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Customer support specialist

Jacksonville, FL
January 30, 2024

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Ashley McDade

Reliable Licensed Enrollment Customer

Support Agent

**** ****** **, ************, ****** States,



Experienced and reliable Licensed Enrollment Customer Support Tax Specialist with 7 years of experience in customer service and account research resolution. Highly motivated and adaptable, with strong organizational capabilities. Knowledgeable in retirement tax planning, able to analyze tax brackets, retirement accounts, and Social Security to provide tax-efficient withdrawal strategies. Possesses excellent customer service skills and is well-equipped to handle diverse situations and create effective solutions. Open to remote work or based in Jacksonville, FL. Seeking a role as a health benefits advisor, customer support specialist, or retirement plan specialist.

Employment history

Nov 2022 - Mar 2023

Retirement Specialist

Signature Consultants at Jacksonville, FL

• Explained retirement benefit plan policies, procedures, and legal requirements to eligible employees and beneficiaries.• Conducted retirement and benefits-related calculations and analysis.• Ensured retirement plans were administered in accordance with company guidelines and labor law regulations.• Provided exceptional customer service to clients by assisting them with their retirement plans.• Researched tax laws and assisted in IRS and state audits dealing with 1040 and 1099.• Gathered information and explained options for best practice to clients.• Prepared quarterly and annual tax compliance.• Ensured that tax returns were filed in accordance with tax authorities.• Demonstrated proficient knowledge of the company's products, services, and business operations.• Resolved common customer issues and provided basic computer troubleshooting.• Managed relationships with clients on behalf of the wealth manager.• Provided support on products and services to the wealth manager and clients.• Completed and submitted investment- related documents.• Compiled customized investment presentations for potential and existing clients.• Analyzed financial statements and market trends.• Performed day-to-day administrative tasks.• Successfully helped clients with their 1099R tax return document.• Educated clients on 1099R.

Provided personalized retirement advice and guidance based on individual client needs, financial goals, and market conditions. Develop and implement retirement plans that align with company goals, comply with legal regulations, and meet the needs of employees.

Conducted thorough analysis of clients' existing retirement plans to identify areas for improvement and recommend appropriate adjustments.

Conduct in-depth market research and analysis to identify trends, investment opportunities, and potential risks for retirement plans.

Employment history

Jun 2022 - Sep 2022

Licensed Health Advisor trainee

Bloom Insurance Agency at Bloomington, IL

Advised clients on the different Medicare plans available, including Original Medicare, Medigap, Medicare Part D, and Medicare Advantage Plans.

Educated clients on the benefits and coverage details of each plan, helping them make informed decisions. Assisted clients in choosing plans that fit their budget and long-term needs. Developed a strong understanding of the local healthcare landscape in Florida, including demographics, hospitals, private clinics, and physicians.

Acquired knowledge about Medicare Part A, Part B, Part C, and Medicare Advantage Plans through training at Bloom Insurance Agency.

Kept up-to-date with changing regulations and policies in the healthcare industry to provide accurate and timely guidance to clients. Stay up to date with changes in Medicare regulations and coverage guidelines to ensure accurate and up-to-date information is provided to clients.

Conduct market research to identify potential target clients and develop strategies to reach them. Build and maintain relationships with local healthcare providers, such as hospitals, clinics, and physicians, to ensure a comprehensive understanding of available healthcare options for clients. Collaborate with insurance carriers to stay informed about changes in Medicare plans and coverage options. Provide ongoing training and support to new licensed health advisor trainees to ensure their success in advising clients on Medicare plans and navigating the healthcare landscape.

Assist with the development and implementation of marketing campaigns to promote Medicare plans and attract potential clients. Assist in organizing and conducting educational seminars for the community to increase awareness and understanding of Medicare plans and options.

Employment history

Feb 2020 - Apr 2022

Operational Support Specialist

Enhanced recovery center at Jacksonville, FL

• Responded to customer queries in a timely and accurate way, via phone, email or chat

• Identified customer needs and helped customers use specific features

• Updated internal databases with information about technical issues and useful discussions with customers

• Monitored customer complaints on social media and reached out to provide assistance

• Shared feature requests and effective workarounds with team members

• Informed customers about new features and functionalities

• Ensured accuracy of data by keeping track of all customer calls via spreadsheets and company software

• Followed up with customers to ensure their technical issues were resolved

• Gathered customer feedback and shared with Product, Sales, and Marketing teams

• Promptly responded to customer queries via email, live chat, video, phone, and social media channels

• Escalated serious complaints or issues to appropriate channels

• Liaised with colleagues or managers to find the best solutions to customers' issues

• Identified common problems and escalated them to management with possible suggestions for improvement

• Maintained a polite, helpful, and professional manner at all times

• Familiarized myself with new products and services as they were introduced

• Took inbound and outbound calls for up to 50+ members per day using computer and call center software systems

