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Us Citizen Oracle Database

Dumfries, VA
January 31, 2024

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Sarmed Ali


US Citizen


Sarmed has 10+ years of proven expertise in Oracle Database Production Administration and Database Development which includes designing, installing, configuring, upgrading, and administering Oracle Databases in Unix/Linux/Windows environments. Possess wide knowledge of RDBMS and all related programming languages, software tools, and Internet technologies. Equally skilled in all aspects of Oracle system administration deployment ranging from initial system architecture to data migration, deployment, customization, and daily maintenance of Production/Development Databases in Terabytes.

Oracle DBA with expertise in production and development environments.

•Hands on experience in administration of Production, Test and Development databases.

•Expertise in database administration, production support, installation, configuration, upgrades, patches, space management, database security, troubleshooting database design, UNIX shell scripting and documentation.

•Experience with Oracle 19c,12c,11g,RAC/10g,RAC/9i Installation, Administration, Monitoring, Maintenance, Performance Tuning, Database Backup and Recovery.

•Worked as Oracle 19c,12c,11g,RAC/10g,RAC/9i DBA and performed administration on various environments like RH LINUX, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris and Windows NT/2000/2003.

•Excellent knowledge in Hot/Cold Backup, Recovery and Cloning of databases

•Knowledge in developing Oracle PL/SQL based applications.

•Worked with Creating and maintaining of Oracle Stand by Databases (Data guard/datapump configuration.

•Extensive knowledge of Oracle Architecture, SGA, PGA, Binary structure, Listener, TNSNames, SQLNet, V$ and DBA views.

•Good Hands on experience in Database Design.

•Highly skilled in Data modeling, Logical and Physical databases design.

•Extensive knowledge on database backup Import/Export, Capacity Planning and bench marking, Replication (Streams), standby databases using Netapp filer/Snap Mirror, Oracle configuration management, Dataguard, database cloning, refresh

•Database Administration tools like OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager) and TOAD

•Oracle Database capacity planning, space management, storage allocation

•Utilized SQL* Loader, export/import using data pump.

•Experience in using SQL, PL/ SQL procedures, functions, triggers and packages.

•Highly experienced in performance monitoring/tuning/troubleshooting.

•Oracle Database performance-tuning using EXPLAIN PLAN, TKPROF, STATSPACK, SQL TRACE, AWR, ADDM.

•Expert in Oracle Xstore POS testing with 2 years of experience.

•Experience in Xstore V6, V18 & V19 POS implementation testing in US & Canada.

•UNIX shell scripts for hot backups, SQL*Loader, export and import of database.

•Well trained in UNIX administration and has good ability in creation of database objects like tables, views, sequence, synonyms, indexes, functions, procedures, packages, triggers and database links.

•Database audit implementation to monitor login, user activity.


Bachelor of Computer Science (BS)


ETCC Nov 2017 – Present

Sr Oracle Administrator


Database Planning and Designing which involves deciding about Logical Storage Structures and Forecasting Future Expansions

Configuring database with suitable block size, multiple pools and storage parameters for best performance.

Upgrade from Oracle 11g to 12 and 19c

Create, maintain and support Oracle 11g databases and instances

Automate database administration tasks with Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g,12c,19c Database Control

Experience on RAC Installation and Administration on Oracle 10g environment

Managed ASM storage having 100+ databases. ASM cloning. Prepare/Add/remove ASM disks. Tuning of I/O on ASM based databases. Troubleshoot ASM crashes & memory problem.

Optimizing the SQL’s for optimum performance by using TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN & TOAD.

Logical Backup/Restoration strategy of Export and Import.

Working with Data Guard scenarios relating to physical standby databases like Scenario 1: Creating a Physical Standby Database on the Same System Scenario 2: Creating a Physical Standby Database on a Remote Site Scenario 3: Accommodating Physical Changes in the Primary Database

Security Administration and Creation of Users, Managing their roles and privileges.

Control user access and ensure database security through privileges and roles in Oracle 11g,12c and 19c

Hands on experience of Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC)

Configuring parameter file to fix sizes of SGA components in conformity to available resources. Tuning OS and resolving I/O and contention issues.

