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Personal Assistant Medical Care/ Caregiver/Security/Teacher

Stuart, FL
January 30, 2024

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•Mr...Jeffrey •Zaggle

●Good Morning ️ Martin County, Florida..!

Port Saint Lucie, FL



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Work Experience

Caregiver/Personal Assistant/ Paramedic / Security Supervisor*** Private Families - Coconut Creek Park, FL

March 2018 to Present

• Caregiver. / .Paramedic/ Security Director/

• For Elder Male/Client, Household Supervisor For: meals, transportation, •"Close security-Protection" for Client, and Family, Medical services, medical consultation, logistical consultation, and overall operations of the domicile...

• As a Paramedic Level 3 to: Address all my clients medical care and concerns, cleaning/Adls/ bathroom/ bathing, serving meals, housekeeping, Supervisor of :[Home Security] •Supervising : Hospice Staff, Medical Physician, and Family members both near or far.

• Scheduling-Appointments/ Surgery( s) and rehabilitation/ Care plan for Client Physical therapy sessions,

• Four years of dedicated care for: Clients (Home Care)• Medical Exams, Management of the Home- front-/total security:( 24/7-365)

• Meal prep, repairs, and interaction between EMS [as needed] medical charting, and superior communication with designated medical care professionals..[ Visiting] •Including dosing medications with the advice/ consent of the clients Physician, and monthly (RNs- PRN) visits providing medical evaluations, and health updates as required...

• My: Complete care and supervision of all aspects of the patients welfare, and required care including, Dementia care, and medical consultation and treatment as required...

• Transportation, as well as: [Unanticipated Maintenance of the home as needed Jewlery Consultant


January 2023 to December 2023

Sales consultant for gold, silver," high end " Watches,( Time pieces,) opening, and closing the shop, client service, inventory, stocking, and considerable knowledge of fine wearing apparel...

• Temp. Position to cover for a injured employee.

•Seafood Clerk Associate

Publix - Pompano Beach, FL

February 2018 to March 2019

• Seafood Associate, sales, cleaning, stocking, disinfecting,

• Employment with Publix, Twice here in Florida

•Karate Instructor/ Strength Conditioning Coach *

YMCA - Venice, FL

September 2006 to May 2010

EmploWrite/• I developed Customized workout plans, tour perspective clients, teach anatomical and physical fitness seminars, membership staffer, Sports coach for: Kids between- 5 to 17.

• Membership Sales as Needed/ Touring perspective new clients of all ages.

• Weight and Strength Conditioning

• Coaching and mentoring: Baseball and Softball at the •Coach-College Level,and (Older)- --Team Softball Management of all ages...

• I-Continue to play[In] Both leagues as a *active* player: (2023)

•Senior Tutoring Supervisor

Vesellhouse, Tutoring, Inc. - Philadelphia, PA

May 1983 to April 2008

Tutoring for kids of all ages,

• ( College As Well)*,-assigning 1: 1 tutor/ student requirements,

• Subjects proficient in: The biological Sciences

• Reading

• Creative writing

• Public speaking

• Physical Fitness

• Children's requirements for our remedial/ Cognizant emotional/ psychological support

• Disabilities/ Autistic Spectrum

• Study methodologies for: Test taking, ie, ACT/ Sats/ Security Supervisor/Officer

Aston Bay Village - Venice, FL

May 2004 to September 2006

• Securing a 725 residential population, 12 hour shifts, (rotation), patrols interior/ exterior of buildings

( #7),

Securing, main gatehouse, record every vendor, visitor, and law enforcement agencies, Required to send clients to hospital, and evaluate their medical condition s)...

• Maintained daily log of activity within Lobby, gatehouse, rotation of mobile patrols, Securing Nursing home and Dementia unit,

• Greeted vendors and visitors upon arrival,

• Performed inspections of guests as necessary

• Patrolled parking lot

• Promoted after 2 years

• Ability to immediately understand surroundings

• attended, coordinated and led all physical security meetings... Corporate Communications Trainer

AT&T NORTH AMERICAN OPERATIONS, INC. - New York, NY October 1983 to July 2005

Designed Training Programs, Teaching Managers, and Supervisors, public speaking and writing skills, Conflict Resolution, Interpersonal and Social Interpersonal Skills Introduction to media and advertising campaigns/ public relations protocols...

Excellent Experience for All..!

•Head Custodian/Maintenance

St. Elizabeth Catholic School - Denver, CO

September 2002 to June 2005

• Complete cleaning, dusting, minor repairs, stocking/ ordering supplies, disinfecting classrooms, kitchen areas, and hallways TBD.

Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic

*American Red Cross/*Volunteer * - Denver, CO

August 1973 to April 1998

• Volunteered my medical education/ experience as, Emt/Paramedic/ Trainer in Emergency Med- Response

• Active Responder- 2023

Director of Activities

Demarco Rehabilitation Institute - Philadelphia, PA June 1993 to August 1996

Direct patient care and support...

All activities and events...

Schedule day trips, and family involvement.

•Theatrical Teacher in Residence

The Walnut Street Theatre - Philadelphia, PA

July 1983 to September 1988

• Theater Workshops for Philadelphia Public schools/ The Philadelphia Fine Performing Arts Program and, Philadelphia Public Libraries...

• For ages : 5 to 17yrs. kids of single parent Homes, or, kids at risk, special need children, interpretation of scripts, and basic introduction to Acting/ Stagrcraft design, and development... Excellent summer classes, and development of kids sense of curiosity, and achievement..!

• Recognized for teaching excellence

• Responsible for creating an inclusive classroom environment

• Responsible for preparing and executing weekly lesson plans

• Assisted with classroom activities and lessons

• Monitored student progress

• Taught K-12. students with special needs

Activities Director

Clermont Rehabilitation Center - Philadelphia, PA

June 1983 to September 1986

Director of all activities with clients/ elders, and planning field events, and close supervision with patients welfare and security, close ongoing relationship and meetings with family members and Staffers More details forthcoming!

•Public School Teacher/*Tutoring/*

Dover Delaware - Dover, DE

April 1981 to June 1983

• Teaching / Tutoring -grades: K- 8/

• Lesson plans, safety, School Plays,and Family activities, Gym teacher in: (Grade3-8)

●Executive Activities Director

•Vantagepoint,Inc. - Dover, DE

June 1977 to August 1978

Directorship of Activities for Dementia/ Nurologic Disorders/ dysfunctional men/ woman... Plan Activities, field trips/ events, family precipitation, working closely with Nursing and Support Staff to achieve a healthy ongoing relationship for all...

Retail Manager/ Ownership

Tower Records and Video - Philadelphia, PA

June 1974 to August 1978

Complete responsibility for: my music/ CD/ Video/ DVD department...Selling, ordering, displaying, permotional displays, stocking/ inventory,

Promotional tie-ins with, Large and small radio stations for, audience gift and give aways, public relations and advertising seasonal sales, and college/ schools discounts on products. Owner/Manager

"Clark's Music City [ MUSIC/ VIDEO] - Atlantic City, NJ June 1974 to December 1977

Ordering music, CDs, stock, Management of the Retail business, Changing trends in music/ Video

/ affiliate programs for Local Radio Stations, High School/ College Discounts, Displays-( Planograms), and much more


Bachelors in Educational Psychology

University of Southern California - Los Angeles County, CA January 1985 to June 1989

•Bachelor's degree in *Speech Communication/* Theater/* Public Relations * Rowan University - Glassboro, NJ

January 1979 to June 1981

Associate in Arts (AA) in •Anatomical -Physiological Sciences/*Medical Terminology/*

•University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine • - Philadelphia, PA January 1977 to June 1979


• ADLs (5 years)

• Hospice care (4 years)

• Patient care (5 years)

• Vital signs (10+ years)

• Alzheimer's care (3 years)

• Dementia care (5 years)

• Special needs (5 years)

• Home care (8 years)

• Developmental disabilities experience (5 years)

• Assisted living (5 years)

• Caregiving (5 years)

• Cleaning (8 years)

• Childcare (4 years)

• Medication administration (4 years)

• Behavior management (5 years)

• Heavy lifting (10+ years)

• HIPAA (4 years)

• Direct support (10+ years)

• Resident's rights (5 years)

• CPR/AED (10+ years)

• Hoyer lift

• Memory care (5 years)

• Care plans (3 years)

• CPR (10+ years)

• Surveillance (5 years)

• Conflict management (10+ years)

• Security (8 years)

• Law enforcement

• Loss prevention (3 years)

• Military

• CCTV (5 years)

• Senior care (8 years)

• Anatomy Knowledge (10+ years)

• Tutoring (7 years)

• Hospital Experience (3 years)

• EMT Experience (10+ years)

• Supervising Experience (5 years)

• Medical Office Experience (5 years)

• Medical Records

• Law enforcement

• communication

• paramedic

• Teaching

• Medical terminology


*Medallion Award"- for Academic Excellence *

May 1981


• Awarded to each graduating student, whom has proven as well as provided academic excellence in his/ her chosen College Major Course of Study...

• Chosen by,Professors whom have taught said student for, all four years of academic study.

• The Medallion Award is presented by, the*[ College Dean/ President of the College I

[attended: ]-1981.

• [ Rowan University]

Certifications and Licenses

Class D

CPR Certification

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