• Provided training to new customer service agents

• Respected client confidentiality at all times

• Answered phones and responded to client requests and inquiries

• Managed and updated company databases

• Kept track of inventory and ordered supplies

• Maintained financial, employee, and client records

• Drafted and mailed customer correspondence and newsletters

• Organized events, scheduled meetings, and made travel arrangements

• Managed the maintenance of office and facility equipment

• Provided administrative support to other departments or projects as needed

• Collaborated with the IT department to troubleshoot technical issues and provide solutions for customers Assist in the development and implementation of new operational processes to improve efficiency and productivity. Employment history

Feb 2019 - Oct 2019


Hyatt Place at Jacksonville, FL

• Managed online, phone and in-person room reservations.• Welcomed guests, checked them in, distributed room keys and explained the hotel’s amenities.• Took payment from customers and ensured accuracy of data by keeping track of all customer calls via spreadsheets and company software.• Responded to guests’ issues and complaints in a friendly, timely manner.• Explained local amenities and attractions.• Secured new memberships and pitched sales to potential customers.• Worked with other staff members to ensure that all guest rooms meet hotel standards and accommodate any special client needs.• Assisted customers with the planning of special events such as weddings and business conferences.• Arranged specialized services for VIP customers.• Provided customer service by telephone as well as face to face to clients in regard to their gym memberships. Maintained a high level of knowledge about local attractions, restaurants, and events in order to provide recommendations and assistance to guests seeking recommendations for their leisure time activities. Mar 2014 - Jun 2018

Assistant Manager

Burger King at Jacksonville, FL

• Assisted in managing the day-to-day operation of the restaurant

• Deputized in the absence of the General Restaurant Manager

• Advised senior managers on staffing needs and personnel issues

• Cultivated a positive working environment for all staff

• Provided coaching and mentoring to new hires

• Reviewed and evaluated calls of fellow crew members

• Demonstrated excellent written and verbal communication skills

• Maintained a strong goal achievement orientation

• Exhibited strong attention to detail and sense of urgency

• Provided Simply the Best Service to clients

• Worked independently in a deadline-driven and goal-oriented team environment

• Possessed basic working knowledge of PC applications Implementing and enforcing safety and sanitation standards to ensure a clean and safe working environment for employees and customers.


Jun 2006 - Aug 2007

HS Diploma

Cornerstone Christian High School at Townsend, GA, US Skills

Excellent customer service


Account research resolution


Creating solutions Leadership

Organizational capabilities


Payment processing


Research Account reconciliation

Business procedures Telephone etiquette


Retirement tax planning


Tax bracket analysis

Retirement account management Social Security optimization Explaining retirement benefit plan policies Conducting retirement and benefits-related calculations Administering retirement plans Inbound customer contact Experienced

IRS and state audit assistance Best practice options explanation Tax compliance preparation Tax return filing

Assurance on day-to-day processes


Knowledge of company's products and services

Proficient customer service skills


Verbal and written communication skills


Computer navigation and operation skills People skills and empathy Working independently and in a team environment Identifying and resolving customer issues Expert


Basic computer operations and troubleshooting


Researching market trends

Assisting with investment plans Managing client relationships Supporting wealth manager


Resolving client issues and concerns

Completing investment-related documents Compiling investment presentations Analyzing financial statements and market trends Performing day-to-day administrative tasks Understanding Medicare plans Advising clients on plan options Budgeting for plan costs Knowledge of local healthcare providers Establishing effective working relationships Adult learning principles Applying L&D theories and methodologies Project management Responding to customer queries


Analyzing and reporting product malfunctions

Updating internal databases Monitoring customer complaints on social media Sharing feature requests and workarounds Informing customers about new features Following up with customers Gathering customer feedback Responding to customer queries via various channels Escalating serious complaints or issues Identifying common problems and suggesting improvements Maintaining a professional manner Familiarizing with new products and services Answering phones and responding to client requests Managing company databases Keeping track of inventory Maintaining financial, employee, and client records Drafting and mailing customer correspondence Organizing events and scheduling meetings Managing office and facility equipment Skills

Providing administrative support Managing room reservations Checking in guests and explaining hotel amenities Taking payment from customers Responding to guest issues and complaints Explaining local amenities and attractions Assisting with event planning Arranging specialized services for VIP customers Providing customer service for gym memberships Placing calls to members regarding payments Managing day-to-day restaurant operations Deputizing in the absence of the General Restaurant Manager Advising senior managers on staffing needs Cultivating a positive working environment Coaching and mentoring new hires Reviewing and evaluating calls of crew members Written and verbal communication skills Goal achievement orientation Attention to detail Working independently in a deadline-driven environment PC applications MS Office Suite

Inbound Call Center Reservations

Complaint Resolution Documentation

Document Management Restaurant Management

Quality Assurance


CRM Software


Microsoft SharePoint


Live Chat

Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Windows



Phone Etiquette

Communication skills Databases


Tax experience Technical Support


Health Insurance License




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