Developed shell scripts for tracing Oracle errors, free space in the table spaces and free disk space in Archive destination for production database.

Creation and maintenance of high availability databases using many techniques including Data Guard and standby databases. Shell scripting experience.

Configured Oracle tools like SQL*Net to access the database from the network.

Managing Instances, redo log files, Table spaces, Data files, storage structures, rollback segments, Undo segments, Temporary segments, Indexes.

Implementation of nightly logical backup.

Assign users appropriate rights and table’s access through roles.

Add, change, and remove users.

Used the WebLogic Server Administration Console to control production-specific deployment details. C

Configured High Availability based environments in clusters.

Managed Weblogic clusters having 14 managed servers on cluster of machines

Deployed multiple applications on WebLogic server and maintained load balancing, high availability and fail over functionality

MorCare, a Harris Healthcare company

Oracle (DBA) May 2015 – Nov 2017

DBA Duties:

Install and configure and trouble shoot different version of oracle (9i, 10g, and 11g) software on various operating systems such as oracle Linux, red hat, AIX Unix servers and Microsoft windows2008 server R2.

Install and configure and trouble shoot oracle RAC and data guard for client databases.

Monitor and maintain all clients’ databases disk space, alert logs, table spaces and instance health status.

Performs data pump exportation and importation for conversion team.

Performs manual backup and recovery for client databases before every application upgrade or major change.

Prepare shell scripts and Linux cron-jobs to automate backups, table space alerts, log alerts, AWR reports, cleaning audit tables.

Monitor database schedule jobs.

Write shell script to automate the process of startup, shutdown, restart the database instant and Listener.

Perform granting roles and privileges depend on the request.

Work close with Morrisey help desk to trouble shoot all clients database related issues.


Create new database (test and production) for clients.

Convert all SQL server procedures, functions and triggers into oracle.

Apply all developer requested schema changes by design, create and alter all required database object.

Write required PLSQL procedures, functions, triggers and packages to be used by developers.

Perform SQL tuning to improve the database and the application performance.

Enhance the existent PLSQL code to achieve the best performance.

BOEING, Cincinnati, OH Apr 2012 – April 2015

Oracle DBA


Experience in providing 24X7 on-call support to maintain all Databases up and running in Production environment

Provided primary administrative support for Oracle 10g/11g databases in UNIX and WINDOWS environments.

Utilize UNIX shell scripting to automate system administration on Oracle database.

Provide Oracle Database Administration support and troubleshooting, including install Oracle software, patches and upgrades; manage and monitor Tablespaces and Tablespace quotas

Responsible for Database installs and upgrades. We have recently upgraded all of our databases from Oracle to successfully.

Performed backups, restores, cloning, or refreshing databases and applications. Ensured availability of client production systems and internal instances.

Use RMAN to take incremental or full backup of the databases, and ensure the backups are successful.

Working extensively with Oracle OEM 12c Architecture, Framework, and Infrastructure

Oracle OEM 12c implementation and operations in an enterprise scale

application deployment lifecycles, managing multiple OEM groups and templates

architecture design of OEM and Oracle database and application monitoring

Experience with HA implementation of OEM

OEM 12c installation, upgrade, patching

Performed security and capacity design and planning The ability to create and document best practices

The ability to cross train DBAs for agent deployment, day to day monitoring activities, and assist DBAs in troubleshooting

Migrate Oracle databases in Windows and Linux servers, and upgrade the database on those servers.

Installed Data guard standby databases and performed disaster recovery testing.

Added, modified or removed users, roles and privileges, profiles, and other data accesses.

Performed Windows Server and UNIX system administrator tasks as part of maintenance.

Installation and configuration of single instance and RAC databases.

Configuration of RMAN backups clubbing them as Autosys jobs scheduled in Autosys.

Developed Oracle backup and recovery strategy and scripts with RMAN.

Used EXPORT/IMPORT/DATAPUMP to do table level and full database defragmentation.

