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Public Safety Law Enforcement

Coral Springs, FL
April 15, 2024

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Professional summary

Experience in law enforcement and military roles, demonstrating exceptional

leadership, problem-solving, and communication skills. Proficient in a wide range of technical skills including Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, and radio communication, complemented by a strong foundation in reporting and administrative tasks. Dedicated to maintaining public safety and community service, with a proven track record of achieving results and making a positive impact in high-pressure environments. Currently serving as a Corporal in the Marine Corps, specializing in fire support. Completed two years of active duty with expertise in various military operations. Participated in funeral honors details, color guards, and Toys for Tots events, demonstrating commitment to community engagement. Awarded the Navy Commendation Medal for exemplary service at 4th ANGLICO in West Palm Beach. Skills


Microsoft Word

Excel Spreadsheet

Report Writing

Reporting Systems

Radio communication/programming




Microsoft Powerpoint

Artillery Support

Close Air Support Coordination

Conflict resolution

Legal Knowledge


Crisis Management

Emergency Response

Leon Butler

FL, Coral Springs, 33071 / 954-***-**** / 2000-02-23

Employment history

Deputy Sheriff, Broward County Sheriff Office


As a road patrol deputy in training while in Pompano Beach, FL my responsibilities included patrolling, responding to emergencies, investigating crimes, making arrests, mediating disputes, and engaging with the community.

Efficiently solved community issues

Arrested law offenders, enhancing public safety

Gathered critical information for the agency

Influenced community positively through proactive policing Accurately gathered information for agency, aiding in problem-solving and community support. Employment history

Fire Support Marine, 4th Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company NOV 2019 - PRESENT,WEST PALM BEACH, FL

My role as a Fire Support Marine involves providing direct and indirect fire support to infantry units and other elements within the Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF). Here are some of the key responsibilities and duties:

1. Artillery Support: Fire Support Marines operate artillery systems such as M777 howitzers or M109 Paladin self-propelled howitzers to deliver indirect fire support. They are responsible for accurately aiming and firing these weapons to engage targets at various ranges. 2. Close Air Support Coordination: They coordinate with Marine aviation assets to provide close air support (CAS) to ground forces. This involves communicating with pilots to direct airstrikes onto enemy positions while minimizing the risk to friendly troops. 3. Forward Observation: Fire Support Marines often serve as forward observers, operating in close proximity to front-line units to observe enemy activity and call in fire missions. They must accurately identify targets, determine their location, and provide relevant information to artillery units or aircraft.

4. Target Acquisition: They employ various methods for target acquisition, including radar, optical devices, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), to locate and track enemy positions. This information is critical for engaging targets effectively and supporting friendly forces. 5. Fire Planning and Coordination: Fire Support Marines participate in the planning and coordination of fire support missions, working closely with unit commanders and intelligence personnel to develop effective strategies for engaging enemy forces. 6. Fire Direction Control: They are responsible for calculating firing data, including adjustments for range, elevation, and weather conditions, to ensure accurate and timely delivery of fire support.

7. Liaison with Ground Units: Fire Support Marines maintain close communication and coordination with infantry units and other elements on the ground to understand their tactical situation, provide fire support as needed, and adjust plans accordingly. Floor Associate, CHEWY INC


Handled mail preparation for CHEWY INC with precision Ensured accurate and prompt packaging

Worked in a team to optimize sorting techniques

Addressed packaging challenges, elevating customer satisfaction Energized by challenges, efficiently sorted and packaged mail, enhancing consumer satisfaction.

Car Detailer, Acura of Pembroke Pines/ Mercedes Benz Of Pembroke pines OCT 2018 - JUN 2019,PEMBROKE PINES, FL

Managed daily operations of vehicle care at Acura and Mercedes Benz dealerships Ensured high-quality detailing for customer vehicles Maintained a record of pristine cleanliness for company vehicles Regularly refueled and inspected vehicles for optimal performance Maintained high-quality cleanliness and detailing standards for luxury vehicles, ensuring top condition.

Cashier, Sun life Stadium


Managed cash transactions at diverse concession stands at Sun Life Stadium Delivered exceptional customer service during sporting and festival events Maintained a high level of accuracy in cash handling Resolved customer complaints swiftly and professionally Education

High school or equivalent, West Broward High school,PEMBROKE PINES, FL

Florida International University


Dual enrolled as a High School Student.

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