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C# Front End

Woodinville, WA
January 29, 2024

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Woodinville, WA

804-***-**** Lance Albertson Technical Skills

Languages: C#, JavaScript, Python, C++, HTML, CSS, Python, SQL, PostgreSQL, R. Frameworks/Libraries: Boomi, Angular, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Web App, Azure Function, Azure Data Lake, Scope/COSMOS, Flask, Google App Engine. Work Experience

Watchguard Technologies Senior SDE

Seattle, WA June 2021-July 2023

Completed work on BusinessRuleApi and SkuRelationshipApi projects that were begun as a contractor. Released to production in May 2023.

Harvey Nash– Senior SDE

Seattle, WA November 2020-May 2021

Watchguard Technologies – ITDev Team

Working on the LEMS project. Implemented the BusinessRuleApi proof of concept which provides a mechanism for isolating business logic in a central location rather than in different projects. The project is implemented in .NetCore, and is currently being refined into production code. Currently working on the SkuRelationshipApi proof of concept, also .NetCore, which provides a tool for isolating relationships between objects in a centralized lookup table rather than spreading the logic out in different projects. TEKSystems – Senior SDE

Redmond, WA August 2020- October 2020

Microsoft Corporation – MPC team

The group handles the hardware and software ordering system for external clients. The services are primarily full framework and some .NetCore deployed via ServiceFabric. SQLServer and CosmosDB are used for the storage. UI is a combination of Angular and React. Final project was working on a full stack feature that requires changes to C#, SQL programability, and minor changes to the Angular front end.

Harvey Nash– Senior SDE

Seattle, WA October 2019-June 2020

Getty Images – API and Enterprise Services teams

Getty is a dot net core shop for the most part. Services are containerized. Source control is primarily through Gitlab. Near real time logging is done with Splunk. Backend for the services is primarily SQL Server with a little Postgres. I worked primarily in C#. I worked with more than a dozen services, most of which are internal, but the API group provides their public facing API (no GUI work, just API endpoints). Some work updating deployment pipelines for API SDKS, a little bit of SQL stuff, but mainly I write code.

Pactera– Senior SDE

Redmond, WA January 2019-September 2019

Microsoft Corporation – Game Ingestion Team

Supported both the Migration and Availability teams. Backend C# work included creating API endpoints, consuming other services, and all the connection code in between as well as modifying existing code and bug fixing as needed. Front end work in Angular js with services consuming API input and modifying the GUI. Also some work with Power BI visulizations. Tasks include:

Add new API endpoints for porting project from SMP host to Front Door host

Add new API endpoint and backend to replace SMP search

Upgrade projects and build processes to new localization process

Improve Availability service page load performance

Enhance backend C# logging and added page to the Angular client to display the logs

Improve performance tracking to migration project

Add state tracking to backend and modify Power BI to display them

Refactor projects to remove unused project

Various migration code bug fixes

Upgrade Power BI visualizations

CSI Interfusion– Senior SDE

Bellevue, WA April 2018-September 2018

Microsoft Corporation – Speech Services

Working on a pipeline to process vocalizations to transcribed speech for use in audio modeling.The pipeline consists of a backend written in C#, an api exposed via an Azure Web App, and Azure Functions that are used as event triggers for the API. The backend that utilizes Azure Cosmos DB and Data Lake for storage, and uses Azure Queues for processing. Consulting – Senior SDE

Bellevue, WA April 2016-September 2017

Microsoft Corporation – Power BI Data Insights

Various tasks related to managing the user telemetry for the Power BI group. This includes work with Scope/COSMOS, and writing tools in C# and Powershell, and even a little work with Node and F# (whatever tool made the most sense for the task).

Wrote a tool to manage user access to Kusto resources by keeping AD security group members in sync with Kusto in using an Azure SQL database to be able to suspend users for Kusto resource abouse (a facility not currently provided in Kusto).

Scripted (to the extent possible) making local backups of Azure resources.

Wrote Scope jobs and managed Azure Data Factory pipelines for user telemetry reporting. Stratosoft – Senior SDE Bellevue, WA March 2012-December 2015

Contracted out to the following positions:

Microsoft Corporation – Bing Maps

Worked on project for automating map vendor information ingestion into the Bing Maps database. Work was done primarily in C#.

Extended web service backend logging implementation.

Created tool to facilitate reading the log files.

Ported web service tests.

Microsoft Corporation – Bing Local

Worked on automating pipeline for geocoding using C# scripts. Did light maintenance of the SOAP service that was being phased out in favor of a REST implementation.

Maintained legacy SOAP service.

Automated data production pipeline.

Microsoft Corporation – Bing Local

Worked on ad hoc reporting primarily extracting data from log files to analyze usage and troubleshoot client billing issues. To reduce the number of ad hoc reports, created a pipeline that aggregated much of this information, transforming free-form log files to structured COSMOS files, then ingesting them into a data cube that could be accessed directly by Excel.

Ad hoc reporting using SCOPE/COSMOS.

Created data cube from COSMOS data using SQL Server Analysis Services. Healthcare Management Administrators

Reformatting SSRS to make them available online. Microsoft Corporation – SDE Redmond, WA July 1992-June 2001

Released three iterations of Streets & Trips.

Internationalized Quill, the text editor used by Publisher and Works. Added automatic language tagging and support for Asian IMEs.

Released multiple versions of Excel with right-to-left language support. Implemented general right- to-left spreadsheet functionality.

Supervised 2 SDEs for Excel development.

Alki Software – The Programmer Seattle, WA February 1991-July 1992

Created file utilities for Macintosh systems.

Created toolbar addin for use in Microsoft Word.

Supervised 2 contract programmers for development. Becton Dickinson Immunocytometry Systems – Mountain View, CA April 1988-August 1988 Programmer (contract)

Worked on embedded cytometer software.

Sterling Federal Systems Group – Mountain View, CA April 1986-April 1988 Programmer

Worked supporting the Artificial Intelligence group at Ames Research Center. Computer Software Analysts – Mountain View, CA September 1984-April 1986 Programmer

Worked supporting the financial accounting group at Ames Research Center. Education

University of California, Berkeley

Applied Math, B.A.

Udacity Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree

University of Washington Extension

Forensics (certificate)

Private Investigation (certificate)

Computer Forensics (certificate)

Coursera Build Basic Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), Build Better Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), Apply Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), Creative, Serious and Playful Science of Android Apps, Introduction to Data Science, Computational Neuroscience, Web Intelligence and Big Data, Gamification, Social Network Analysis, Game Theory, Data Analysis, Computing for Data Analysis Stanford Engineering Everywhere

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

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