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Vehicle Repossession Agent

Goldsboro, NC
April 07, 2024

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*** ********** ***** *******, ***** 300 Debtor(s): Atlanta, Georgia 30339

RE: Account #:

Being unable to continue making payments on the account or having defaulted on the terms of the contract secured by the above- described vehicle, I/we hereby request for you to take possession of the vehicle at this time. I/we understand that I/we may be entitled to a pre-repossession notice prior to repossession; however, I/we do not want the voluntary surrender of the vehicle to be delayed and I/we hereby instruct you to take possession of the vehicle without issuing such a pre-repossession notice unless you are required by law to issue it even with a voluntary surrender. I/we understand that, in some states, a right-to-cure letter may need to be issued and expire before First Investors is able to take possession of the vehicle. I/we understand that if my account is subject to the SCRA, a voluntary surrender may not be accepted without court order. If I/we are a Wisconsin resident and/or if the contract is subject to Wisconsin law, I/we further acknowledge that I/we may have the right to a court hearing prior to any repossession by First Investors and that, by voluntarily surrendering the vehicle, I/we are waiving the right to a hearing. I/we agree that First Investors will sell the vehicle and the money that you get from the sale (after paying costs) will reduce the amount I/we owe and that I/we will be entitled to any surplus (unless we must pay to someone else). I/we also understand that I/we may redeem the vehicle prior to the sale of the vehicle even though we are voluntarily surrendering it. I/we understand that I/we will receive a notice that will further explain the sale of the vehicle and my rights to redeem and, if applicable, reinstate. NOTICE: I/we understand that, if permitted by state law, First Investors reserves the right to collect any deficiency balance that remains after the sale of the vehicle. In such a case, if the proceeds of the sale of the vehicle are not sufficient to pay the full amount I/we owe to First Investors, I/we may remain liable to First Investors for any resulting deficiency if permitted by state law and I/we understand that First Investors may contact me/us to collect the remaining balance. I/we understand and acknowledge that this Voluntary Surrender Request form was provided based on my/our request to voluntarily surrender the vehicle. By signing below, I/we acknowledge that I/we are not required to voluntarily surrender the vehicle and that First Investors is not asking me/us to do so. I/we further acknowledge that I/we have removed all personal property from said vehicle and hereby release First Investors, and its agents, from all claims, demands, actions and damages for any personal property remaining on the vehicle. I/we understand and acknowledge that failure to make the vehicle available at the address below and to cooperate with our repossession agent may cause the voluntary surrender to be cancelled and result in self-help repossession (if any pre-repossession letter has expired) and may impact the amount of the repossession fee and the credit reporting for the account (repossession versus voluntary surrender).

IF A JOINT ACCOUNT, THIS FORM MUST BE SIGNED BY ALL CUSTOMERS. The vehicle will be located at: Telephone # for contact:

(Borrower’s Signature) Date

(Co-Borrower’s Signature) Date

RETURN THIS FORM TO: FISC Repossession Department, Facsimile # 770-***-****, or e-mail First Investors Servicing Corporation is a debt collector. First Investors Servicing Corporation is attempting to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. NOTICE: If you are entitled to the protections of the United States Bankruptcy Code regarding the subject matter of this letter, the following applies to you: This communication is not an attempt to collect, assess, or recover a claim in violation of the bankruptcy code and is for informational purposes only. Required state and local disclosures: This collection agency is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Commerce. This collection agency is licensed by the New York City Dept. of Consumer Affairs License Number 1337363. This collection agency is licensed by the North Carolina Dept. of Insurance Permit # 103771. This 2020-01-28T14:41:07



1003 north James street Goldsboro N.C. 27530 Tuesday at 1:00p.m 919-***-****

PAMELA YVETTE ADAMS 2020-01-28 09:56:49 (UTC-05:00) collection agency is licensed by the Collection Service Board of the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance. Our Colorado in state office is located as follows: Colorado Manager, Inc., 8690 Wolff Court, Suite 110, Westminster, CO 80031, Phone # 303-***-****. NOTICE: Under Nevada law, if a person liable on a security agreement provides proof that he or she is a federal worker, tribal worker, state worker or household member of such a worker and a shutdown is occurring or has occurred, a person shall not repossess or direct or authorize another person to repossess a vehicle of that person during the period commencing on the date on which a shutdown begins and ending on the date that is 30 days after the date on which the shutdown ends.

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