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Saudi Arabia Construction electrician helper

Villa Adriana, Rome, 00019, Italy
April 11, 2024

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Safety-conscious and efficient Electrician with 5+ years of experience performing electrical work for both private and commercial projects. Skilled in interpreting blueprints and schematics to complete projects quickly and correctly.

To Use My Abilities and Training as a Electrician to help growing company meet or exceed overall goals while also enhancing my career.

Seeking a challenging position as Electrician in an organization that will effectively utilize my experience and offers opportunity for career growth.

I have Five Years Experience as Electrician in Al Bahah, Saudi Arabia. I work effectively both within a team and individually using my own initiative. I believe that I will be an invaluable asset to any organisation giving my experience, dedication and the great pride that I take in my work. WORK EXPERIENCE


[ 01/03/2018 – Current ]

City: Al Bahah

Country: Saudi Arabia

Electricians fit and repair electrical circuits and wiring systems. They also install and maintain electrical equipment and machinery. This work can be performed indoors as well as outdoors, in nearly every type of facility.

• Carefully read blueprints and schematics to determine plan of action.

• Participate in weekly safety briefings, discussing state and local regulations and fire safety practices, reducing dangerous situation reports 10%.

• Work on panel boards and wiring, ensuring functionality for all units.

• Install lighting and temperature controls for several apartments in developing community.

• Helped install fire alarm system for office building project and thoroughly tested functionality.

• Studied blueprints, diagrams and technical manuals for proper installation.

• Assisted electricians with wiring for commercial construction project, following best practices to ensure safety. Mohammad Sahjad Ahmad

Nationality: Indian Date of birth: 01/01/1990 Gender: Male

Phone number: +91-761*******

Email address:

Whatsapp Messenger: +966-*********

Home: Address : Mohalla Kajiyana Post - Machhali Shahar, Uttar Pradesh, 222143 Jaunpur (India)

Work: Address : Building No. 7047 Biljurashi, Abdullah Al safa, 65635 Al Bahah (Saud i Arabia)

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House Driver

[ 10/03/2015 – 28/02/2018 ]

City: Al Bahah

Country: Saudi Arabia

Experienced House Driver seeking a position with growing company that can benefit from my expertise.

• Drove visitors, owners and residents to various destinations upon request.

• Assured that the company vehicle is maintained in excellent condition and is cleaned regularly.

• Conducted general work like dispatch jobs, filling and photo state. Visited the airport for pick up and drop off.

• Pick up clients and visitors at airport and train station for transport to various city locations.

• Perform daily pre- and post-trip company vehicle inspections.

• Maintain company vehicle cleanliness on a daily basis. CCTV Camera Installer

[ 05/07/2012 – 31/12/2015 ]

City: Al Bahah

Country: Saudi Arabia

Experienced CCTV Installer with knowledge of all sorts of security system installation needs. Extensive knowledge of multiple security systems. Has eight years of industry experience in installation of CCTV and maintenance of installed systems.

• Consulted with businesses and homeowners regarding CCTV security system needs.

• Performed appropriate measurements for installation purposes.

• Installed CCTV systems in Commercial settings, including parking lots, inside stores, and over registers as requested and needed.

• Made recommendations regarding where cameras should be installed according to individual building’s construction.

• Performed residential installations of CCTV security systems. Tested all installations and setups to make sure they worked. Spilit AC Technician

[ 03/11/2011 – 30/05/2012 ]

City: Al Bahah

Country: Saudi Arabia

To secure an AC Technician position with a successful, well-established organization that will enable me to grow professionally while contributing to the company’s goals and objectives.

• Maintained parts repair inventory and performed duties related to fixture.

• Assisted customers in correctly filing warranty claims and bills.

• Responded promptly to after-hour call-out service.

• Accomplished assigned tasks by leading small groups of technicians at the request of management. 2 / 4

Other language(s):




Driving Licence: AM

Driving Licence: A

Driving Licence: B

• Espoused all measures to safety and EPA regulations.

• Repaired official ACs and maintained its quality. EDUCATION AND TRAINING

Secondary School Certificate ( 10th Passout )

[ 2010 ]

Address: (India)


Mother tongue(s): English Hindi Urdu Arabic


Microsoft Office / Social Media / Skype / • Good communication skills / Facebook / Internet user / Organizational and planning skills / Team-work oriented / Data Handling DRIVING LICENCE


Playing Cricket

Cricket is my favorite hobby and a famous sport too. It makes me feel healthy, fit and a stronger person. I am a good cricket player and have also played Under-19.. It makes me feel confident and proud of what I am. I started playing cricket when I was a kid of 7 years old. My cricket passion started when I was a small kid and I started playing this game with my elder brother in the back side of my home.


Driving with people can be so much fun, but sometimes driving alone allows me to be myself. I can sing, dance, talk to myself like a wack-o, and not get judged for any of it. A car is like a little bubble of solitude where you can lock yourself in and be away from the world for a little while. Listening Music

Research has shown that possessing musical training and playing or listening to music as you get older can help keep the brain healthy and alert. Listening to and playing music exercises the brain, boosting mental sharpness and increasing memory.

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Traveling New Places

Traveling allows me to admire what I call the beauty of nature. Traveling is my favorite hobby because : it allows me to escape my everyday responsibilities. I love to travel with family and friends but, I've also always been the type that would catch a flight just to get away alone if necessary. That's what I call fun! COMMUNICATION AND INTERPERSONAL SKILLS

Active listening means listening to others with the purpose of gathering information and engaging with the speaker. Active listeners avoid distracting behaviors while in conversation with others, This can mean away or closing laptops or mobile devices while listening, and asking and answering questions when Sound prompted. Dependability Dependable people can be relied on in any given situation. This can include anything from being punctual to keeping promises.


Passport Number : T3704028

Date of Issue : 29/07/2021

Date of Expiry : 28/07/2031

Place of Birth - Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh


Driving Licence Number : 239-***-****

Date of Expiry - 25/06/2027

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