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Health Informatics positions

Ashburn, VA
April 02, 2024

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Ambika Bodke

***** ******* ***** **, **********, VA 20148 703-***-****


Experienced Health Informatics Specialist with 13+ years in healthcare. Skilled in communication, organization, planning, and mentorship. Proficient in problem-solving, conflict resolution, and facilitation. Results-driven with a focus on optimizing operations and improving patient outcomes through data analytics and information systems. Effective leader inspiring team excellence. Skills Summary

● Proficient in Microsoft Project, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint for business process management.

● Effective leader in cross-functional teams, ensuring alignment with project objectives and delivering results.

● Skilled in gathering requirements through feedback and interviews with SMEs.

● Experienced in defining project goals aligned with core business values.

● Implemented process improvements to streamline benefits and prescription management, reducing processing time and enhancing accuracy.

● Proficient in data analysis, identifying areas for improvement and developing strategies accordingly.

● Extensive knowledge of information management workflows, conducting Scope, Stakeholder, and Gap Analyses.

● Certified in Credible EHR with expertise in EHR implementation. Technical Skills

● Project Management Tools: MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, MS SharePoint, Power BI, Jira, Visio.

● Methodologies: Agile, Scrum.

Work Experience

Fairfax County Government Community Service Board

Program Assistant for Benefits and Prescription Team November 2022 - Present Project: Case Tracker Analysis

Description: The Case Tracker Analysis project aimed to streamline workflow processes within the Benefits and Prescription Team at Fairfax County Government Community Service Board. This initiative involved gathering requirements, conducting comprehensive analysis, and implementing data-driven solutions to optimize efficiency and accuracy in case tracking. Responsibilities:

● Led the Case Tracker Analysis project, overseeing all aspects from inception to implementation.

● Gathered requirements through meetings with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to understand workflow intricacies.

● Conducted thorough analysis of existing processes and identified areas for improvement.

● Standardized data collection methods and organized data points in Excel for analysis.

● Utilized Power BI to analyze data and generate visual reports highlighting key insights and recommendations.

● Presented findings and recommendations to stakeholders, ensuring alignment with organizational goals.

● Collaborated with cross-functional teams to implement process improvements and drive workflow optimization.

● Monitored project progress and addressed any challenges or issues that arose during implementation.

North America Uttara Karnataka Association (NAUKA) December 2023 – Present Project: NAUKA Web Application

Description: Leading a team of 11 volunteers, comprising individuals seeking employment, in the development of a community website for an ethnic group in North America. This platform serves to promote cultural heritage, facilitate social, festive, and cultural celebrations, disseminate community information, and organize charity events.


● Lead a team of 11 members, overseeing both development and testing aspects of the project.

● Assign tasks, establish priorities, monitor progress, and schedule meetings to ensure project milestones are met.

● Develop work breakdown structure and project planning strategies.

● Conduct daily standup calls with both testing and development teams to coordinate testing activities.

● Compile and maintain Minutes of Meeting to document project discussions and decisions.

● Conduct requirement analysis and draft Functional Requirement Documents (FRDs) based on reference materials from similar community websites.

● Provide support and mentorship to team members, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.

● Utilize FIGMA tool to design web pages and ensure alignment with project requirements.

● Facilitate timely clarification of requirements for the development team to prevent delays in the development cycle.

● Ensure effective communication between the development and testing teams.

● Maintain and backup project documents to ensure data integrity and availability. Registered Dental Hygienist Greenway Dental Smiles August 2014 – Present Responsibilities:

● Evaluate clinical findings, medical history, and dental history to develop comprehensive dental hygiene plans.

● Conduct thorough oral health assessments and create personalized treatment plans for patients.

● Perform periodontal treatments and administer local and topical anesthesia to ensure patient comfort.

● Provide counseling to pediatric patients and their parents on proper nutrition and oral hygiene practices, including brushing and flossing techniques.

● Manage reception area duties, including answering phones, scheduling appointments, and coordinating treatment plans.

● Ensure compliance with OSHA records and HIPAA regulations to maintain patient confidentiality and safety.

Health Informatics Intern Capital Caring Health. Jan 2022 - May 2022 Project: Workflow Optimization in Health Information Management Description: Led a comprehensive capstone project focused on enhancing the workflow process of information management at Capital Caring Health. The project aimed to streamline operations, improve efficiency and ensure alignment with organizational values. Responsibilities:

● Gathered requirements from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) through feedback and interviews to inform project objectives.

● Defined clear and measurable goals and objectives aligned with the core values of Capital Caring Health.

● Conducted a detailed assessment of the current workflow, identifying bottlenecks and areas for improvement.

● Collaborated with a cross-functional team to develop and implement a customized workflow design tailored to address identified needs and optimize processes.

● Assisted in the execution and implementation of the Care Quality Exchange software project to enhance overall project outcomes.

● Analyzed tickets on the MyUnity platform within the Informatics Department to identify patterns and trends for process enhancement.

● Participated in software training sessions alongside nursing staff to gain insights into system capabilities and functionalities.

● Demonstrated proficiency in EHR implementation, HIPAA compliance, risk assessment, and data analytics to ensure project success.

● Provided support in health information storage, file management, and the transition of paper documents to electronic formats compatible with software systems.

● Leveraged expertise in Credible, MyUnity, and Aprima EHR platforms to facilitate project execution and implementation.


● Masters in health informatics: 2022 Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Arizona

● Registered Dental Hygienist: 2014 Northern Virginia Community College, Springfield, VA

● Bachelor of Dental Science: 2000 College of Dental Science, Karnataka, India

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