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Computer Science Financial Management

Philadelphia, PA
April 16, 2024

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Carter Manzvanzvike Newark, DE 302-***-****


University of Delaware, Newark, DE May 2025

Bachelor of Arts and Sciences

Major: Actuarial Science Minor: Economics GPA: 3.2 Honor Society or Awards: Academic Dean's List(2022), Academic Merit Award(2021) RELEVANT COURSEWORK

Calculus, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Introduction to Economics, Intermediate Financial Management, Introduction to Actuarial Math, Survival Analysis, Introduction to Mathematical Finance, Accounting,General computer science for engineers, Introduction to computer science, Quantitative Microeconomics, Quantitative Macroeconomics, Introduction to Econometrics, Principles Of Finance, Discrete Mathematics, Ordinary Differential Equations, Elementary Linear Algebra, Probability and linear simulation, Computational Math, Mathematical Statistics, Applied Database Management RELEVANT COURSE PROJECTS

● Simulation of mean and confidence intervals : Utilised SAS for generating 600 samples, comparing theoretical and simulated confidence intervals, and analysing impact of sample size on estimation precision

● Neuronal Dynamic Analysis: Analysed the oscillatory behaviour of the FitzHugh-Nagumo model using MATLAB's RK4, ode45 and Euler’s methods, unravelling parameter sensitivities and amplitude variations tied to external current. Emphasised RK4 precision for in-depth analysis of dynamic systems. SKILLS

● Proficient in Microsoft (Word, Office, PowerPoint, Excel), Python Programming Language, Matlab, Mathematica, Statistical Analysis System, R Studio RELEVANT EXPERIENCE

Entrepreneurs Network Association of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe, Harare June 2023 - August 2023 Assistant Risk Analyst

● Successfully reduced operational risk by 20% through the implementation of tailored risk mitigation measures

● Analysed market trend and regulatory changes to provide strategic insights, contributing to a 10% increase in informed investment decisions

● Conducted in-depth risk assessments for diverse entrepreneurial ventures, ensuring a thorough understanding of associated risks and opportunities.


Center Of Agriculture And Economics, University of Delaware, Newark, February 2024- Present Research Assistant

● Successfully collaborated with over 50 farmers and convinced them in taking part in our market research

● Analysed and compiled data received from farmers using Ms Excel for reporting

● Actively contributed to risk assessment and mitigation strategies specific to PRF (Pasture Rangeland and Forage) insurance

Paza Buster Car Sales, Zimbabwe, Harare October 2020 - July 2021 Front Desk Receptionist

● Coordinated scheduling and appointments, ensuring optimal allocation of resources and efficient service delivery. LEADERSHIP INVOLVEMENT

Actuarial Science Club, University Of Delaware Newark, DE August 2022 - Present Vice President

● Managed strategic planning and execution of club initiatives, fostering a 20% increase in membership within the first semester.

● Implemented engaging workshops resulting in a 15% boost in member attendance and about 25% rise in positive feedback.

Intramurals Basketball, Newark, Delaware September 2022 - Present Team Captain

● Led my team to the semifinals

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