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Truck driver

Lehi, UT
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January 31, 2024

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Daylor E. Thompson

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Springville, UT 84663-2078 Email:

LIS Analyst / Consultant

Cerner PathNet Consultant for Nacogdoches Medical Center (Impact Advisors)

Nacogdoches TX January 2023 to March 2023

Mentored a new consultant for how to do DCWs for her clients. Did Teams Video calls to fill out all of the clients DCW’s with the 3 SMP Health Hospitals in 3 Weeks: St. Kateri, St. Aloisius, and St Andrews.

Built General Lab tests remotely to prepare for the IT1 event.

Flew on site to Complete their unfinished DCWs. Flew back a second time to run their IT1 testing with the other hospital departments.

Used and to look up build questions that I had.

Cerner PathNet Consultant for Veteran’s Administration (Alku)

Indianapolis IN August 2022 to December 2022

Completed a very long and extensive onboarding process to get Federal Security clearance.

Cerner PathNet Supervisor for Gila Healthcare (Alku)

Sancton AZ May 2022 to August 2022

Learned how to create the Excel spreadsheet to upload a new Reference Lab Compendium.

Was a supervisor with two subordinates working on General Lab and Reference Lab.

Attended IT1 and IT2 testing on site under strict Covid-19 Mask restrictions.

Cerner PathNet Foreign System developer for Lafayette General Medical Center (HealthMarkIT)

Lafayette LA June 2021 to April 2022

Built most of the LabCorp Reference Lab interface at LGMC in 2015, and successfully implemented it into Production then. 6 years later LGMC had been bought out by Oschsner, who uses Mayo Reference Lab. Oschsner asked LGMC to move from LabCorp to Mayo. A consultant was hired to build all of the tests that were needed as Mayo tests. However, that consultant quit her job very early in the project. I was asked to work for LGMC again to fill that vacancy to convert all of the LGMC hospitals from my LabCorp interface to Mayo. LGMC wanted me back because of the good job I did for them in 2015.

Gathered the information to know what tests to build. Dynamically changed the worksheet as tests that were sent out to LabCorp, became in-house tests now. Worked with the Send out supervisor to make sure that the list of tests that I created was accurate to what was actually being sent to LabCorp.

Met with Cerner and Mayo on a weekly conference call to coordinate all of our testing efforts.

Did most of the work in building and testing on 537 original Orderables, 81 Reflex only’s and 68 Bill only orderables.

The go live was implemented on time, and went very smoothly. We put in a lot of overtime to make the go live happen on the original date scheduled by LGMC management. The Send Out Supervisor for our six main hospitals was very pleased with the go live implementation.

Tested every assay that was built with a Tester at Mayo, before they were released to the ordering providers. This resulted in only a couple errors on among the thousands production orders that have now been sent to Mayo Rochester. Almost all production tests worked perfectly from the beginning to the end of building these assays.

Cerner PathNet Support for Vanderbilt University (Medsys)

Nashville, TN April 2021 to June 2021

Worked on Service requests coming from the users at the various Vanderbilt facilities.

Wrote Custom report CCL’s with Discern Visual Developer. I downloaded two separate reports that needed to be combined. I uploaded the extract data into Microsoft Excel and used the vlookup function to merge the data into the combined report that was needed.’

Participated in weekly departments virtually using Microsoft Teams from home.

Cerner PathNet Support Technical Lead for Kaiser Permanente (Tata Consulting)

Pasadena CA January 2020 to July 2020

Worked on a team hired for the support of the Kaiser Hawaii hospitals that went live in December 2019.

The COVID-19 Virus has required that we now also support the Northern California, Southern California, Georgia, and the Mid Atlantic states regions as well.

Modified or wrote new Discern rules to fulfill user requests for upgrades, or new functionality. Then I successfully put them into Production.

Built general lab tests for both the local labs and for their reference lab.

Remotely taught employees in the USA and India how to do PathNet support using Microsoft Teams.

Working in Service Now on both Incidents and on Requests (SC Tasks) to solve and upgrade Lab Software.

Received training, then learn on actual incidents how support both Legacy Medical Device Interfaces as well as the newer Care Aware MDI tool. I was regularly fixing problems with instruments that were disconnected (thrashing).

