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Senior AWS/ DevOps Engineer

Deerfield, IL, 60015
April 25, 2024

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Email: Phone: 224-***-****


Over 20 years including 15 years of progressive journey with extensive experience in DevOps, Cloud Environment and knowledge of Linux environments, AWS, Jenkins, Terraform, etc.; targeting assignments as Senior AWS Engineer/ DevOps Engineer

•Visionary Consultant of Agile and DevOps practices with experience guiding multiple-sized teams through planning, development, rollout, and migration

•Honed Skills in Project Management from scoping, resource planning, defect tracking, risk management, and ensuring delivery of projects within assigned time, quality & cost norms; expertise in translating technical concepts into requirements documents and user stories

•Demonstrated a profound understanding of core AWS services, implementing architecture best practices across diverse domains, including database architecture, business intelligence, machine learning, advanced analytics, and big data.

•Managed and optimized Linux/Unix systems within AWS environments, ensuring peak performance and reliability

•Streamlined application deployment and orchestration processes using Docker and Kubernetes, enhancing efficiency and scalability.

•Exhibited insightful proficiency in Amazon AWS Cloud Services, encompassing EC2, S3, EBS, ELB, CloudWatch, Elastic IP, RDS, SNS, SQS, Glacier, IAM, VPC, CloudFormation, and Route53

•Ensured robust and secure infrastructure by effectively managing security groups on AWS, contributing to a resilient cloud environment

•Implemented and maintained robust monitoring and alerting systems, utilizing tools such as Prometheus and Grafana, to proactively identify and address performance bottlenecks and potential issues within the AWS environment

•Successfully migrated applications to the AWS cloud and actively participated in DevOps processes for system building and deployment

•Automated various AWS services using Python scripts, covering web servers, ELB, CloudFront distribution, databases, EC2, database security groups, S3 buckets, and application configuration

•Applied project management expertise to implement DevOps methodologies and Agile frameworks, fostering efficient and collaborative project execution

•Utilized Ansible for streamlined configuration management, ensuring consistency across the infrastructure

•Proficiently employed Docker and Kubernetes for efficient deployment and management of containerized applications

•Utilized CloudWatch for effective monitoring and management of cloud resources and applications, contributing to system reliability

•Proactively managed security groups on AWS, maintaining over 99% uptime rate and achieving null security breaches

•Built CI/CD workflows in AWS environments using AWS CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, and CodePipeline, enabling streamlined software delivery

•Constructed AWS infrastructures using IAM, API Gateway, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, Amazon SQS, AWS Kinesis, Serverless, Lambda, NACL, Elastic Beanstalk, Redshift, and CloudFormation

•Championed the adoption of Infrastructure as Code (IAC) principles, employing tools like Terraform to automate the provisioning and configuration of AWS resources, fostering scalability, consistency, and version control

•Orchestrated end-to-end DevOps processes, encompassing continuous integration, continuous delivery, and automated testing, resulting in accelerated software delivery cycles and heightened collaboration across development and operations teams.

•People Engagement specialist and a high-performance motivator, expert in sourcing best-fit talent, and building & leading strong professional teams to the tune of 5 members. Boasts strong business connections with C-suite professionals



Cloud Computing


Infrastructure as Code (IAC)

AWS Lambda & AWS CloudFormation

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)



Jenkins & Github Actions


AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Data Migration

Database Administration

Cloud Security

Agile Methodologies

Cross-functional Team Collaboration


Cloud – Azure, AWS (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, CLI/API), ASG, EC2, ELB, EFS, Amazon S3, CloudFormation

DevOps & Container – CI/CD, Jenkins, Terraform, Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes, EKS, ECS, Git, CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline

Data Extraction & Manipulation - SQL, NoSQL, AWS (RedShift, Kinesis, EMR, EC2, Lambda), Nagios, Prometheus, Splunk

Development - GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, PyCharm, Visual Studio, Sublime, JIRA, TFS, Linux, Unix

Programming Languages - Python, JavaScript, SQL, R, Bash, PowerShell, JSON, XML

Operating Systems – Ubuntu, Windows, Linux, UNIX, Windows Server (2008-2016), VMware

Project Management Tool- JIRA

SDLC: Agile, Waterfall Methodologies

Code Quality Test Tools: SonarQube

Database: Mongo DB, SQL

Observability: Prometheus, Grafana

SCM/Version Control tools: Git

Artifactory: Nexus, Docker Hub


January 2023-Present

Discover Financials, Riverwoods, IL Sr. DevOps Engineer/ Architect

Key Result Areas:

•Spearheaded the development of innovative services and capabilities within the DevOps practice, specifically focusing on Graviton2 migrations and chaos engineering solutions based on AWS Fault Injection Simulator (FIS).

