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High School Backend Developer

Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia
January 30, 2024

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Muhammad Ichsanul F.

Backend Developer

About Me

I am Muhammad Ichsanul Fadhil, 19 years old programmer from Indonesia with 1+ years work experience.

I've been a web developer since high school. I like learning things in programming at the low code level. I like Javascript but i like Golang more.

As for my work history, I have extensive experience in helping startups grow using technologies such as Vuetify, Nuxt.js, Tailwind, and Golang. I am very love to learn deeply about Golang languange. I learned how to write good and optimal Golang code, Lastly, I like writing articles to document what I learn every day.


Golang AWS Vuetify Vue.js (2/3) Nuxt.js Node.js Nest.js Writings



Golang package for scheduling task functions, using package reflect to accept task functions as interfaces and run tasks in one goroutine. Ichsanapi

Boilerplate rest api with Nest.js + Mysql + Sequelize Liga Golf Jakarta 2023

Realtime livescoring website for Jakarta Golf League in 2023 built with Nuxt.js 3 & Tailwind CSS

[1] Berkenalan dengan Package Reflect di Golang

[2] Implementasi Websocket dengan Golang dan Gorilla

[3] Performing Transaction Query in Knex

[4] Exploring All Javascript Array Methods

[5] Belajar Typescript: Tipe Data

[6] Mari Berkenalan dengan Package SQL di Golang


My first golang package for creating strong password in go project Achievment

Achievment that I got in high school.

Year Award

2023 3rd Place FIKSI (Indonesian Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Festival) at Provincial Level

2022 3rd Place LKS Provinsi Cloud Computing AWS

2021 1st Place in BDA Programming Competition at National Level 2021 2nd Place in the AWS Static Web C3 Competition at the Provincial Level DIY Yogyakarta


High School Student - SMKN 2 Depok - (2020-2024)

I went to high school at one of the best vocational schools in Indonesia, SMK 2 Depok. I entered the SIJA (Application Network Information Systems) major, I learned about networking, web development, and network security at this school.

Fullstack Developer - PT. Gamatechno Indonesia - (2023-2024)

~ Creating backend api for application using gin gonic golang and mysql database.

~ Creating some api service for using Nest.js and mysql database.

~ Slicing ui and create component app for backoffice using Vuetify.js and Nuxt.js 2

~ Main frontend developer for the 2023 Jakarta Golf League livescore website using Nuxt.js 3

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