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Professional automotive photographer/ Photoshop and digital artist

Denver, CO
April 15, 2024

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Claudio Tolvo

***** ****** **, ********** **

Phone: 720-***-****


Cover Letter for Automotive Inventory Photographer and Merchandiser



Mountain Range High School / Pathways Future Center School - Thornton, Colorado Expected Graduation date: May 2020. Graduation Date: 2019. Achievements

• Playing in the BYFA ( Broomfield Youth Football Association ) my team the “Gators” wasn't the best team we were 3-9 but my team and I learned how to work together, and be a team player. We ended up making it to the superbowl and ended up 7-9, even though we didn't win the superbowl we surprised people and other teams making it from the bottom to almost the top.

• In December 2019 I was the first senior to graduate from Pathways High School in the second semester. I finished 8 classes in about 3 weeks.

• I went through classes in Barbizon Model, Actor, and Talent Agency to become a model and graduated top of my class teaching other people how to be a model as well. Although I never went in for an interview to model for a company because I wanted to focus on school, I was really good at it and it showed me a lot about being mature and being serious about what you do in life. Barbizon had definitely helped me realize that I never wanted to be in front of the camera but behind it and in control of how the pictures come out. Work Experience (Beginning to Current date)

Mowing Neighbors Lawns & Yard Work Services

June 2012– 2020

• Mow back and front of their home.

• Rake leaves and pick up branches, and fruit from trees

• I would go house to house looking for work trimming bushes and trees, cleaning gutters, cleaning up weeds, shoveling snow, etc.

King Soopers

Claudio Tolvo

11866 Spring Dr, Northglenn CO

Phone: 720-***-****


September 2020- November 2020

● I worked night crew 10 hours a day 5-6 days a week.

● My job was to stock shelves, separate and move pallets of store goods, and condition the store products.

● Laid off when covid got to devastating numbers.

The Barking Lot (Arvada, Co)

October 2020- March 1st 2021

● I work 5 days a week anywhere between 7-3 or 9-5:30, or 1-7 for 6-8 hours. I always picked up shifts for co-workers.

● My job is to watch dogs and make sure they don’t get in a fight. If they do get in a fight my job is to step between them pulling them apart before anyone or any dog gets injured.

● I’m always on high alert making sure there’s no fights and making sure all the dogs have no injuries.

● As well as protecting the dogs from fighting, I make their food for all three times of the day and make sure every dog has water.

● Inside I clean the floors, kennels, and walls. Outside I wash the concrete off and make sure all dog poop is cleaned up.

● Bonus: I run the Facebook page for the business posting pictures of the dogs providing a sense of relief to the parents when they leave their dogs at that facility. Airgas Fill Plant (Henderson, CO)

March 14, 2021- April 26, 2022

● I am a cylinder filler for airgas, I fill medical oxygen cylinders for hospitals and other medical companies.

● I fill Industrial oxygen for construction sites and other businesses.

● I have worked my way up to be able to fill the small med cylinders for hospitals, it’s relatively hard to work up to that position due to the fact it’s fully dependent on me to produce the supply those hospitals need.

● I currently work from 6am to 2:30pm and most times I do overtime to make sure the job is getting done.

Lab Logistics & Antech Diagnostics Courier (Denver, CO & Englewood, CO) April 31 2023- Current Date (Jesus Ceja Phone: 303-***-****)

● I am a courier for two different corporations, Antech and Lab Logistics. Claudio Tolvo

11866 Spring Dr, Northglenn CO

Phone: 720-***-****


● I drove over 100 miles every day doing the same route traveling from Castle Rock to Loveland hitting multiple stops within those two points.

● Both courier corps had call-ins/Stats that I always accepted as that would be that job's form of overtime.

● My Lead Driver (Boss) Jesus Ceja always relied on me and trusted me to complete each stop with a 100% completion rate.

● I have driven in all weather conditions in both manual and automatic transmissions.

● Love to drive, I have since I was young so this job was nice but it puts too much of a toll on my vehicles. Hence the reason for looking for something new.

● I am in charge of making sure I didn't miss a stop, accounting for all samples and specimens.

Ambitionz Media & Photography

● Ambitionz Media & Photography is my business that I had created about 3 years ago as a client based Photographer.

● I have experience in multiple different types of photography such as Family Portraits, Weddings, Family Reunion, Headshots for Real Estate Agents, and I specialize in Automotive.

● The photography that I'm best at and the reason for becoming a photographer was for Automotive photography.

● I have a lot of experience as a Automotive Photographer as I’ve been hired to complete Car Calendars.

● I've been hired to take photos of big and small car events such as; The ELK’s Lodge, SLUSH Motorsports Festival, Drift Colorado, etc.

● I take pride in each and every picture that I take due to the fact that that's how I advertise my business and gain clientele.

● I am very unique in the way that I take my pictures because I strive to be different.

● The name Ambitionz Media & Photography came from my enthusiasm and ambition for the art of photography, it has been a hobby of mine since I was a kid with my flip phone taking pictures of any and everything.

● I am ready to take my experience and skills to help the business and hopefully increase sales.


Claudio Tolvo

11866 Spring Dr, Northglenn CO

Phone: 720-***-****


● I'm very creative in everything, being open minded, or just knowing how to solve problems. I have even built my own Go Kart out of scrap wood and an old lawn mower engine by myself.

● Experience in Adobe Photoshop, and I'm really good at video making and editing. I had a gaming channel on my Instagram that at one point had 2,000 followers from my edits and my game play.

● To add to the Adobe Photoshop experience over the years I’ve become more and more detailed and technical with how I edit my pictures as I’ve had many mentors giving me their honest opinions and suggestions.

● When I bought my used car there were several things that needed to be fixed. I have been teaching myself how to do the maintenance on it.

● To apply my creativity into something I love combining both passions I have been building a portfolio on Automotive Photography.

● I work well with others and I work well alone.

● I am a fast learner, I love to learn new things.

● I am always looking at every detail, for example; any problems that need to be solved or for any dangers that could occur I am always paying attention to little things. If you have any more questions or you'd like more explanation on anything in my resume feel free to email me at: or Call/Text me on: 720-***-****

Thank you for taking the time to read my resume.

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