•Played a key role in positioning nClouds as a thought leader in the dynamic DevOps space, contributing to industry knowledge through webinars, insightful blog posts, and engaging podcasts.

•Actively participated in nurturing a critical partnership relationship with AWS, fostering collaboration and strategic alignment. This involved regular communication, joint initiatives, and ensuring a strong and mutually beneficial connection with AWS.

•Collaborated with cross-functional teams to design, implement, and optimize DevOps solutions, ensuring the seamless integration of Graviton2 migrations and chaos engineering practices into existing workflows.

•Conducted thorough research and analysis to stay abreast of the latest developments in DevOps, Graviton2, and chaos engineering, incorporating emerging trends and best practices into the nClouds DevOps framework.

•Demonstrated expertise in AWS FIS by implementing and refining chaos engineering practices, contributing to the enhancement of system resilience and reliability.

•Engaged in continuous improvement initiatives, identifying opportunities to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of DevOps processes, tools, and methodologies.

•Collaborated with internal teams and external stakeholders to understand requirements, address challenges, and deliver DevOps solutions that align with business objectives.

•Actively contributed to the growth of the DevOps practice by mentoring team members, sharing knowledge, and fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

•Participated in industry conferences, meetups, and networking events to stay connected with the DevOps community, share insights, and represent clouds as a leading player in the space


•Successfully led the implementation of Graviton2 migrations within the DevOps practice, resulting in a significant enhancement of infrastructure performance and cost optimization for clients, contributing to the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and reinforcing nClouds' reputation as a forward-thinking DevOps solutions provider

•Spearheaded the development and execution of a highly successful webinar series on chaos engineering solutions based on AWS FIS. The series not only attracted a substantial audience but also positioned nClouds as a thought leader in the DevOps space. The positive feedback and increased visibility directly correlated with a notable uptick in partnership inquiries and client engagements

July 2020-January 2023

Intuit, Mountain View, CA Senior AWS EC2 Architect and Linux Administrator

Key Result Areas:

•Conducted secure and efficient remote server management through SSH connections.

•Utilized SCP for seamless and secure file transfers between local and remote systems.

•Executed software installations and configurations for various applications, including Splunk, Nginx, UFW (Uncomplicated Firewall), and Git.

•Successfully addressed and resolved at least 90% of system vulnerabilities, as identified through OpenSCAP scans.

•Collaborated with security teams to implement necessary patches, updates, and configurations to enhance system resilience and compliance.

•Established and managed user accounts, ensuring the secure assignment and provision of passwords.

•Configured administrative privileges using Visudo to control and customize user access levels, adhering to the principle of least privilege.

•Orchestrated Docker containers to facilitate the deployment and operation of various services supporting web applications.

•Ensured the efficient utilization of containerized environments for seamless integration into web application workflows.

•Worked collaboratively with cross-functional teams, including developers, system architects, and security professionals, to align server configurations with business objectives.

•Participated in agile methodologies, such as Scrum, to enhance communication and collaboration within the team.

•Maintained comprehensive documentation of server configurations, procedures, and troubleshooting steps.

•Conducted knowledge-sharing sessions with team members to ensure a collective understanding of best practices and standard operating procedures.

•Proactively identified opportunities for process improvement, automation, and optimization in server management.

•Stayed informed about emerging technologies, trends, and best practices within AWS, Linux, and DevOps domains.


•Implemented a robust security enhancement strategy that resulted in the resolution of over 90% of system vulnerabilities identified through OpenSCAP scans.

•Implemented containerization best practices, resulting in a more scalable and resilient infrastructure that supported seamless integration into web application workflows, ultimately enhancing overall system performance.

March 2018-July 2020

US Foods Holdings, Rosemont, IL Sr. Cloud Engineer/ Architect

Key Result Areas:

•Designed and implemented automated solutions for server build management, monitoring, and deployment across diverse platforms, leveraging tools such as Amazon EC2, Jenkins Nodes/Agent, and SSH.

•Collaborated closely with development teams, utilizing various AWS services (Amazon Kinesis, AWS Lambda, Amazon SQS, Amazon SNS, Amazon SWF) to identify and resolve application issues effectively.

•Maintained databases in the cloud, including RDS and EC2-based databases, ensuring smooth installation, configuration, and management of GitHub repositories.

