternatives, solutions and recommendations, as well as providing future visions and scenarios. I am a creative problem-solver, highly effective communicator, identifying various trends of public opinion regarding the raised issues, through various monitoring mechanisms, which include field monitoring, media monitoring, and desk monitoring. I used to be a team player. I am also a skilled data analyst and modeler, and I have a proven track record of making sound decisions under pressure. I’ve the ability to work in fast-paced dynamic environment, confident that I can make a significant contribution to different organizations.

2011- Present: Research and Development Consultant, Asharqia Chamber, KSA 2005 - 2011: Strategic Planning Expert, Founder for Information Dissemination Sector, proposed to establish R&D department in the Egyptian' Cabinet hierarchy- Information & Decision Support Centre (IDSC) 2002 - 2005: Manager, Issuing and Publishing Department (IDSC) 2000 - 2002: Manager, Information Department (IDSC) 1998 - 2000: Manager, Egyptian Economic Bulletin Department (IDSC) 1996 - 1998: Researcher, Information Department (IDSC) 1994 - 1996:

1992 - 1994:

Accountant, Touristic & Real Estate Constructions Co. S.A.E. Founder& Trainer, Private Computer Company.

Decision Support Senior Consultant






R & D






KM for SMEs





Have the degree of Doctorate in

Philosophy of Business Administration,

USA, 2004.

Have the degree of Master in Business

Administration–MBA, USA, 2002.

Capacity Building International

Program- InWEnt, GERMANY, 2008.

Training Cadres for the Development of


Higher Diploma in Decision Support-

Information Technology Institute (ITI),

EGYPT, 1996.

B.Sc. Degree in Management Sciences,

Sadat Academy for Management

Sciences, EGYPT, 1994.

Ashraf M. Shaheen

Contact me:

UAE: +971-*********

KSA: +966-********* Languages

Major Leading Achievements

• Supporting His Excellency, the Minister of Trade and Investment in strategic planning to solve the issue of reserved lands for ARAMCO by preparing a detailed study supported by questionnaires. This led to an urgent confirmation from SAUDI ARAMCO of the disclosure of the reserved lands, their location and clear boundaries.

• Provide strategic plans to HRH Prince of Eastern Province: for attracting investments in logistics, and innovative industries through enablement Qatif governorate Advanced Logistics Area Development.

• Formulate a Strategic plan for building Egypt’s Information Infrastructure: Participated as a pioneer in building the information infrastructure in Egypt, subsequently providing all necessary information, studies, figures, and indicators for decision makers, privates sector, academics, researchers, media and public inside and outside Egypt.

• Founding the Information Dissemination Department: Initiated and Implement a proposal for Targeting Information Beneficiaries by establishing a new department that manages the dissemination process of IDSC outputs based on targeted groups.

• Performed a SWOT Analysis proposing to establish R&D department: Initiated and implemented a proposal for a new R&D Department on IDSC’s organizational chart. Supervised

& revised the economic studies, reports and papers, presented for His Excellency the Egyptian Prime Minister.

• Developed a strategic plan for Building & Managing Egypt's information portal: Built and evaluated content & Technical development.

• Monitoring performance for development of global and local prices observatory: Building

& Managing the published website content, producing daily reports presented for His Excellency Egyptian Prime Minister.

• Public Lecturer: Raising awareness of the community about Strategic planning, cultivate thinking, information dissemination and content management with application on IDSC’s experience “Egypt’s Information Portal”, as I am the head of Governmental web sites evaluation committee.



• Middle East Economics and Private Sector Conference, March 2013, Riyadh.

• Think tanks role in developing countries, Jan. 2009, Cairo.

• Freedom of information access, “Information access is a right for each citizen”, 2008, Alexandria.

• IT role in SMEs development, 2006, Cairo.

• G15 fair in Egypt, 2000, Cairo.

• The Cainet conference, 1997, 1998, and 1999, Cairo.

• Information Technology Development in Egypt conference and fair, 1999, Cairo.

• The Children rights document announcement, 1998, Cairo. Professional Skills Personal Skills

Strategic Planning



Data Handling

Web Skills

Decision Support

Feasibility Studies

Statistical analysis


Time Management

Analytical Skills


Problem Solving

Presentation skills



Training Courses and Workshops

A. Global Courses

2014 Exceptional Leaders Workshop.

2013 Achieving Successful Results.

2013 Mastering Performance Management.

2013 The Influencer Leader.

2012 Managing Your Employee Performance Training.

2011 Development of Financial Resources for Non-Profit Organizations. 2008 Capacity Building International Program- InWEnt, GERMANY. 2002 Training Program- Cadres InWEnt, for the GERMANY, Development 2008. of SMEs- MONDIMPRESA, ITALY B. Local Courses SMEs- MONDIMPRESA, ITALY, 2002

2003 Oracle Discoverer (EUL Edition), The Cabinet Information & Decision Support Center (IDSC)

1999 Y2K problem solving course, The Cabinet- (IDSC) 1998 Information security course, Information Technology Institute (ITI) Cairo. 1996

Decision Support Specialist Diploma, consists of Computer Development Skills: MS Office, Information System course, Computer Organization & Architecture, English Keyboarding, Email & Internet and “WWW” Fundamentals, Technical English Writing (How to write professional business letters), Oral Presentation, Protocol & Etiquette and International Organizations, The Cabinet Information & Decision Support Center (IDSC) - Information Technology Institute (ITI). 1995 Professional training at the marketing dept., Onyx International Co 1994 Marketing executive course, Misr Co.

1993 - 1994 Professional training, Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC). 1991 - 1993 Professional training “Credit Section”, Cairo Bank - Al Alfy branch.

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