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Oil Gas Chemical Engineer

Minneapolis, MN
April 15, 2024

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Chemical Engineer

Universidad del Zulia,Vzla 1976

Diploma in Asset Management RGU, Scotland,UK 2001


Chemical Engineer who worked in Petróleos de Venezuela PDVSA in Oil&Gas Processing, Engineering Projects and External Technical Adviser in engineering facilities design for the Oil&Gas Industry in Latin- American. Main responsibilities include Gas Process Engineer in Gas Processing&Compression Plants, Supervisor of an Oil field Production and Refinery getting extensive experience in oil, gas, steam and water conditioning and processing, Oil and LPG Shipping Terminals and Engineering Projects. As an Oil&Gas Processing Engineer for about 10 years, the main role was focus in carrying out sample and physicochemical analysis of oil and gas, Dehydration of heavy crude oil, performance evaluation of gas transmission and gas gathering systems, compression plants, Dehydration, Sweetening and LPG extraction plants, storage pressurized and refrigerated of LPG products, and loading to ships at Terminals. Some experiences were physicochemical analysis of oil & gas and water for steam production and Dehydration of heavy crude oil, hydraulic evaluation of oil&gas gathering system at Lake Maracaibo to determine restrictions and bottlenecking in this huge net of gas lines handling more than 2000 MMscf/d. Advising Performance test of gas compression, Dehydration, Sweetening and LPG plants were carried out to determine deviation of design parameter allowing to be able to identify operational problems which could affect normal production level. Technical report with recommendations must have been issued to operator.

Among of the main challenges was the advising to running a Smart PIG Cleaning and inspection an interstate 16 inches diameter gas line and more than 200 miles feeding fuel gas to a refinery. Parameters of speed and pressure were extremely important to control to get a process succeed avoiding problems in the normal operation of the refinery.

As a Gas Project Engineer for about 15 years, the main role has been to lead a multidisciplinary team to study, carry out and complete documents and drawings of engineering projects of Oil&Gas and Water Treatment and Injection Plant for this sector in Latin-American. Since early stages such as Visualization and Conceptual Engineering until Basic and Detailed Engineering have been developed. Among important experiences are mentioned Visualization for Surface Facilities for Oil&Gas Manantiales BEHR Reservoir Argentina, Conceptual Engineering for developing Gas field Guama in Colombia, Basic Engineering for developing Oil&Gas West Soldado field offshore Trinidad and Detailed Engineering for Natural Gas Vehicular and Gas Pipeline Venezuela.

Among the main technical challenges was to carry out the Conceptual and Basic Engineering for a pilot project of a Polymer solution Injection Plant of 5,000 bbl/day, where physicochemical water conditioning from Lake Maracaibo should be done. Additionally, a project to obtain 400 MMscf/d of Nitrogen from Air to be injected in reservoir in Lake Maracaibo. Cryogenic and Non-Cryogenic process were deeply studied to be able to recommend the best technical, environmental and economically option. Nitrogen Rejection Units (NRU) was also considered.

As a Manager Director of a Latin-American Engineering Consulting Group for 7 years has been developing business associated with Surface facilities Project Engineering for the oil and gas sector in Colombia, Peru, Argentina and Trinidad.

General knowledge of Financial Statements based on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Balance Sheet and Income Statement, Financial Ratios (Liquidity, Leverage, Efficiency, Profitability, Market value). Strong experience in Process Continues Improvement /Getting certifications ISO-9001, ISO- 14001 and OHSAS-18001 for FEED for Project Engineering facilities in the Oil and Gas area. Strengths in conceptualizing projects and planning, ability to interact positively with multidisciplinary teams’ work, looking for the solutions to chronic and potential problems in production and projects process with a clear conscientious of costs, environmental and safety rules. Native Spanish language, Microsoft Office (word, excel, PowerPoint, Project), Aspen HYSYS and Pipe-phase Process Simulators, AutoCAD (PFD, PID drawings).

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