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Crew Member Information Systems

Colorado Springs, CO
January 31, 2024

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Robert W. Snowberger

*** - *** - ****


Seeking a position within the construction industry or related fields as a skilled laborer, tradesman, craftsman, crew member, etc., with room for advancement and improvement. Education:

Colorado Education Centers

● 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Certificate of completion

● Computer Information Systems 106

Certificate of completion

● General Equivalency

Intellitec Collage

● Applied associates degree

Environmental Engineering Technology

1. Combustion Anylysis

2. Carbon monoxide inspection

Experience:**Any conflicting dates are due to being employed as a temp at present employer and permanent employment at company. All dates listed are estimated and may not be accurate. All companies listed as employers can be verified through tax records or from the persons listed as a contact. Labor Finders LLC

2828 North Nevada Ave.


● Duties varied daily: general labor, construction clean up, erosion control, traffic control, demo, residential remodeling, asphalt, excavation laborer/helper, landscape laborer, concrete laborer, packing/moving/storage, painting, carpenter assistant, handy man. September 2014 - Present

Central States Roofing

5925 Omaha Blvd.


● Set up safety equipment and barriers along perimeter of roof and throughout job site as needed or specified by OSHA standards. Load materials on roofs, rigging material on cranes, assist and signal crane operators with loading of materials, removal of pre existing poly thermal roofing material, install and or replace/repair cricket systems, ISO board insulation, Dens Deck cover board, TPO membranes, EPDM, PVC. Sept. 2019 - Nov. 2022

Tradesman Intl

1555 Vapor Trail


Set up personal fall arrest system, load material on roofs, remove existing tile raised roofing systems completely, install new waterproof underlayment, weather barrier, latts and batts, tile, and or flashing, snow guard, hurricane clips, etc. Measure and cut tile for edges, around penetrations, inside valleys and to fit securely against roof to walls. Aug. 2018 - Sept. 2019

Summerville Construction

Colorado Springs,Co.


● Assist crew lead with taking measurements on sites, marking and laying areas to set forms for foundations and foundation walls, load and unload material, set and strip forms, cut,bend,measure and tie rebar, assist crew with pouring of concrete, clean and secure job site

July 2015 - Aug. 2018

Brost allon Concrete Contractors

50 Mt. View Ln. Suite H


● Load and unload materials, measure, cut, bend and tie rebar, set and strip forms for storm drains, inlet boxes, curb and gutter, containment ponds, trickle channels, and various structures. Compact dirt on sites using jumping jack. Clean and secure job site. April 2014 - Oct. 2014

Tear Off Pros Roofing

Colorado Springs, Co.


● Holladay bros. Const.

Aug. 2010 - Aug. 2013

Holladay Bros. Construction

7917 Red Granite loop


● Set up personal fall arrest systems and fall protection; roof jacks, ladder jacks, toe boards. Remove all and any trash and debris from entire job site. Stock materials on roofs including felt rolls, flashing, weather barriers, shingles, and tools. Inspect and identify any damages to existing roof or problem areas and repair accordingly. Complete residential re- roofs to include removal of existing wood shakes, composite or asphalt shingles, slate and or roof tiles, metal roofing systems, along with any underlayment, flashing, and weather barriers and install new materials. June 2000 - May 2006

Vern Schmidt Masonry

( Company no longer in business)

● Set up scaffolding as specified by masons, stick brick and block in scaffolding or otherwise requested by foreman or masons, cut brick or block to fit on or around any areas of walls or structures being built. Mix mud and or grout in mixer for masons as needed. Clean and secure job site.

Sept. 1997- May 1998


Flagger Certification

OSHA 10 HR. Safety

Fall Protection Training


● Operate electric or pneumatic jack hammers

● Operate gas powered plate tamper, jumping jack

● Operate material handling equipment

1. Boom Forks

2. Motorized pallet jack

3. Pallet jack

● Use and operate power saws, grinders, demo saw, reciprocating saw, chipping hammer, rotary hammer, drills, oscillating saws, blowers, power washers, etc

● Use of general hand tools,eg; hammer, tape measure, speed square, level, etc

● Competent in the set up procedures and use of fall arrest systems and fall protection safety


Roy Grimaldo - Carpenter; Holladay Grace Cons.


Braiden Coffin - Superintendent; SHARP Gen Contr.


***Any questions about dates of employment, employers, experience, certifications, education contacts, or references can be further discussed in person. Thank you for your understanding.

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