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RF Engineer

Ashburn, VA
April 02, 2024

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SUSMITHA GILLA Ashburn, VA-*****



• RF Engineer with 8+ years of expertise in Optimization, Design, Benchmarking and drive testing.

• Well-versed in RF Optimization and design for leading wireless network Comcast

• Skilled in analyzing test data to enhance key performance indicators and optimizing antenna configurations.

• Possesses a strong understanding of VoLTE Pre-launch and post-launch, L3 messages, VoLTE call flows.

• Proficient in coordinating drive tests and developing comprehensive test plans to evaluate RF network performance.

• Proven expertise in post-processing, troubleshooting, and optimizing wireless networks.

• Experienced in a diverse array of testing methodologies, including Sanity, Feature, Functional, System, Compatibility, Regression, Performance, and application testing.

• Proficient in mobile device testing across VoLTE, ETAS FOA, Vo WIFI, LTE, CDMA, UMTS and GSM networks, assessing both software and hardware performance.

• Adept in generating comprehensive reports and documentation of the analysis.

• Collaborative team player, working with cross-functional teams to develop project plans and enhance network performance.


Master of Science (MS) in Electrical Engineering December 2013 New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, New Jersey Bachelor of Engineering (B. E) in Electrical Engineering May 2011 Anna University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


• RF instruments/tools: XCAL, XCAP, QXDM, Nemo Windcatcher, MapInfo, Mentum Planet, Spectrum Analyzer, Network Analyzers

• Wi-Fi tools/packages: Wireshark, Omnipeek, nOversight, G2, nPerf, Ekahau Site survey, Google Earth, Street and Trips

• Technologies: LTE Call Flows, VoLTE/VoIP Protocols, Layer 3 analysis EXPERIENCE

RF Engineer 2 October 2020 - Present

TeleWorld Solutions, Chantilly, VA (An independent subsidiary of Samsung USA) Client: Comcast

Comcast Customer experience Testing

• Managing a team of RF engineers and drive testers while serving as the team lead for Post processing engineers

• Lead creation of test methodology for different Mobile manufacturers to enhance user experience by varying different KPI like MBR, SNR and Beacon power.

• Analyzed test data to improve key performance indicators such as signal strength, SNR, throughput, Wi-Fi connectivity to open and secure SSID using Ekahau and XCAP.

• Generate a KPI report while determining and fixing any gaps in the coverage and interference sections.

• Analyze logged data to provide OEM with customer performance metrics & provide detailed analysis of different fail scenarios with log captures.

• Post processing and developing reports daily using tools like XCAP, G2 and Ekahau.

• Recreate multiple Wi-Fi Connectivity and user experience issues by having different test scenarios.

• Creating test plans and routes to accommodate all KPI monitoring requirements specified by client and monitor the testing progress closely.

• Provided technical support and guidance to field testing team for troubleshooting UE, tools and network issues.

Comcast AP Densification

• Designed and optimized wireless networks for residential and business customers to enhance coverage and performance in Chicago and San Francisco markets.

• Conducted RF surveys and site evaluations to identify optimal locations for network equipment deployment.

• Collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop project plans and improve network performance.

• Utilized Mentum Planet to model and simulate network performance and predict coverage areas.

• Conducted walk tests and analyzed data to evaluate network performance and troubleshoot issues.

• Generated reports and documentation of the analysis Wi-Fi Connectivity Testing

• Designed test cases to compare iOS16.7 to iOS17.1 to identify Wi-Fi behavior of the handset.

• Analyzed Wi-Fi logs captured using the Wi-Fi Mega Profile installed on the UE.

• Participated in troubleshooting the Wi-Fi connectivity issue and generated report with log captures.

• Conducted testing and analysis on iPhone devices running iOS 14 and iOS 15 to evaluate network performance and compatibility.

• Developed test plans and scenarios to validate network functionality and performance.

• Analyzed test data and generated reports to identify network issues and trends. Comcast 802.11u Hotspot 2.0 Passpoint Testing

• Led the creation of a test methodology to evaluate the on-boarding of client network's mobile handsets to the 802.11 Wi-Fi network after the implementation of Passpoint on Access Points.

• Developed test plans to assess Wi-Fi association and re-association issues.

• Analyzed raw device logs from mobile handsets to identify patterns of on-boarding behaviors while connecting to secure and open SSIDs.

• Documented a report with analysis.

Client: Dish

• Analyzed drive test data to improve key performance indicators such as call drops, setup failures, RACH Failures using XCAP and generated reports.

• Worked closely with 6 RF engineers and 12 drive testers for Ohio, Minneapolis, North Carolina market to implement optimization strategies based on drive test results.