•Configured performance and security alert monitoring systems using CloudWatch and CloudTrail, ensuring proactive monitoring and enhancing overall cloud infrastructure security.

•Integrated GitHub and Bitbucket with Jenkins through various plugins, scheduling and managing multiple jobs in the build pipeline to facilitate streamlined and automated deployment processes.

•Managed network settings, including Route53, DNS, ELB, IP Address, and CIDR configurations, optimizing performance and maintaining reliable connectivity.

•Developed highly available and resilient applications by leveraging AWS services such as Multi-AZ, Read replicas, ECS, and other relevant services, ensuring seamless operation and high performance.

•Deployed and managed Docker containers on Kubernetes, overseeing the smooth migration of containerized environments from ECS to Kubernetes Cluster.

•Provided comprehensive storage solutions utilizing AWS services like S3, EBS, EFS, Glacier, and others, tailoring them to the specific requirements of the applications.

•Deployed applications onto their respective environments using Elastic Beanstalk, ensuring efficient deployment and smooth operation.

•Followed and adhered to best practices, ensuring the successful deployment and debugging of cloud initiatives throughout the development lifecycle.

•Utilized AWS DataSync to effectively migrate petabytes of data from on-premises environments to AWS Cloud, streamlining data transfer and storage processes.

•Maintained and improved continuous integration and continuous delivery processes, enabling the efficient and reliable deployment of applications.

•Performed troubleshooting and issue resolution within Kubernetes clusters, ensuring the smooth operation and performance of the infrastructure.

•Applied knowledge of Web Services, API Gateways, and application integration development and design to optimize application performance and functionality.

•Implemented event-driven and scheduled AWS Lambda functions, effectively triggering various AWS resources and enabling efficient and automated workflows.

•Involved in performing data migration from on-premises environments into AWS, ensuring a seamless transition and data integrity.

•Improved speed, efficiency, and scalability of the continuous integration environment by automating functions wherever possible using Python, and PowerShell Scripts in Postman and Swagger.


•Successfully implemented cloud resource optimization strategies, resulting in a notable reduction in operational costs by identifying and eliminating underutilized resources and right-sizing instances, this initiative led to a cost reduction of 20%, optimizing budget allocation and enhancing financial efficiency.

•Spearheaded the design and implementation of an advanced security architecture, incorporating encryption, secure access controls, and regular security audits. Achieved a significant improvement in the overall security posture, ensuring compliance with industry standards and safeguarding critical data, and led to a 30% reduction in security incidents and enhanced confidence in the reliability of the cloud infrastructure.

February 2014-March 2018

Dollar General, Goodlettsville, TN Sr. Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Key Result Areas:

•Provisioned AWS EC2 instances and ECS clusters, ensuring the scalable and efficient deployment of applications.

•Designed and built scalable production systems, incorporating load balancers, Memcached, and master/slave architectures to optimize performance.

•Analyzed legacy On-Prem applications, devised design strategies, and successfully executed the migration to the AWS Cloud, ensuring a seamless transition.

•Contributed to the creation of a robust VPC environment, encompassing server instances, storage instances, subnets, availability zones, and more as part of a collaborative team effort.

•Set up performance and security alert monitoring systems using CloudWatch and CloudTrail, ensuring proactive issue identification and resolution.

•Performed comprehensive DevOps tasks, including automation, building, deploying, managing, and releasing code across different environments, maintaining a robust CI/CD pipeline.

•Installed, configured, and managed GitHub repositories, creating Docker containers from scratch and leveraging existing Linux containers and AMIs.

•Educated customers on containerization solutions as part of the AWS Containers Area of Depth Technical Feedback Community.

•Wrote Cloud Formation Templates (CFT) in YAML and JSON formats, adhering to Infrastructure-as-Code principles for building AWS services.

•Deployed applications onto their respective environments using Elastic Beanstalk, streamlining deployment processes.

•Utilized event-driven and scheduled AWS Lambda functions to trigger various AWS resources, optimizing workflows.

•Successfully performed data migration from on-premises environments into AWS, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition.

•Supported the business development lifecycle, contributing to solution architecture, pricing, and proposal development.

•Resolved application problems using AWS services like Amazon Kinesis, AWS Lambda, Amazon SQS, Amazon SNS, and Amazon SWF.

•Set up network configurations, managing Route53, DNS, ELB, IP Address, and CIDR configurations for optimized connectivity.

•Designed technically compliant and secure cloud solutions, facilitating effective transitions and migrations of projects into an adaptive cloud environment.