Became very proficient in Softec Panther. I used this daily by receiving Panther Alerts in emails, and then fixing the servers or the MDI’s that were having problems. I also cycled a group of servers daily. This was needed to make new tests active in the PathNet production environment.

Took a course on using Service Now, then became proficient in using it on a daily basis.

Called back the person that requested the ticket in Service Now to clearly document what the whole problem was in Service Now. (The tickets usually did not contain all of the information needed to fix them.) Then I would either fix the problem myself or I would route it to the appropriate department.

Wrote documentation on Remote Report Distribution, and submitted it to become part of the official support library.

Cerner PathNet Junior Project Manager for the University of Maryland (Huntzinger)

Linthicum MD September 2019 to November 2019

Was responsible for organizing the support of 11 hospitals in Maryland.

Worked on doing support and secondary implementations for the hospitals that had already gone live on Cerner Millennium.

Guided the process for the remaining hospitals that were not yet on Cerner, by preparing and coordinating the many projects that needed to be completed before the Cerner Go-Live. This was done through emails and meetings in Microsoft Teams.

Worked with newly acquired hospitals in their transition from their old local networks to the much bigger unified corporate network.

Worked with IT staff to get Label and Laser Printers on the new unified corporate network.

Coordinated the work of IT staff and instrument vendors to get connected to the new corporate network.

Cerner PathNet Team Lead/Project Manager for Cabell Huntington Hospital (Health Link Advisors)

Huntington WV, February 2018 to June 2019

Was in charge of all parts of the PathNet implementation at Cabell Huntington Hospital.

This was a software conversion from Soft Lab to Cerner. They were a Phase X client because they already had Power Chart in Production for 10 years.

Worked on iBus/LMDI with our Cerner Analyst for testing our Lab instruments.

I received training and worked on the separate Bridge Blood Bank Transfusion module.

We were using 2015 code for the first year that I was working there. We then upgraded to the 2018 code in all of our Environments, including the Production environment.

I had one other consultant and two other LIS hospital employees that worked under my direction for all areas of PathNet. This included General Laboratory (Benches, Instruments and Reference Lab), Microbiology, Blood Bank, Anatomical Pathology and Outreach clients. I divided them into own areas of specialties, to provide better support to the client.

I filled out many of the DCW’s myself. I became very experienced in how to fill out hundreds of DCW tabs.

This was I trained the Lab’s Med Techs how to do the testing of the DCWs. I coordinated with the Project Managers (including the Testing Manager) on how we did the testing in all of the areas.

Attended the weekly calls for each solution, as well as all of the on-site workshops for each solution. I provided direction to the client for how to do the implementation of PathNet.

Cerner PathNet Trainer and Support Consultant for Concord Hospital (Elevating Informatics)

Concord NH, October 2017 to December 2017

This was another software conversion from Soft Lab to Cerner. The clients had several disparate systems that were all consolidated under Cerner on December 1, 2017.

Trained almost all of the Medical Technicians and Phlebotomists in the Laboratory how to do their jobs in in PathNet.

Modified and enhanced the existing documentation based upon feedback I received in my classes.

Did support for the Go-Live. This was elbow to elbow support of the Med Techs and the Phlebotomists, in the lab and in the hospital.

Did scanning all of the hand-written tickets and making sure that each of them were logged into the hospital’s Service Desk software. I have also been managing our own lab tickets to keep track of the status of each ticket that has been logged.

Cerner PathNet Project Manager for Antelope Valley Hospital (Health All Consulting)

Lancaster CA, July 2017 – September 2017

Did the initial kickoff for a brand-new project.

Responsible for General Lab, Reference Lab, Microbiology, Blood Bank, Anatomical Pathology, and Patient outreach.

Moderated all of our weekly conference calls for filling out each of or DCW's. Filled out meeting minutes.

Visited Cerner In Kansas City MO, with most of our Cerner implementation team.

Answered Lab Tech’s questions about Cerner.

Cerner PathNet Consultant for Huntington Hospital (Robert Half)

Pasadena CA – January 2017 – April 2017

Built new tests needed in the lab.

Built new Discern rules for alerting the Lab and Physicians of tests ordered and resulted.

Wrote CCLs with Discern Visual Developer.

Wrote Custom Quality Control templated based Reports for the Lab

Inactivated tests that were no longer being used.

