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Customer Service Independent Contractor

Granbury, TX
April 11, 2024

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Sarah Matzen


Granbury, TX *****


I have a passion for helping people find success through hard work and determination with a positive mindset. I am patient and understanding woman who loves to teach and take on apprenticeship opportunities throughout my career. When I was in beauty school so many gals couldn’t do fingerwaves and the instructor asked me to help the other girls in class to achieve so many goals. I would often teach the class when the instructor was out making Kahoot quiz preps to help us make 100 percents on the quizzes and tests. I am a natural leader and I want everyone to succeed in the industry of cosmetology. Since graduating I have done apprenticeship for 4 ladies who didn’t feel they were ready to stand behind the chair and needed help with application of Balayage, highlighting, hair cutting and color formula. I helped them become confident to then pursue their dreams after them with their apprenticeship. While working at the salon ladies who have been behind the chair for many years would have clients wanting a specific look and I would always help them by pulling out a mannequin and show them how to demonstrate how to properly explain how to apply the techniques to make their clients happy with the end result. My passion is to help others succeed in any path of the cosmetology industry has to offer. I have the passion, dedication, patience, and the love of this industry to help every student succeed. It has always been my dedication to teach in this industry. I would love to be an instructor to help students find their confidence and knowledge to succeed to their best versions of themselves. While I was at Empire Beauty School, I held a 4.0 with a 100 percent attendance rate and was student of the month. I graduated as valedictorian of my class and that accomplishment made me always want to give back to the community including domestic violence survivors who needed jobs after leaving their abusers and offered free makeovers to help them through an outreach program in Lakeland, Florida. Giving back to help others has always been my philosophy of life. My goal is to help build confidence within every student to become successful with every goal possible.

Customer service satisfaction is the key to any business owner and as an independent contractor my mindset was always focused on customer retention along with customer referrals. I treat customers with dignity and respect to listen actively to concerns they have and consult them with open communication and understanding to make sure they are 100 percent satisfied. I have been in customer service for over 20 years and I have the patience and understanding of how people feel while servicing their needs. I am humble and teachable while everyone wants to be treated with kindness and respect. I have always found that through hard work and dedication anything was possible throughout the course of life.

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Customer Service/Waitress

Pastafina - Granbury, TX

March 2024 to Present

Customer service to customers while dining at the restaurant. I bring drinks, appetizers, dinner, and desserts to them with a positive mindset while making sure their experience is a positive one. I close the restaurant at night and the duties throughout my shift are cleaning, sanitation of each waitress station, customer service to each table. Every guest is treated like family to me as I greet their table with a warm smile and make sure their dining experience is a joyful one so they want to return again. My demeanor while working is kind, efficient, and always done in a calm manner and it comes naturally to me while serving customers. I listen intently to each one and use open ended communication to make sure I know exactly what they need and want from my service. Communication and treating people with respect is the key to customer service.

Independent Contractor

Cosmetologist - Lakeland, FL

September 2017 to Present

Stay at Home Mom

Mom and CEO of House - Lakeland, FL

March 2006 to Present

After giving birth to my son, I stayed at home with him as a stay at home mom. He had some health issues after being born and I felt it was best to help him instead of the workforce industry. While taking care of his health needs I would make appointments, run errands, pay bills, clean the house, and nurture him at home.

Night time customer service lead

Ybor Cigars and Spirits - Lakeland, FL

May 2001 to November 2005

Customer service bartender at Ybor was my job at night while I was attending school during the day. At my job I would work a 9 hour shift and close the establishment 5 nights a week. I gave customers the best service every single night I worked. While there I would wait on patrons to make sure they had their full experience with live bands that would perform 5 nights a week. I would stock the establishment with products at the bar and serve drinks consistently throughout their time at the bar. I am well versed on customer retention and customer satisfaction.

Professional House Cleaner

Self Employed Contractor - Cadillac, MI

April 1997 to November 2001

I started my own business cleaning homes for families in Cadillac. I was licensed and insured for my business. I started cleaning homes while I was in high school after I was at a friends home and I helped her mom clean her home that was in shambles. She said you have a knack for cleaning and organizing a persons home. I made a business plan and made fliers to pass out to friends and family first and then broadened my career by word of mouth from my clients who told their friends and family to hire me to help them clean on a weekly basis. I have cleaned homes that were hoarded to just simple maintenance jobs that elderly clients could not do including walls, floors, ceiling fans, kitchen, and bathroom details of sanitation. I also offered rearranging of a clients home furniture if they needed an update of living room to give a new feel to their home. Sanitation and maintenance of a home with 100 percent satisfaction was always my mindset as I had a work ethic that when a person has a clean environment to live in their lives were more comfortable.

Night Time Manager

Cadillac Gym and Fitness - Cadillac, MI

May 1995 to December 1998

I worked at the Cadillac Gym and fitness as a night time supervisor and manager while I was in high school. My duties were establishing new clients using fliers made specifically by me and I would disperse them throughout high schools in the area and other businesses promoting the company. While at the gym I was a personal trainer who would individualize each persons goals to help them achieve their own objectives of personal fitness. I also filed paperwork for new clients and collected monthly dues upon arrival of customers. I was promoted shortly after starting there to be the night time manager because of the clients I recruited to join the gym through businesses and private businesses. When the business opened it grew by 76 percent after I was hired. I talked to people through social networking face to face and offered them a free pass for a week to try the gym and once they came in once they wanted to join for a yearly membership or a month to month depending on their needs. Customer retention was my upmost importance and the fitness goals with everyone who walked through the door for the first time. Encouraging customers to meet their goals and then break through them for a healthy lifestyle was the best part of my job. To see someone feeling like there is no hope about their health and wellbeing and them having the enthusiasm from me as their fitness instructor meet their goals and expectations through their time there was the most satisfying part of my job. I wanted people who came into the gym have their confidence back to live a happy healthy life. Education

Licensed Cosmetologist in Cosmetology

Empire Beauty School - Lakeland, FL

September 2016 to June 2017

Associate's degree in Psychology

Polk State College - Lakeland, FL

August 2013 to May 2016


• Cleaning Experience

• Food Preparation

• Food Handling

• Home Care

• Cooking

• Hair Styling

• Makeup Application

• Case Management (8 years)

• Front Desk

• Retail Sales

• Social Work

• Assistant Manager Experience

• Communication Skills

• Cash Handling

• Marketing

• Upselling

• Merchandising

• Microsoft Office

• Time Management

• Caregiving

• Customer service

• Sales

• Typing

• Inside sales

• Outbound sales

• Guest services

• Customer relationship management

• Store management

• Mac OS

• Cash handling

• Retail sales

• Cash register

• Direct sales

• Leadership

• Front desk

• Classroom experience

• Personal assistant experience

• Scripting

• Human resources

• Clerical experience

• Negotiation

• Salesforce

• Relationship management

• Supervising experience

• Mentoring

• Hospitality

• Teaching

• Experience working with students



August 2017

I graduated top of my class in 2017.

When I attended Polk State I was a 4.0 student and I am a member of Phi Theta Kapa. When I graduated from Empire Beauty School I was also the valedictorian and held a 4.0 with 100 percent attendance.

Certifications and Licenses

Cosmetology License

September 2017 to Present

Phi Theta Kapa

May 2016 to Present

Driver's License

September 1997 to September 2030

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