• Implemented optimization strategies by analyzing Layer 3 on XCAP to improve network performance and coverage.

• Optimized antenna configurations and parameters to enhance coverage and capacity.

• Examine the areas with low SINR and provide RF shaping proposals to optimize the cluster.

• Analyzing neighbor database relation and corelate to improve handover statistics.

• Developed drive test plans and strategies to ensure comprehensive network testing.

• Coordinated and led drive tests to evaluate RF network performance and coverage. VoLTE Optimization Engineer October 2018 - August2020 Global Technology Associates

• Responsible for UpState_NY_East, UNY_Central, Southern and Northern Connecticut, Buffalo, Rochester markets Post Processing for a leading network.

• Worked for NE_DTPP Project also for processing and reporting drive data for Benchmarking, Troubleshooting and Swap Verifications drives for Northern Markets

• Cluster level Pre-Launch and Post-Launch optimization to analyze poor coverage patches and provide recommendations.

• Troubleshoot the network key parameters by scrutinizing Layer 3 messages.

• Collaborate with expert teams to provide parameter changes, RF shaping proposals to optimize the Network and reduce failures like RRC (Radio Resource Control) drops, ERAB (E- Radio Bearer) failures and handover failures and improve capacity utilization.

• Analyze Layer 3 messages to identify Call Setup Time and Release time for Long Call and Short Call

• Identify SIP Accessibility and Retainability Failures from Session and Event data in Windcatcher /XCAP

• Verify for any Tool Specific errors by comparing call flow from Wireshark to root down for supporting Analysis steps.

• Development of KPI metrics and reports for both Executive Leadership as well as field engineers

• Design Clusters for Market level drive-based Optimization according to requirement and coverage of Client.

• Conduct Drive Testing for VoLTE Pre-launch and Post-launch and co-ordinate with DT team.

• Provide routes daily to drive testers based on Client’s requirements and priorities.

• Responsible for Validating First Net Parameter export for Clusters throughout United States

• Cluster level performance optimization to analyze SINR & RSRP patches based on Predicted coverage (design tools) and Actual coverage (drive data)

• Collaborated with Team members and SME for cluster analysis and generating reports. Test Engineer May 2014 - June 2016

P3 Communications, New Jersey, USA

Client- Verizon

• Conducted a wide range of testing methodologies including Sanity testing, Feature testing, Functional testing, System testing, Compatibility testing, Regression Testing, Performance testing and application testing.

• Performed mobile device testing in VoLTE, VoWIFI, ETAS FOA, LTE, CDMA, UMTS and GSM networks for software and hardware performance.

• Conducted Field testing for different OEMs – DFIT, preFIT, EFIT.

• Tested various functionalities of PTT applications.

• Conducted System functionality, User interface testing, and network testing using tools like QXDM, QCAT, Iris view, and Wireshark.

• Tested popular applications on various 3G/4G smartphones and tablets.

• Collaborated with cross-functional teams to identify and resolve issues and improve overall system performance.

Client- AT&T

• Performed system level of interference mitigation operations, including identification and mitigation of sources in the hardest of RF environments for 3G and 4G LTE cellular networks.

• Decoded the UMTS/LTE signals using Rohde-Schwarz ROMES software and analyzed the parameters of current and neighboring sites.

• Utilized Data Collection and analysis Tools like Quantum, Real time noise, NRPM, RMAP, PUTTY for ALU and Ericsson base stations.

• Monitored and analyzed statistical and drive test data to improve system performance indicators such as dropped calls, blocked calls, orientation failures and hand-off features.

• Performed post-processing steps, data visualization and result reports with MS Office applications.

• Worked with a variety of RF testing and analyzing tools: R&S test equipment and spectrum analyzer.

Intern Jan 2011 - May 2011

Invensys India Pvt. Ltd, India

• Designed and programmed a PLC system housing for an offshore plant to trip automatically if its operating parameters exceed the predetermined threshold.

• Implemented two out of three voting logic using TRISTATION 1131 Version 4.5 software to ensure redundancy and system reliability.

• Instrumented the safety function using TRICONEX PLC to meet safety standards and regulatory requirements.

• Compiled a report with the design, programming, and testing procedures. Intern May 2009 – Jul 2009

Reliance Industries Ltd., India

• Assisted engineers in the installation, configuration, and testing of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Distributed Control Systems (DCS) for industrial applications.

• Participated in the calibration and maintenance of analyzers to ensure accurate measurements and data collection.

• Gained hands-on experience with various types of valves, including control valves and safety valves, and assisted in their installation and testing.

• Contributed to the testing and commissioning of fire and gas systems, ensuring compliance with safety standards and regulations.

• Assisted in the implementation of machine condition monitoring systems, including sensor installation and data analysis.

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