Activated a label printer for the Employee Health Clinic.

Cerner PathNet Consultant for Barnes Jewish Christian (The CSI companies)

St. Louis MO – August 2016 – November 2016

Did first tier support for all systems coming in and out of our hospitals that used Cerner Millennium PathNet.

This included the Cloverleaf Engine, Wellsoft, HCLL, Soarian, and Half Penny

Learned to do CCL updates on the Unix AIX backend using PuTTY.

Supported many Hospital Nurses, Lab Techs, and other IT Professionals on many interfaces.

Used Service-Now to track all Incidents and Change control requests.

Supported our Remote Report Distribution Servers for faxing out Patient Charts to external providers.

Cerner PathNet Consultant for Memorial Care (was HIMS, now HCTec)

Fountain Valley CA – April 2016 – August 2016

Did pre and post go live support for upgrading this client from Classic PathNet to Millennium PathNet.

Gathered, organized and entered over one thousand Health Care providers into our Remote Report Distribution stations for faxing patient charts to non-hospital staff doctors.

Did an inventory of all active classic CCL reports. Learned about the PathNet standard reports that come with the initial product installation

Gained more CCL knowledge by writing many custom CCL reports to recreate the CCL reports the CCL Reports that the users were used to receiving in Classic PathNet. This included learning how to build CCL on the screen forms for interactive ad-hoc reporting

Did some support for Millennium Charging records that were sent to Epic for invoicing.

Cerner PathNet Project Manager for Kentucky One Health CHI (Apex)

Louisville KY – December 2015 – April 2016

I led a team of contractors working in Cerner. We are validating the Laboratory History upload for two hospitals: Jewish Hospital and the University of Louisville Hospital.

I planned and coordinated the workflow of my own contractors, as well as our vendors: Korchek and Cerner.

We looked up the Medical Record Numbers for over 21,000 Anatomical Pathology patients whose old results would not post from PowerPath (Tamtron) into PathNet for Jewish Hospital. I trained all of my contractors how to do their jobs to accomplish this validation. We found many errors, which I have notified the team member about.

I host and moderate weekly update calls for both hospitals. I report on our progress and give directions to the team members of what steps to do next. I also do the follow up on assignments that are in progress.

We are now validating General Lab and Microbiology for Jewish Hospital from McKesson Horizon into Cerner PathNet. We will be repeating this process for the University of Louisville Hospital

Cerner PathNet Consultant for Lafayette General Medical Center (HIMS changed to HCTec)

Lafayette LA – May 2015 – December 2015

Built part of every Reference Lab test that went into production for Abrom Kaplan Medical Center. Tested all of the LabCorp tests, and created the proper CAP documentation for all of the assays. Did on site go live support for only one week because there were very few issues to fix. This was very successful go-live, and was done on a tight timeline that we had to meet.

I added more Reference Lab tests for out next hospital, Lafayette General Southwest. Repeated this process to successfully bring this live as well.

I wrote, and constantly updated the DCW that was that is the detailed build plan for all five of our hospitals. I am worked closely with the LabCorp testing personnel for this project. I built all of the orderable tests with dcptools. I then used Bedrock to route those assays to the appropriate hospitals, and entering all of the collection requirements, like I did for Abrom Kaplan in the production environment. There were about 300 Reference Lab tests that went live for Lafayette General South West

Maintained all Remote Report Distributions for Cerner patient charts that were faxed to external doctors using our laboratory.

Cerner PathNet Consultant for University of Colorado (Oxford Health)

Memorial Hospital, Colorado Springs CO – August 2014 – December 2014

Learned to how to do the assays build for General Lab tests with Bedrock. I successfully built or modified 205 reference lab tests with ARUP. Set up all of tables to support a Foreign System Interface with ARUP. Also learned the servers in scp_view to cycle, and the interfaces in OpenView Engine to bounce, to prepare new assays for testing. All results were interfaced into EPIC as the Medical Records repository.

Wrote detailed documentation on how to set up a new FSI interface, and to build the tests for that interface.

Wrote several Macros using the EKM Editor and the Expert System Tools.

Fixed daily problems with the Remote Report Distribution faxing of patient charts to doctor’s offices.