•Developed high-availability and resilient applications using AWS services such as Multi-AZ, Read replicas, and ECS.

•Configured, deployed, and managed Docker containers using Kubernetes, ensuring efficient container orchestration.

•Worked with version control management tools like Git and GitHub, configuring Jenkins plugins for seamless integration with GitHub and Bitbucket.

•Helped configure and set up the network within Kubernetes, applying Ingress rules and cloud controller manager as required by the Cluster.

•Performed troubleshooting and resolved issues within Kubernetes clusters, ensuring smooth operations.

•Set up and supported databases in the cloud, including RDS and databases on EC2.

•Provided storage solutions like S3, EBS, EFS, and Glacier, tailoring them to specific application requirements.

•Demonstrated strong knowledge of Web Services, API Gateways, and application integration development and design.

•Successfully implemented AWS DataSync to migrate petabytes of data from on-prem to AWS Cloud, showcasing expertise in prototype design and execution.


•Spearheaded a cost optimization initiative resulting in a 15% reduction in operational costs by identifying and eliminating underutilized resources and implementing resource-efficient architectures.

•Led a security enhancement project, achieving a 25% reduction in security incidents through the implementation of advanced encryption, access controls, and regular security audits.

October 2011- February 2014

Royal Bank. Of Canada, New York, NY AWS Engineer

Key Result Areas:

•Provisioned and decommissioned EC2 instances as per requests from developers and testers, ensuring resource availability and optimization.

•Migrated on-prem databases to AWS RDS or EC2 instances, optimizing database performance and enhancing scalability.

•Maintained and configured user accounts for development, QA, and production servers. Created IAM roles for various AWS resources, including EC2, RDS, S3, CloudWatch, and EBS, facilitating secure communication.

•Led the migration and implementation of multiple applications from on-premise to the cloud using a suite of AWS services such as SMS, DBMS, CloudFormation, S3, Route53, Glacier, EC2, RDS, SQS, SNS, and VPC.

•Deployed and maintained AWS data warehouses, including Redshift, ensuring optimal performance and accessibility of data.

•Built and configured a virtual data center in AWS to support Enterprise Data Warehouse hosting, incorporating Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Public and Private Subnets, Security Groups, Route Tables, and Elastic Load Balancer.

•Built servers using AWS, imported volumes, launched EC2 and RDS instances, created security groups, and configured autoscaling and elastic load balancers in defined virtual private connections.

•Designed AWS Cloud Formation templates to streamline the creation of multi-region web applications and databases, ensuring consistency and efficiency in deployments.

•Configured, deployed, and managed Docker containers, optimizing containerized applications for scalability and reliability.

•Implemented ETL processes using AWS Glue for data masking, data quality, data replication, data virtualization, and master data management, enhancing data integrity.

•Created and managed DynamoDB tables as required for business use, providing efficient and scalable NoSQL data storage solutions.

•Leveraged AWS Data Pipeline for ETL processes, facilitating the seamless movement of data between AWS resources and from on-premise to AWS.

•Enabled performance and high availability of applications by configuring elastic load balancers and auto-scaling groups, ensuring seamless operations.

•Performed troubleshooting and issue resolution within Docker pods, maintaining optimal performance and reliability of containerized applications.

•Managed user access to AWS resources using Identity Access Management (IAM), ensuring secure and controlled access to sensitive data and functionalities.

•Implemented cost-effective systems and processes, including EC2 instances, elastic load balancers, auto-scaling, and AMIs, to build and manage virtual servers on Amazon Web Services.

•Created AMI templates to expedite the deployment of standardized instances, optimizing operational efficiency and consistency.

•Utilized monitoring tools such as CloudWatch and CloudTrail to establish robust security and auditing strategies for compliance, ensuring a secure and resilient cloud environment.

•Collaborated as part of a team to set up a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), optimizing network configurations for enhanced connectivity and security across the AWS environment.


•Spearheaded a data optimization initiative by utilizing AWS DataSync, resulting in the successful migration of petabytes of data from on-premises environments to AWS Cloud. This streamlined data transfer processes, enhanced storage efficiency, and significantly reduced data migration timelines.

•Implemented a comprehensive system optimization strategy that resulted in a 25% reduction in operational costs while concurrently improving system performance. This initiative involved identifying and decommissioning underutilized resources, optimizing AWS configurations, and implementing cost-effective solutions for enhanced efficiency.

December 2008-October 2011

Home Depot, Atlanta, GA Database Administrator

Key Result Areas:

•Leveraged the Data Pump utility for seamless export and import operations, enhancing data transfer efficiency and reliability.

