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Project Manager Management

Ashburn, VA
April 15, 2024

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Summary: Experienced Project Administrator adept at scheduling, coordinating, and organizing related projects. Skilled in developing, managing, and tracking 100+ project plans within the Operations and Administration Division. Proficient in communication, both verbal and written, with a keen ability to integrate planning and strategy effectively. Demonstrated competency in project management and Microsoft Office suite, coupled with a proactive approach to learning and adapting to new challenges.


Wynn Casino - Senior Project Manager (Contractor, 2 months) 4/2023 – 6/2023: Wynn Las Vegas

1. Opera Upgrade:

• Orchestrated the upgrade of the POS system at Wynn Casino, enhancing operational capabilities.

o Conducted a thorough assessment to understand the specific requirements and objectives for the upgrade.

o Customized POS system features to align with existing hotel processes and workflows, ensuring smooth integration.

o Provided comprehensive training and support to teams across the hotel during the upgrade phase.

Implemented an upgraded POS system, optimizing transaction tracking and management efficiency.

Facilitated enhanced collaboration and communication among hotel teams, resulting in improved operational performance.

2. Sensi Microsoft Application for PMO:

Implemented Sensi, a Microsoft application for Project Management Office (PMO).

oConducted needs assessment to identify PMO requirements and objectives.

oCustomized Sensi application features to align with PMO processes and workflows.

oProvided training and support to PMO teams during the implementation phase.

Established an efficient and tailored PMO system using Sensi, improving project tracking and management.

Enhanced collaboration and communication among PMO teams, resulting in increased project success rates.

Unfortunately, I was unable to see this project to completion.

4. SharePoint:

Skilled in leveraging SharePoint's document management, collaboration, and reporting capabilities to facilitate effective communication, document control, and project oversight, contributing to the successful delivery of projects within tight deadlines and budget constraints.

BD Becton Dickinson - Lead Project Manager (FTE, 3 yr. 5 months) 10/2019 – 2/2023: BD

Accomplishment: Successfully Completed 88 Medical Equipment Installation Projects in 3.5 Years, implementing a Hybrid Approach to Achieve a 14-Week Timeline.

Executed and completed a total of 88 medical equipment installation projects within a span of 3.5 years, implementing a hybrid approach to meet specific project requirements.

oDeveloped and refined standardized processes for medical equipment installations to ensure efficiency and consistency across projects.

oEstablished effective communication channels with cross-functional teams, vendors, and stakeholders to streamline project coordination.

oImplemented a hybrid approach, incorporating innovative strategies to accelerate the installation timeline while meeting specific project requirements.

oIn the final year, provided coaching, mentoring, and training for project teams and peers, totaling seven individuals.

oScoped over 300 projects, demonstrating a high level of expertise in project planning and management.

Successfully delivered 88 medical equipment installation projects, most within an accelerated 14-week timeline, surpassing the initial 18-week projection.

Demonstrated agility and adaptability by implementing a hybrid approach tailored to meet specific project requirements without compromising quality.

Enhanced overall project efficiency and client satisfaction, positioning the installation process as a model for future projects.

Contributed to the professional development of seven individuals through coaching, mentoring, and training.

Scoped over 300 projects, showcasing a comprehensive understanding of project requirements, and contributing to successful project planning.

These cloud-based and infrastructure projects highlight my proficiency in leveraging modern technologies and methodologies to enhance both project efficiency and overall infrastructure.

Proficient in utilizing Microsoft SharePoint as a project management tool to plan, organize, and track project activities, tasks, and timelines, resulting in streamlined project execution and improved collaboration among team members.

Caesar’s Entertainment - Senior Project Manager (Contractor, 2 yr. 3 months) 11/2017 – 10/2019: Caesars

Accomplishment: Successfully Installed Opera POS. Bravo Pit and Poker Systems, and Tangam Across 11 Hotels, Achieving a Milestone as the First Successful Implementation in 5 Years.

Opera PMS Implementation for Hotels:

oImplemented Opera PMS, a cloud-based Property Management System.

oConducted a thorough analysis of hotel requirements and operational needs.

oCollaborated with hotel staff and IT teams to ensure a seamless transition to the new system.

oCustomized Opera PMS configurations to align with specific hotel operations.

Successfully deployed Opera PMS, enhancing hotel management efficiency and guest experience.

Improved communication and coordination between hotel staff, resulting in streamlined operations.

