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Data Entry Specialist

Cedar Rapids, IA
January 31, 2024

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Jennifer Webster

Cedar Rapids, Iowa *****

Top Skills

1. Data entry: Proven experience and proficiency in accurately inputting and managing data into computer systems and databases.

2. MS Office proficiency: Strong knowledge and expertise in using Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, Excel, and Outlook, to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and emails.

3. Attention to detail: Demonstrated ability to meticulously review and verify data for accuracy, identify errors or inconsistencies, and make necessary corrections to maintain data integrity.

Work Experience

Doordash, Cedar Rapids, IA

Delivery Driver

08/2023 to Present

- Results-driven with a focus on top-notch customer service in fast-paced, time-sensitive environments.

- Expertise in data accuracy, efficient time management, and effective problem-solving from Doordasher experience.

- Proficient in handling high-volume orders, optimizing routes, and maintaining order accuracy.

- Skilled in recording and documenting order completions.

- Strong multitasking skills and a commitment to exceptional service for superior customer experiences.

- Detail-oriented with a focus on data quality control, ensuring error-free service.

- Committed to delivering exceptional results and exceeding customer expectations.

BHFO, Cedar Rapids, IA

Data Entry Specialist

09/2021 to 03/2023

- Experienced Data Entry Specialist proficient in accurately entering and managing product information using RetailOps software.

- Fast learner, adaptable to new software, and quick to adjust to changes.

- Strong data management skills and keen attention to detail.

- Excellent communication skills for clear, articulated instructions to improve processes.

- Detail-oriented and skilled in data quality control.

- Committed to delivering exceptional results.

P&G Oral Laboratories, Iowa City, IA

Plant Technician II

06/2016 to 03/2020

- Experienced Plant Technician II with a background in skilled machine operation and exceptional problem-solving and communication skills.

- Responsible for updating Safe Operating Practices (SOPs) and providing ongoing training for process improvement.

- Successful handling of troubleshooting and special projects aimed at increasing plant productivity.

- Maintains confidentiality to protect intellectual property.

- Proficient in scheduling and managing vacation days/PTO for optimal workflow.

- Committed to personal growth, attending Corporate-led training on Rapid Changeovers to enhance efficiency.

- Demonstrates the ability to foster strong team relationships and resolve issues by actively learning from Plant machinists and their feedback to increase overall workflow efficiency.

Bally’s Casino, New Orleans, LA

Casino Dealer/Floor Supervisor

03/1993 to 09/2001

- Dealer and Gaming Floor Supervisor at Bally's Casino, prioritizing communication, relationship building, and efficient solutions.

- Actively listened to concerns, displayed empathy, and resolved issues with genuine care.

- Creating a fun and engaging environment while emphasizing effectiveness and efficiency.

- Focused on building strong relationships and fostering a positive work environment.

- Aimed to provide exceptional service and a memorable gaming experience to ensure customer loyalty at Bally's Casino.


Ongoing in Medical Billing & Coding


Eastern Iowa Community Colleges - Iowa

03/2023, Present

Certifications and Licenses

National Careers Readiness Certificate (NCRC) through ACT

2012 to Present

Gold Certificate #98Q9HYJPXR58

International Computer Drivers License ( ICDL)

2005 to Present

United Kingdom Proficiency in Microsoft Office 2007 BCS Level 1 Certificate for I.T. Users ECDL Part 1 # UK0000904663-01"

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