Cerner PathNet Consultant for national CHS Hospitals (HCTec)

Community Health Systems is the largest hospital chain in the nation:

Wesley Medical Center, Hattiesburg MS – May 2014 – July 2014

Validated the MSW Chantilly interface in a little over two weeks.

Provided support and training for Go-Live problems

Chestnut Hill Hospital, Philadelphia PA – May 2014

Validated the entire PAC Quest Chantilly interface in a little over two weeks.

Provided support and training for Go-Live problems

Southside Medical Center, Petersburg VA – April 2014 to May 2014

Fixed many problems we had with unconfigured Zebra label printers.

Provided support and training for Go-Live problems

Laredo Medical Center – Laredo TX November 2013 to April 11 2014

Supported the entire Cerner laboratory conversion from the original kick off through post go live support.

Tracked the progress and completion of all DCW’s for the Laboratory.

Helped Laboratory staff in editing and submitting the Laredo Laboratory assessment.

Did a lot of correcting and localizing of the IT1 script for Laredo. Helped Laboratory leadership do the actual IT1 testing.

Used Method M for tracking support issues and for the gathering of all needed DCW’s.

Northside Medical Center, Youngstown Ohio – August 2013 to November 2013

Did almost all testing for the Quest Chantilly Reference Lab Interface. This included a paper manual expedites to document every successful send out test, for an upcoming audit. Worked closely with the Northside Lab Coordinator, and with Cerner associates for the whole project.

Did CPDI scanning to enter image results for all Quest results in PathNet that were completed before the Quest interface was in Production.

Tomball Regional Medical Center – Tomball TX May 2013 to August 2013

Did go live support before and after the implementation. I did part of the 24x7 support after go live with both daytime night time shifts.

Helped the Laboratory Med tech’s in General Lab, Microbiology and in Blood Bank. I worked in the back of the actual lab itself. I was the first tier onsite support for all training and diagnosis of all problems that our staff had.

Implemented the first CHS go live of a Reference Lab Interface to Quest San Juan Capistrano. This included a paper manual expedite to document every successful send out test, for an upcoming audit.

Learned about CPDI scanning into PathNet

Cerner PathNet Consultant for MaxIT SAIC, now Leidos)

Shriners Hospitals Headquarters – Tampa FL March 2013 to May 2013

Did build for Microbiology for testing.

Became proficient with the DB Microbiology Tools. This included Abnormals, Biochemicals, Media, Microorganisms, Panels, Susceptibilities, Susceptibility Interpretations and Antibiotics. Also tested my build in Microbiology Result Entry. Used the DB Location Resource Management Tool to build the set up Micro locations for 16 Shriner’s hospitals throughout the country.

Worked on the Core Event Manager for Microbiology Tests.

Virginia Mason Hospital Seattle Washington October 2012 to February 2013

Worked mostly from home doing build for Microbiology.

Did most of the testing for Quest Interface to San Juan Capistrano.

Dignity Health - March 2012 to September 2012

Responsible for helping start a new PathNet Millennium Build on Cerner’s 2012 version. This included gathering all information needed to create the Data Collection Worksheets needed to build all in-house and send out laboratory assays.

Corrected and updated the training documentation that was given to the users at the beginning of their hands-on training sessions.

Tested all assays that were sent out to ARUP and Quest. Packing Lists were created by separate shipping temperatures. I found many problems in the initial build and worked with Cerner to make sure that those problems were fixed during retesting. This testing was first internal testing, and then went on to be tested over the HL7 interface to the Reference Labs.

Learned to use PowerChart ordering.

JPS Health Fort Worth Texas - December 2010 to February 2012

Responsible for fixing Cerner interfacing problems on a daily basis in the JPS Health Network. Cerner is interfaced to the Abbott Precision Web Point of care Interface, the interface to Quest Diagnostics, and to SMS Envision.

I wrote most of a new 80 page document on interfacing from Cerner to the above mentioned systems.

Learned to use both the character based A2K and the graphical NetAccess versions of SMS Envision.

Responsible for end user support for most Cerner Laboratory issues.

Written CCL’s for both reports and for an interface to the Midas Microbiology System.

Set up new tests in Cerner and coordinate to have those same tests set up in SMS Envision, Code Correct, and the JPS intranet database.