Bravo Pit and Poker Systems, and Tangam

Conducted a thorough review of the existing challenges and failures in previous installation attempts to identify critical issues.

Collaborated closely with IT teams and vendors to address historical pain points, ensuring a more robust and foolproof installation process.

Developed a meticulous project plan, incorporating lessons learned from past unsuccessful attempts to enhance the chances of success.

Achieved a landmark success by completing the installation of Bravo Pit and Poker Systems in all 11 hotels, breaking a five-year streak of unsuccessful attempts.

Successfully mitigated and resolved issues that had previously hindered installations, showcasing the effectiveness of the new approach.

Received commendations from stakeholders for the resilience and ingenuity demonstrated in overcoming long-standing challenges.

These cloud-based and infrastructure projects highlight my proficiency in leveraging modern technologies and methodologies to enhance both project efficiency and overall infrastructure.

The State of Colorado - Project Manager (Contractor, 1 yr. 8 months) 3/2016 - 11/2017: Colorado OIT

Accomplishment: Design and Develop a Salesforce Application Facilitating Public Assistance Applications for Heating Help, Successfully Implemented Within a 6-Month Turnaround, Including decommissioning the Old System. Cloud based projects

Spearheaded the creation of a Salesforce application dedicated to streamlining public assistance applications for heating help, aligning with state funds.

How (Approach or Method):

oConducted a comprehensive needs analysis to understand user requirements, ensuring the new application met the diverse needs of the public seeking heating assistance.

oCollaborated with stakeholders to design an intuitive and user-friendly interface, optimizing the application for accessibility and ease of use.

oUtilized Agile development methodologies to ensure continuous feedback and rapid adjustments throughout the development process.

Successfully designed, developed, and implemented the Salesforce application within a 6-month timeframe, meeting the project deadline.

Established seamless connectivity between the new application and the state server for efficient data exchange and integration into the broader public assistance network.

Completed the decommissioning of the old system, ensuring a smooth transition without disruptions to public assistance services.

These cloud-based projects showcase my ability to leverage modern technologies and methodologies to achieve project goals efficiently.

American Express – Project Manager PMO (Contractor, 1 yr. 6 months) 5/2014-11/2015: American Express

Accomplishment: Contributed to the Project Management Office (PMO) team at American Express, focusing on scoping projects, creating timelines, allocating resources, monitoring project budgets, facilitating project reporting for leadership, and overseeing an ERP installation.

Collaborated with project stakeholders to define project scopes, ensuring alignment with business objectives.

Developed comprehensive project timelines, incorporating milestones and critical path analysis for effective project planning.

Allocated resources strategically, considering skill sets, availability, and project requirements.

Implemented robust monitoring mechanisms to track project budgets and financial performance.

Scoped over 325 projects, ensuring clarity on objectives and deliverables.

Led the successful installation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, coordinating with cross-functional teams and stakeholders. From Legacy to Cloud.

oFacilitated the scoping of projects, ensuring clarity on objectives and deliverables for over 325 initiatives.

oOrchestrated a successful ERP installation, streamlining business processes and enhancing operational efficiency.

oCreated detailed and realistic timelines, optimizing project planning and execution.

oStrategically allocated resources, optimizing team productivity and project outcomes.

oMonitored project budgets effectively, contributing to financial transparency and control.

oCompiled and presented comprehensive project reports to leadership, fostering informed decision-making.

Fresenius Medical Care – Project Manager Operations (Contractor to direct hire, 1 yr.) 05/2013 -05/2014: Fresenius Medical Care

Accomplishment: Managed a comprehensive SAP installation to enhance organizational processes and systems.

Collaborated with cross-functional teams to understand business requirements and objectives.

Conducted thorough system assessments to ensure compatibility and integration with existing processes.

Developed a detailed project plan outlining the SAP installation process, considering potential challenges and mitigation strategies.

Coordinated with stakeholders, including IT teams and end-users, to facilitate a smooth transition to the new SAP system.

oSuccessfully led the SAP installation project, ensuring minimal disruptions to ongoing operations.

oImproved system functionality and efficiency, contributing to enhanced business processes.

oFostered collaboration and communication among teams involved in the installation.

oImplemented best practices for SAP usage, providing training and support to end-users.

oAchieved project milestones within the specified timeline and budget constraints.


Salt Lake Community College: Associates Science 1991

Weber State University: Bachelors, Computer * Science 2010

Scrum Master – ScrumStudy 2019

Currently taking courses in AI Prompt. 2023-24

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