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Data Entry Specialist

Fayetteville, NC
January 30, 2024

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Financial Claim Support March 2022-Dec 2023

Lincoln Financial Group Remote

●Conducted training and development sessions focused on team functions to enhance team members' skills and knowledge, resulting in improved overall team performance.

●Assisted team members by promptly addressing their inquiries and providing guidance via Team Chats, contributing to a more collaborative and efficient work environment.

●Successfully managed queued documents through Mavro and SystemOne, ensuring accurate document properties, which significantly expedited the claims process and administration while maintaining a high level of accuracy.

Data Entry Specialist May 2021 – December 2021

Lincoln Financial Group Remote

●Ensured the protection of confidential information by rigorously adhering to internal policies and data security regulations, maintaining the highest level of integrity and privacy standards.

●Effectively utilized the Workspace system to facilitate seamless communication with both agents and clients, delivering accurate updates and real-time policy statuses, enhancing customer satisfaction and support.

●Demonstrated precision in processing new business applications within strict time-sensitive guidelines using Life writer, contributing to the efficient onboarding of clients and the growth of the business.

Unemployment Claims Processor October 2020 - January 2021

Accenture Remote

●Diligently verified legal documents to safeguard against fraud, ensuring the integrity of all back-office work and legal processes.

●Utilized Amazon Web Services (AWS) system to log and manage claims, upholding a high standard of accuracy in processing claims data.

●Maintained claim demographics by accurately updating information provided by customers over the phone, contributing to a comprehensive and up-to-date records system.

●Consistently met individual performance standards and metrics, demonstrating a commitment to achieving and exceeding organizational goals.

Employee Services Coordinator December 2019 - August 2020

Bright Horizons Remote

●Swiftly and accurately responded to customer inquiries via live chat, providing solutions, answering questions, and effectively troubleshooting issues, enhancing customer satisfaction and problem resolution.

●Assured the correct application of tuition discounts on invoices before their submission for payment, maintaining financial accuracy and compliance with discount policies.

●Utilized the EdAssist 4.0 system to process various client transactions, including Reimbursements, Immediate Reimbursements, Prepays, Book Reimbursements, Application Approvals, Grade Entries, Application Comments, and VHD-Tickets, streamlining client services and ensuring data accuracy.

Customer Service Representative January 2018 - November 2019

Williams Sonoma, Inc Remote

●Consistently adhered to and exceeded all customer service policies and procedures established by the company, delivering top-notch support through inbound calls, chat, and email interactions.

●Proficiently utilized systems including AMS, OMS, CCUI, and CITRIX to process order cancellations and issue replacement items when necessary, ensuring seamless order management and customer satisfaction.

●Skillfully negotiated and resolved customer concerns by applying a range of methods established by Williams-Sonoma, maintaining positive customer relationships and enhancing brand reputation.

Transaction Resolution Specialist September 2015 - February 2017

United Health Care

●Maintained consistent adherence to established productivity, schedule, and quality standards, including processing and making precise claims adjustments, contributing to efficient claims operations.

●Managed claim payments and demonstrated leadership by effectively delegating and approving team payments within established limits, ensuring smooth financial transactions and team productivity.

●Leveraged the UNET platform to provide critical support for E&I Claims & Provider Services, streamlining processes and enhancing the efficiency of claims and provider services operations.

Customer Service Representative January 2013 - January 2014

Blue Cross Blue Shield

●Proficiently identified and collected essential information from patients, members, and employer groups using the UNET system, ensuring comprehensive data collection for accurate record-keeping and claims processing.

●Effectively handled inbound calls and chats, providing clarification on SOB (Statement of Benefits) and expertly addressing inquiries related to claims processing, consistently delivering outstanding customer service to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.


Bachelors of Arts and Science May 2012

University of North Carolina, Pembroke

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