•Scripted comprehensive backup procedures, incorporating the use of RMAN for backup and disaster recovery. Streamlined backup processes and maintained archive logs for databases.

•Successfully refreshed and replicated databases from production to testing environments using Exp/Imp, ensuring consistency across different database instances.

•Implemented table partitioning, created index-organized tables, and managed locally managed tablespaces to optimize database performance and organization.

•Planned and configured disk layout, mount points, and capacity requirements for servers, optimizing storage efficiency.

•Provided meticulous maintenance of user accounts, privileges, profiles, and roles, ensuring a secure and controlled access environment.

•Successfully upgraded and migrated databases from Oracle 10g to 11g, executing cross-migration initiatives on different platforms.

•Designed logical and physical database structures and installed and upgraded databases, ensuring alignment with business requirements.

•Managed data files, control files, redo log files, tables, and indexes, applying constraints to enhance overall performance and availability.

•Designed and developed SQL procedures, actively engaging in query performance tuning to optimize database operations.

•Monitored database and SQL performance using tools such as Statspack, OEM, and Explain. Implemented tuning strategies to address performance bottlenecks.

•Implemented robust security measures for both application and database layers, addressing data access, password, and network security.

•Handled daily production problems and change requests, performing routine database administration tasks such as user management, space monitoring, and backup monitoring.

•Executed both physical (hot and cold) and logical backup (export/import) strategies, ensuring data integrity and recoverability.

•Monitored tablespace issues, created tablespaces, and added data files to manage space efficiently.

•Managed sessions, monitored critical wait events, and addressed blocking sessions. Altered database parameters and conducted tuning tests to optimize performance.

•Exported and imported database objects to facilitate seamless copying from one database to another, ensuring consistency and reliability.


•Implemented a strategic overhaul of the backup and recovery processes by introducing RMAN and streamlining backup procedures. This initiative resulted in a significant reduction in recovery time objectives (RTO) and increased overall data resilience.

•Successfully conducted comprehensive performance tuning initiatives, addressing critical wait events and optimizing SQL queries. This resulted in a notable improvement in database responsiveness, ensuring optimal user experience and system efficiency.


June 2003-December 2008

Eli Lily & Co., Indianapolis, IN System Administrator

Key Result Areas:

•Administered and maintained servers, ensuring their optimal performance, reliability, and security in the evolving technological landscape of the early 2000s.

•Managed and configured network devices, such as routers and switches, adapting to the technology available during that era and ensuring seamless connectivity.

•Oversaw user account provisioning and access management, aligning with the security policies and technology prevalent in the early 2000s.

•Implemented security measures using the cybersecurity tools available at the time, focusing on firewalls, antivirus solutions, and early intrusion detection systems.

•Monitored system performance and conducted troubleshooting using tools and methodologies relevant to the technology landscape of the early 2000s.

•Installed, configured, and updated software applications on servers and end-user devices using the technologies and deployment methods of that period.

•Managed backup strategies and conducted periodic testing to ensure data integrity, utilizing the backup and recovery solutions available during that timeframe.

•Oversaw the deployment of patches and updates for operating systems and applications, adhering to the patch management practices of the early 2000s.

•Administered virtualization platforms, aligning with the virtualization technologies emerging in the 2000s, such as early versions of VMware or other applicable solutions.

•Maintained detailed documentation of system configurations, procedures, and troubleshooting steps, adhering to documentation practices prevalent at that time.

•Collaborated with other IT teams and departments, providing technical support and aligning efforts with the technological landscape of the early to mid-2000s.

•Conducted capacity planning assessments, adapting to the technological advancements of that period to anticipate future resource requirements.

•Participated in incident response activities, addressing security incidents and providing post-incident analysis using the tools and methodologies available at that time.

•Engaged with external vendors for hardware and software procurement, maintenance agreements, and support services, following procurement practices of the 2000s.

•Ensured compliance with IT policies, industry regulations, and security best practices, aligning with the regulatory landscape and security standards prevalent during the specified timeframe.


Hashicorp Terraform Associate

CompTIA CASP+ // Linux+ // Server+ // PenTest+ // Data+ // CySA+ // Sec+ // Project+ // Cloud+ // Net+ // A+

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

AWS Security Specialist // Solutions Architect Associate

ITIL 4 Foundations


M.S. – Information Technology Management from Western Governors University

B.S. – Cybersecurity and Information Assurance from Western Governors University

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