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Assistant Manager Clean Up

Fernley, NV
March 21, 2024

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For over a decade I've worked as a skilled handyman. Throughout this period I've completed various task such as installations, tear outs fabrication, troubleshooting, deep cleaning, paint preparation interral and external painting.Fence and deck repair,vent cleaning, tree shrub trimming, pulling weeds,lawn mowing, thatching and aerating,small irrigation repairs,tile laying flooring drywall preparation and clean up.swamp cooler installation, putting up and taking down above ground pools. Swing sets, jungle Gyms've pressure washed driveways and homes. Ive organized garages, sheds, shops, home.Ive installed sod turf including river rock, fire pits ponds, waterfalls fountains, built high raised flower beds, and more.

I have written estimates of projects designed and broken it into phases for easier payments for the overall project. Done inventory, order supplies, done payroll for my crew, Taught Propper safety skills for landscaping. Did employees files, including medical information, type of medication frequency taking, Doctors name and contact information, what hospital they prefer, immunization Records physical exam report drug screen results. Valid I.D and social security card, and other related items.

Some of my responsibilities include answering phones, returning calls,

sceduling appointments,, handling customers directly resolve problems finding the best prices. Orginizing staff meetings, building client relationship.filling paperwork reviewing projects with crew and clients.Dividing project into phases and assigning specific task, in writing to each crew member, to avoid any confusion.

Manage payment

subtilized Quick books, maintained job specific records.

I have ran, a daycare out of my home, I have experience in elderly care fast food restaurant assistant manager in fast food restaurant ran a trucking company office for five plus years conducted workshops, been a assistant picking up materials, run safety meetings on the popper demeanor at work, promoting my work.

I volunteer my time and experience to seniors who are unable to do certain task on their own,such as pulling weeds, mowing lawn, moving furniture and companionship. I dedicate my time to helping families with special needs, an, offer them a brief reprieve.

I examine things from all angels and decide what is best for all involved. I am strong minded but my compassion is always there.I have the power to dismiss employees, but try and offer them some things that best fits their skills. I invest time in getting to know coworkers and clients, building a relationship with them, so they don't feel like just another client or worker.

I have taking clients to court for failure to pay out standing bill in breach of signed contract.

I am eager to learn new skills, that will improve myself and the job I am doing. Pass them onto coworkers.despite not taking criticism personally. I view it as a helpful tool to improve myself as a person, coworker, employee, and improve projects i am working on. I love to hear new ideas that will help everyone, save time and money.

I have volunteered with local youth sports football, baseball. a team mom first aid work- outs did roster work with groups and one on one to reach goals, check school attendance and grades, helped parents get scholarships for the kids that are not able to pay.driven to practice and games. Organized funraisers bake sales, car wash.touch downs and so on. Tought respect, team spirit, help one another. Never judge others. If you see someone being bullied help be their voice. .

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