Monitor the database by collecting statistics of instance and files by querying data dictionary views, AWR Report, ADDM, and DBVerify to find ways to improve the database's performance. Hence monitor and optimize the performance of database through OEM too.

Performing all the Database Administration activity like space management in database, user and roles administration, schema management, checking alert log of all the databases

Environment: Oracle 11g, Oracle 10g, Red hat Linux, Windows 2003 Server, Toad, ASM, OEM Grid Control 12c, Autosys, Data Guard, RMAN, RAC, Unix Shell Scripts


Oracle DBA


24x7 production support for several mission critical systems which utilize multiple Oracle databases.

Installation of Oracle 11g RAC Databases includes CRS and Applying Patches.

Upgrading databases to Oracle 11g from Oracle 10g and 9i.

System Study & Analysis, Design &Development.

Created users and roles.

Used shell scripting for automation of job.

Migrated databases from Unix to Linux

Creating and managing the database objects such as tables, indexes and views.

Manage users, privileges, profiles, schemas using Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM).

Installation of ASM into various storage parameters like SAN and NAS.

Oracle Database capacity planning, space management, storage allocation

Managed the flashback space and performed recovery of dropped tables and data using flashback recovery

Set up, configuration and maintenance of Standby Databases for disaster recovery, high availability and data protection.

Monitoring of tablespaces, indexes, memory and logfiles.

Monitoring of Listener and TNS names.ora files and storage space for better performance

Data Refresh in Test and Integration Databases using Transportable Table spaces.

Worked on Data Replication using Materialized views, Snapshot, Streams.

Worked on import/export, export datapump/import datapump and SQL- loader.

Installed and Implemented Backup & Recovery procedures. Implemented Hot, Cold and Logical backup plans.

Setup backup and recovery procedures using RMAN.

Migrated from non-ASM instance to ASM instance.

Configured Streams to capture propagate; apply changes in multiple databases.

Performed Database and SQL tuning by using various Tools like Statspack, TKPROF, Explain plan, AWR and ADDR.

Written SQL, PL/SQL programs such as functions, procedures, packages and triggers.

Environment: Oracle 11g RAC, Oracle 10g RAC, Red hat Linux 4.X, Solaris 10, HP-UX11

Windows 2000 Server, Toad, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, ODBC, ASM, OLTP, Telnet, Flashback, OEM Grid Control

AMERIPRISE FINANCIAL, Minneapolis, MN JUN 2009 - APR 2010

Oracle DBA


Created and managed users, roles and profiles, audited and monitored databases and user access.

Implemented Incremental Backup on Sunday and HOT Backup once in two weeks.

Involved in Data upgrade on oracle database for oracle 9i to 10g/11g.

Proactive database monitoring using 10g grid monitoring tool.

Developer Environment Setup, Support, Cloning and Refreshes.

Performed database cloning to setup test and development database.

Installation, Configuration and Maintenance of RAC, Stand by database

Upgrading development and production databases to Oracle 11g.

Carried out Performance optimization and Query tuning using Tkprof and OEM.

Used Explain Plan for monitoring the query execution.

Used Recovery Manager (RMAN) and Enterprise Manager for various maintenance tasks like backing up of database, restoration and recovery of database.

Extraction of data from different flat files into Oracle Database using SQL*Loader.

Installed and Implemented Backup & Recovery procedures.

Used RMAN for backup and recovery. Performed backup validations using RMAN.

Implement Hot, Cold and Logical backup plans.

Customization and development of Korn shell scripts.

Management of schemas, objects partitioning the tables & indexes.

Automation of data load using Korn shell scripting and SQL*Loader.

Used import/export utility and DataPump utility to transfer data.

Configured and maintained physical standby databases using Oracle DATAGUARD to perform quick disaster recovery.

Exposed to Real Application Clusters (RAC) on Oracle 10g using Automatic Storage Management (ASM).

Analyzed logical and physical design requirements of the applications.

Defining and Implementation of backup and recovery strategies.

Perform other regular DBA activities including space management and performance monitoring..

Oracle Database monitoring, troubleshoot and resolve the issues.

Management of schemas, objects partitioning the tables & indexes.

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