Cerner PathNet Project Manager Consultant for Novant Health (CCCI now 3CI)

Charlotte North Carolina - September 2010 to December 2010

Created a Millennium CCL to find patients that had laboratory tests done.

Worked on a Cerner Millennium PathNet project for all of the laboratories in the entire Novant Healthcare system.

We were cleaning up a list of 160,000 patient records that had duplicate entries and merged the duplicate patients into a single consolidated record for each patient. This was coordinated to match SMS Envision which was the Hospital Information System.

I was Responsible for hiring, training and managing a team of six other contractors all working for Novant Health Care. This project was done at an off campus site. The Novant upper management trusted me enough to run this operation with little help from others at the main campus.

I taught all of the other contractors how to do the entire merging process. Much of this involved making judgment calls about how the merge should be done based on many factors.

I enhanced Novant’s Millennium installation document, and I wrote a 44 page document of my own on how to do the entire merging process.

Cerner PathNet Consultant for Albert Einstein Hospital (Brooksource)

Philadelphia Pennsylvania- March 2010 to August 2010

I worked directly with the Laboratory Information Systems Manager at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Was responsible for first tier IT user support for the main lab and its satellite facilities.

I worked on upgrading our Cerner Classic PathNet system to Cerner Millennium version 2010.

I was responsible for configuring and testing our Laboratory instrument interfaces for the Millennium upgrade. These instruments included the ACL Top, the Advance, two Centaurs, the Iris Iq 200, and the Stream Lab track robot, which is connected to three Dade Behring RXL Max instruments. I have done the actual running of specimens on the instruments to do the testing.

I did interfacing of our send out tests through our HalfPenny interface to LabCorp.

I trained our less experienced employees how to support our laboratory users after I had left. I provided these employees with the documentation that I had written to help accomplish that goal.

Cerner PathNet Consultant for Sutter Alta Bates Hospitals (Kaye/Bassman)

Oakland California- September 2008 to February 2010

Worked at Sutter’s Alta Bates Hospital in Oakland and Berkeley California

Responsible to the daily maintenance of all three of our Cerner Classic Hospital Systems: Laboratory, Radiology and Pharmacy.

Wrote many documents totaling hundreds of pages to teach the staff who came after me how to support all three of our Cerner Systems. This included me training the consultant who replaced me one on one.

Trained our Radiology Staff about how to submit Doctors for GoldFax Charting.

Did the majority of my work in PathNet for our Laboratory. Taught both our Laboratory and Hospital Nursing staff how to use our upgraded laboratory labels. Was the main contact for all Laboratory requests.

Showed Laboratory Staff how to use new instruments that I had installed. I provided documentation for them to use and maintain the PC part of the instruments after I had left.

Wrote a program to extract our current General Laboratory inventory every thirty seconds. I then transferred it to a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet with update and calculation macros that were written in Visual Basic. This is a valuable tool for our Lab Technicians to know what priority their specimens should be processed in.

Maintained our Provider database to make sure the doctors received their radiology charts as faxes to their offices.

Worked on testing all of our Cerner Systems to be upgraded to version 015.

Learned how to write automated Discern Rules.

Wrote many CCL reports as they were requested by our users, and I put them into our daily operations jobs. I also wrote adhoc CCL’s that users could call from our CCM menu.

Added MAR notes into our IV Pharmacy Labels using CCL.

Became very proficient with the setup of Intermec printers including the upgrading of their firmware.

Did the VMS software setup for new Cerner printers both in Berkley and Sacramento as they were needed. This included both regular ASCII report and Postscript printers.

Helped inactivated employees get their accounts working again when they returned from leave, and reset their passwords when they forgot them.

Did System Unit testing for the Laboratory when needed.

Database Application and Interface Developer for Theradoc

Salt Lake City Utah - July 2006 to March 2008

I documented almost all processes as I learned them. This resulted in me creating a 95 page Programmers Reference Manual. I used this manual in training all of the new employees in our department.

Learned Programming in PL/SQL in Oracle 9i and 10g databases.

Did set up of new client's interfaces. Did importing and exporting of Oracle tables for clients in all over the continental United States.

Expanded my knowledge of HL7 to include ADT, Pharmacy and Radiology results.

Regularly used Cisco VPN connections to support our client's servers.

Participated in weekly conference calls with clients and with our outside business partners so I could better take care of their needs.

