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Team Member Lead

Lexington, KY
April 05, 2024

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Stefanie BrowN

Former Glassworker Pilkington NSG

Versailles, KY 40383


1. Looking for manufacturing job

2. Great work ethic

3. Expierenced in most areas of the manufacturing of vehicle parts and team leadership. 4. Exp in glass for vehicles,windshields,sunroofs,tempered glass etc 5. Great at spotting out defects

Willing to relocate: Anywhere

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Team Member

Pilkington NSG - Versailles, KY

February 2023 to April 2024

• Glassworker on windshield line

• Checking glass for defects

• Learned a lot about glass,different types of glass

• I ended up resigning on April 1st.

• I was hired as an Op 2,because I had passed the mech apt test,I finished the test in 20 min,and only missed 3 questions out of 50. I got hired in as an Op2,and the next day they called me back to inform me that due to the fact I had a seizure at home in May of 2023,that I would have to wait until this May and then I would still have to bid on another op2 position against other coworkers. So I was hired in making 24.23 hr,then the next day they say oh wait you have to start as a reg glassworker making 17.50 per hour. So it was very discouraging,and I did it as long as I could,but I didnt feel they were taking my situation seriously

• I resigned on April 1st.

• I want growth within a company

Machine Operator/Team Lead


October 2018 to February 2023

1. Team member /machine operator

2. Team leader for my line,which included 15 to 20 team members 3. Organizing team members and putting them on the line thats best for them as well as keeping our line on target everyday

4. Learned how to be a excellent multitasker during my 2 years of team leading. 5. Keeping up with shipping schedule,making sure our line was hitting target,getting parts shipped out on time.

6. Great problem solving skills.Sometimes I had a part that was considered "hot",so I had to quickly and effectively get our line switched over and run the "hot" part,amd get it done and ready for shipment! 7. I loved working with my team,I respected them,and they respected me. I had a great team,very hard workers.

8. Learned leadership skills as a team leader,(I was somewhat shy before I got the team lead position)Team leading also helped me believe in myself. 9. Team lead job helped me learn how to be assertive when needed,also gave me confidence in myself as a leader that I never thought I had.

10. Great work ethics,im enthusiastic,eager to learn and better myself through working with others as a team.

11. Im always trying to move forward,better myself,better my career and ive learned alot of these things from personal expierence but also coworkers who helped with contructive criticism. 12. I may not have all the expierence as the next applicant,but I do have 6 years of manufacturing expierience as a operator and a team leader,so whatever skills I might lack,Im eager to learn,and Im a quick learner as well!

13. Great teamplayer,great communication skills,always give my job 110percent! 14. The Sky is the limit,again always eager to learn new things,and always trying to better myself and want to always keep pushing myself forward personally and professionally. Server/Caterer

Callie's Homestyle restaurant - Versailles, KY

January 2010 to March 2016

• I enjoyed waiting tables and bartending

• I stopped working and was a stay at home mom for a few years Server/Bartender

RAMSEY'S DINER - Lexington, KY

January 2008 to July 2010

Serving/bartending consistent of taking care of all my customers to make sure that all of there food etc was correct and on time, I feel that I have enough experience in this field, I love taking care of people. Being in the restaurant business is my passion, I miss it and would love to get back to my passion of taking care of people and making sure we always have happy customers! Education

Some college in General Studies

Kctcs - Remote

January 2020 to January 2022


• Leadership (3 years)

• Organizational skills (4 years)

• Microsoft Office (2 years)

• Team Management (4 years)

• Mentoring (2 years)

• Management/ team lead (2 years)

• Assembly (6 years)

• Quality Inspection (2 years)

• Machining (5 years)

• Manufacturing (6 years)

• Restaurant Experience (10+ years)

• Serving Experience (10+ years)

• Blueprint reading (1 year)

• Hand tools (6 years)

• Fabrication

• Micrometer (1 year)

• POS (1 year)

• Mechanical Knowledge (2 years)

• Packaging (4 years)

• Quality Control (2 years)

• Calipers (5 years)

• Warehouse experience

• Press brake machine

Certifications and Licenses

Driver's License

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