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Drilling Fluids Mechanical Engineer

Boumerdes, Algeria
January 31, 2024

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Born in Algeria 21, Aug, 1971 Mob /Whatzapp : 002*********** / 658968102 E-mail : Fluids & Cement Supervisor /Driling Fluids specialist III / Drilling Waste management Coordinator Self motivated drilling fluids specialist and supervising with over 16 years of oil-field experience on-shore, in South and North of Algeria, and Central Africa. Organized and goal oriented, while keeping through communication with piers, committed to exceeding normal job standards and maintaining a safe working environment. Got closely worked with Drilling Supervisor and Cementing team recommending measures to improve productivity with company policies in various locations. Worked with OBM, WBM including High Performance Drilling Fluids and cement slurries design programs and displacement liquids. EDUCATION


National Polytechnic School

Algiers, Algeria.

Mechanical Engineering


Skills & Abilities

Self motivated

Positive leadership

Strong work ethic and goal


Work collaboratively to achieve


Team development

Able to interact effectively

Can handle multiple priorities

Field Expertise

Onshore experience

Worked with multiple types of

drilling fluids system.

Worked in different region in

Algeria and Central Africa.

Active participant in job safety

Efficient in multiple mud and

cement programs

Expertise in Drilling Fluids and

cement products

Drilling & Drilling Fluids software


Managing Inventory

Experience and knowledge


fluids system technologies

including ERD.

Fluids standards & specifications

Experience in WBM & OBM Mud

Cuttings Disposal onshore.

Solids Control Equipment /Drilling

waste mngts.


Arabic :Native speaker

French: Fluency

English: Fluency


June 2022- June2023

Senior drilling fluids Specialist

MB Petroleum Co, Muscat, Oman

Worked as fluids Specialist in Oman North and south Field for MB petroleum with PDO Company, and BP operators.

June 2022- June2023

Fluids & Cement Supervisor

Total Fluids Management Supervisor (TFM) Seconded to Sonatrach Company EMEC (Egyptian Mud Engineering Company) Hassi Messaoud, Algeria Worked as fluids and cement Supervisor seconded to Sonatrach company in North centre pole, Algeria field with EMEC Company.

Aug 2018- Jul 2020

Fluids & Cement Supervisor

Total Fluids Management Supervisor (TFM) Seconded to Sonatrach Company MI SWACO A Schlumberger Co, H.Messaoud, Algeria

Worked with different Oil and Gas E & P Operators in South and North Algerian countries and got exposed to complete drilling operations management right. Mainly associated with company man in daily operations and involved in decision making process in drilling/drilling fluids/casing and cement, including special operations and job ( UBD /MPD/PMCD and well control ). Key responsabilities :

Manage, coordinate, plan logistics, and provide assistance and optimizations for technical, Problems arising from Cement & drilling fluids system and waste management in all North-West Field.

Working and supervising in coordination with Sonatrach Company and different fluids providers, getting in touch with different fluids & Cement company (Baroid Co and AVA Newpark Co, Schlumberger.Co, Halliburton, Oilserv and their wide range of Fluids & Cement Products, as well as the possibilities of sharing experiences and solutions.

Supervise the ongoing and planned drilling waste-management initiatives, and make recommendations for improvements on all/any-drilling fluids. Challenge and Personal achievements in my last Job:

Attended a multiples types of wells : Horizontal, HT-HP, water well, E& P and got acquainted with all the drilling and production operations.

As an adviser on drilling fluids and shale controlling procedures, self was supervising for successful drilling with UBD/MPD/PMCD gas wells in Algeria.

Working with different operators and Contractors (BP, Shell, Eni, Fcp, Sonatrach,.Sinopec, Great Wall Company.)

Worked with various system : Avapolyoil, Baroid Hydro-guard, Mi Ultradrill, Emec Heal system

Vertical and Directional drilling wells (Shale Gas -OBM Megadrill -In Salah Field-

HT-HP wells (KCL Polymer - Block Field 365, Tindouf, Tanezrouft).

Worked with different density and mixture, from light to heavy weight (7.9-17.9 ppg) -Berkine, Rhoud chegga and hassi messaoud field.

Gas & Oil kicks, water influx, lost circulation (Used all range of LCM with low to high concentration, used MI Forma- Plug -Block Field 127, Tebessa. Algeria).

Worked with different range of brine (K-Formate, KCL, NaCl, CaCl2,brCl2,..)

Stuck pipe/Casing, torque/drag Bit / BHA. Balling, Sloughing shale, caving hole.. Certifications/Training



Hassi Messaoud,

Algeria/Muscat, Oman

MI-Swaco Solids Control & Drilling

waste processing Equipments.