Cerner PathNet Programmer/Analyst for Associated Regional and University Pathologists

Salt Lake City Utah - July 1994 to March 1999 and February 2000 to April 2006

Was in charge of training all of the staff in our testing department as well as both of our software support departments about all new changes that we in the Development group were releasing to them. This included both formally scheduled classes as well as answering many questions on an individual basis.

Have written extensive amounts of documentation on both the software that I have written, and for other software used within our company.

Very skilled in working with many programs in the Cerner classic systems. I gained over 11 years of experience interfacing health care information in and out of Cerner classic PathNet systems. I am also familiar with the Cerner Millennium architecture. I attended a series of on-site training classes from Cerner on Interfacing Cerner Millennium to external systems. I passed the Certification Tests at the end of the course.

Have always been a resource for helping our support staff with problems that are too difficult for them to handle by themselves. This includes wearing a cell phone for around the clock on call support for the most complicated issues.

Programmed many reports in Cerner's CCL. Was responsible for enhancing the reports when requested by users.

I was the manager of our whole company's CCL code repository. We went through two major upgrades to our Cerner PathNet system, and I was in charge of testing and upgrading each CCL to make sure that each program in our long list worked in the new environment.

Used CCL to print barcode Labels for Laboratory Specimens.

Started programming on a Windows NT based CAI TDM system in March of 1997. I helped complete the migration all of our production NT engine interfaces to our IBM AIX Sybase Impact 4.1 Interface engine. I have been continually working on each new version of Impact as Sybase has released them.

Worked on converting our 4.1 SFM's and Aims to our 5.4 Impact engine. All of my new engine development is being done with Impact 5.4

We have TCP/IP VPN connections to hundreds of clients all of over the United States.

Proficient in using several variations of Unix, including ksh scripting.

Expert in the Impact development tools such as ODL, tran-IDE and msg-IDE.

Have written several kinds of AIMs including FTP, Serial, and TCP/IP.

Very familiar with ASTM 88-94 and HL7 2.1-2.5 by working with them on a daily basis for many years. I was also trained on HL7 3.0 by at an HL7 conference I was sent to by ARUP.

Very experienced at translating from proprietary formats to HL7 and back again. I invented the system architecture that we now use extensively for many of our Lab instruments. I have written several interfaces to send orders to, and receive results from our lab instruments, and other non-HL7 interfaces.

Responsible for programming of foreign system interfaces to our clients. This means receiving electronic orders from, and sending electronic results back to many hundreds of our clients, with several different kinds of laboratory computer systems. These laboratory systems include ALS, Antrim Cerner, Citation, HBOC, MediTech, PathLab III, SMS, and Mysis (Sunquest), and General Electric (GGG).

Gained skills programming in C by writing several programs to do modem communications. Learned configuring of modems and controlling the modems' serial communications to DEC LAT ports.

Worked extensively on our HP (Compaq) Alpha clustered mainframes. Supported a bank of over 80 MultiTech modems that are running on DS9000 servers using DEC LAT.

Senior Consultant for South Bend Medical Foundation (ctg Healthcare Solutions)

, South Bend Indiana - March 1999 to February 2000

Worked as a CAI/Neon/Sybase Impact Engine consultant at South Bend Medical Foundation

Taught my subordinate employees how to do CAI to Cerner PathNet Interfacing.

Worked on an HP-UX K400 Unix server running Neon TDM.

Implemented and supported several Foreign System Interfaces on the Neon Engine.

Was promoted to Lead CAI Consultant over the rest of the ctg consultants working there.

Adjunct Faculty for Salt Lake Community College

Salt Lake City Utah September 1996 to May 2002

Worked part time as an instructor in Computer Science, Business Information Technology and Computer Information Systems.

Became proficient with the whole Microsoft Office Suite, and most of the Corel Suite.

Taught a variety of computer classes to hundreds of students including many students from foreign countries that were not native English speakers.

MIS Department Supervisor for Compeq International Corp

Taught classes to our office staff on how to use both our PC and our VMS mainframe systems.

Managed the MIS department for the whole company. Directed three other people in our department. Maintained all of our office computer systems. Gained a lot of on the job experience with DECNET, connecting to our parent company's VAX, and with LAT software going to devices within the building.

PC Systems Analyst/Programmer for Rocky

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