Basic Mud School (2012)

Advanced Mud-School (2015)

Virtual Hydraulic (2016)

First Aid Hazard identification &

PPE Fire Safety &Hazardous


HSE training, Fluids quality


Drilling Optimizations

H2S Level2 (MBP Oman)

QHSE induction, H2S Awareness &

SCBA Donning (MBP)

Fire Fighting & PTW (MBP)

Defensive Driving

Mechanical Lifting, Noise,

Nuisance & Pressure.

Employee Security.

Electrical Safety

QHSE L1&2, Heath, Hygiene &

Environment L1 &2

Commentary Task Assessment,


Service Quality introduction &

Standards, Fatigue management

Observation Intervention &

BSNJourney Management

Stuck pipe, Hydraulics

Onsite training about MPD

(Management Pressure drilling &

PMCD, procedures and operation



Hydro-Amenagement Co

Algiers, Algeria.

Quality tools and the process to

achieve continuous improvement

Quality costs: Identification and


Maintenance costs and, budget

Audit of Chain Supply

Hydraulic pumps

Software & Programs

MS Office

Total software: T-Desk (Trajectory,

well architecture, casing operation

and drilling simulation).

MI Swaco ECCP (Eng. Constellation

and control program)

One trax well site

PCMOD Drilling and Completion



Grafx (Multipurpose graph


Software MI LLC VCCP (Virtual

constellation control)Virtual


CemCad (Dowel SLB software)


Aug 2012- Feb 2018

Senior drilling fluids Specialist III

MI SWACO A Schlumberger Co, Hassi .Messaoud, Algeria/Central Africa Assigned as Senior Drilling Fluids Engineer placed me in active roles in every decision making policy in successfully running the casings and well completions. Handled various down hole problems in association with drilling crew and other key persons in different section of well drilling with oil and water base mud in South and North of Algeria

Key responsibilities :

Provide onsite services to the operator by measuring, testing and supervising the running of fluids mixing and pumping, including technical analysis and specific recommendation for controlling fluid properties.

Working with Water base mud and oil base mud in South and North of Algeria field.

Maintain accurate rig inventories and provide forecasts of chemical consumption.

Deliver effective service by providing information regarding the progress of the well and create/implement solutions to rig site problems.

Challenge and Personal achievements

Water base : Dispersed- Inhibited (Duratherm system 5% KCL), Non Dispersed- Non Inhibited

(Spud Mud), Non Dispersed- Inhibited (KCLPOLYMER), CaC03/KCL Polymer, Completion Fluid, HPHT polymer Mud, KCL/PHPA Mud, KCL Glycol Mud.

MI's High performance Water base Ultradrill (Hibtrol, Ultracup, Ultrafree: In Amenas, TFT Field, Algeria)

MI Sildril (Potassium, Sodium silicate mud: Mangara Field Rep of Chad) Micro fracture sealant, POROSEAL, Asphasol, HTHP Fluids Loss : Resinex,.. OIL BASE : Invert emulsion ( MI Megadrill, MI OBM products : VersaCoat, Versamul...) Jun 2005 – Mar 2012

Drilling waste management Coordinator

MI SWACO A Schlumberger Company, In-Amenas, Algeria Assist and supervise and oversee with day to day and well sites execution of drilling waste Management programs, ensuring enviromental compliance and full utilization of equipements. Key Responsabilities

Responsible on site for surveys related to solids control and DWM

Control required equipment modification, maintenance for centrifuges, Verti-G Dryer cuttings, Thermal Process Solution (TPS) facilities .

Manage technical performance and logistics

Make sure Safety processes are adhered to/and compliance to globaloperations standards are well followed by a companies.

Regularly update waste management policies and procedures through lessons learnt and service quality meetings (SQM).

Sept 1999 –May 2005

Head of logistics and Maintenance Division

Hydro-Aménagement, Algiers, Algeria

Reporting to the Central Logistics Direction, I was responsible for achieving the objectives set for the Company, and setting up the maintenance and logistics operation processes aimed at improving the efficient use of the fleet, the workforce and tools for the company's projects services with zero downtimes and accidents by applying the Safety, Health and Environment procedures. April 1997 –Dec1999

Technical Sales Engineer, Mining Equipment

CAT (EUROFOR Algeria Representative for Mining drilling tools).Algeria Sales and technical Engineer for the drilling industry and Equipments (quarries, special foundations, tunneling, water-wells and mines). Interact with both Direct Customers and Distributors mainly in Eurofor France in Mining, Rotary& drill tools.

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